Warfronts Overview

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This guide attempts to answer the following:

  • What is a Warfront?
  • What is the faction History?
  • How do I join or enter a Warfront?


  1. Overview
  2. Brief History of the Factions
  3. Balance
  4. How to Join a Match

Overview of Matches



A Warfront is a pitted faction versus faction battle where your primary opponent is another player. When a member is killed they are sent back to their original spawn point until the next set team resurrection which occurs at predetermined intervals for both factions simultaneously. Points are scored by killing opponents and doing whatever other task is inherent to each specific warfront.


Brief History of Factions

Rift is a much different game now than how it was originally released.  When this game was released it was modeled very much like another popular game but has since evolved drastically different. At the release all Guardians and Defiants were hostile to each other. They could not even speak cognitively to each other let alone join the same guild, become friends or even share the same auction house. Rifts canon evolved  over time so that a divided player base could come together more effectively. While the factions may have made peace politically as the population intermingled each one still has it’s honor at stake as Warfronts are matched up as Guardians versus Defiants.

In order to more evenly distribute teams and give quicker queue times to everyone they invented a system called Mercing. Mercing allowed the matching system to place a player from either faction on either side, effectively removing the previous faction loyalty. While some people disliked this due to a violation of canon it took hold and this system is  still in place today. 


Whatever an individual’s reasons are player versus player has become a staple in many genres and the MMO  community including Rift has become one of these. Due to the nature of how Rift works, in particular its group mechanics, the player versus player balance is actually focused around the team of players rather than individually.

Why is the case? An MMO brings together different roles that players choose from and typically invest a large amount of time into mastering. The issues arise when two different play styles are matched one versus the other. A couple of these could be balance quite easily. Due to Rift dynamic class system there are so many choices this is almost impossible.It is far easier to balance, or appear as though you are balancing a group as contributions in a group setting are individually judged.

How to Join a Match

To enter a warfront you can to bring up Rifts PvP queue window by pressing the associated key (the default is K) or by going to the Activities Menu and selecting  Warfronts.

Once it is shown you should see a list of warfronts that you can choose to join a queue for. The quickest way that also gives rewards is by choosing the very first option: Random Warfront.


Individual Warfront Objectives


Assault on Bronze Tomb

  • 5 Players Minimum, 15 Max Per Team
  • Offense attacks the enemies base taking as much as they can
  • Both teams alternate as offense and defense
This warfront takes part in two separate yet equal stages. Each team has a chance at attacking and advancing through as much territory as they can while the other team defends.



Black Garden

  • 5 – 10 players; 15 minute timer
  • Victor is 500 Points or leading scorer
  • Highest Points are scored by carrying Fang
  • Fang scores more points the closer to center
There is one Fang of Regulos which is located directly between the competition. One person may carry the Fang of Regulos to earn points for each time interval held however he will take increasing  damage with time.


Black Garden: Domination 

  • 5 – 10 players; 15 minute timer
  • 500 Points or leader wins
This uses the same map as black garden but this time places three objectives  near the middle of the area.  Whoever controls an objectives scores points at a set time interval.


Blighted Antechamber

  • 5 – 15 players; 15 minute timer
  • Guard your flag from being taken
  • Activate the three objectives for points
  • Return enemies flag to your flag at your base and receive a huge point boost
There are three objectives located below and in between the factions spawn points. These can be take by either side and as long as they are in control as that side they will receive points at a timed interval. Each team also has a flag. You will receive a massive point bonus if the opponents flag is returned to your own flag that is not in the enemies hand.




  • 5 Players Minimum, 15 Max Per Team
  • 15 Minute Time Limit Per Match
  • 1000 Points or leader
  • Capture 4 points throughout field
  • The “Codex” awards the most points
  • Hold Codex and one other to win
  • Hold all but Codex to win
There is a capture point located at the North, East, South and West arts of the map. The objective is to go capture one of these capture points and hold it over time to gain points. The northern point known as the “Codex” awards  the most points out of all four points. Due to this you can control the “Codex” and one other point or all three other points to win.



Domination: Karthan Ridge

  • 5 Players Minimum, 15 Max Per Team
  • 15 Minute Time Limit Per Match
  • 1000 Points or leader wins
This takes the Karthan Ridge map and turns it into a domination game play.  This means that there will be objectives located in between the spawn points and center. Whoever controls any particular objective gains points per set amount of time.


Escalation:  Whitefall Steppes

  • 5 Players Minimum, 15 Max Per Team
  • 15 Minute Time Limit Per Match
  • Place three sourcestones in your base to win
A source stone start, followed by more later on, spawn in the center of the warfront. The objective is to obtain control and run three of these back to your base Source stones can be stolen from a base once they are placed there.


Ghar Station Eye

  • 5 Players Minimum, 15 Max Per Team
  • 15 Minute Time Limit Per Match
  • 1000 Points or leader wins
Vessels are placed towards the center of the warfront that can be picked up and used to accumulate points for a players team while they possess it. Any player who possess one has the option of using one the manugo machines to increase the amount of accumulation.



Karthan Ridge

  • 5 – 15 Players; 15 minutes
  • Guard your teams objectives
  • Use sourcestone to destroy your opponents objective
  • Winner is first one to destroy three objetives
Each team has three objectives they defend. The goal is use one of the  sourcestones that spawn in the center on an opposing teams objective. When a player with a sourcestone clicks and successfully completes a three second cast time that objective is destroyed.


Library of Runemasters

  • 5 Players Minimum, 20 minutes
  • 15 Minute Time Limit Per Match
  • 1000 Points or leader wins
There are multiple vessels spawn around the circular perimeter at different heights that can be picked up. Once picked up they increase points for there team at set intervals.

Tenebrean Prison

  • 5 – 10 Players; Unknown Time
A team death match style fight where killing a player earns the team 2 points while being killed loses 1 point. Orbs around the battleground that give 6 points, reduce enemy healing or increase damage dealt add to the flavor.

Appendix A: Further Reading

PVP’ers Guide to PVP in Rift


Appendix B: Guide Update History

  • 13 July 2018: Initial draft of guide completed