Warden 61 Sentinel, 10 Oracle

  Warden 61  ◊ 10 Sentinel◊ 5 Oracle

A v4.5 Level 70 Healing  Role capable of raiding all tiers

Contents of this Guide

    1. Overview of the Build
    2. Build and Rotation
      1. The Build Points
      2. Legendary and Mastery Points
      3. Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts
      4. Buffs and Rotation for the build
      5. Notes to keep in mind
    3. Macros
    4. Karuul Alerts
    5. Deeper Understanding
    6. App A: Additional Resources
    7. App B: Guide History
A Warden is the raid healing role that was originally designed for Cleric and released with the initial release of Rift. It has remained a viable soul throughout the games lifetime and is currently the most played Cleric healing soul.

As of version 4.5 the other two healing souls, Purifier and Sentinel, are very rarely used except in special situations. Almost all other times a cleric will use Warden because of the massive group healing along with several spells that can focus the tank. A skilled player can solo heal almost anything currently in Rift, with the


possible exception of BoS. 


Warden  – Sentinel – Oracle– Overview

61 Warden –  10 Sentinel – 5 Oracle Build at Magelo

If you do not have the Oracle soul you can use

61 Warden – 7 Sentinel – 8 Purifier

Overview of the build

  • A great healing build capable of any existing content 
  • Built as a raid healing sould but is capable of tank healing
  • Huge healing numbers due to the heal over time abilities
  • Standard healing abilities such as group cleanse
  • Lacks the high end healing and support abilities Oracle offer
  • Because of Heal Over Tme focus much of the healing is wasted as overhealing
  • There are many HoT’s that must be maintained
  • Not a true tank healer


Build and Rotation

Soul »» Warden 38-  Points Oracle –  5 Points Sentinel – 10 Points
Legendary Selection Healing Flood ◊ Bosun’s Blessing Insignia of Blood  [Flame Lance] Banish
Mastery Selection 61: Avenging Shield 62: Divine Inspiration 63: Faith’s Freedom 64: Faith’s Reward 65: Divine Favor

Alternates 63: Swift Judgments if you need a speed boost( very rare) or Faith’s Freedom if you expect a death with lot of AoE.
65: Soul Stream can be replaced with Divine Favor if AoE heals are needed more than a single target


Buffs to Use   Heroic Resolve  Shared Excess  Bosun’s Blessing  Inspiration of Battle
Simplified Rotation

Refer below for full macros, Karuul Alerts and more.

Goal: To keep everyone alive by providing heal over time spells to proactively mitigate damage and use your big abilties to prevent wipes.

Spells to Maintain

  1. Keep tank alive
    1.  Healing Flood, Healing Spray Soothing Stream  are Heal Over Time Spells that should be kept on tank.
    2. Healing with low level AoE Heals may be challenging, many times you will be paired with an
  2. Cleanse potentially life threatening debuffs
  3. Keep buffs and Heal Over Time Spells on your raid
  4. Damage the enemies to add to your raids overall damage

*While this is initially a 10 person HoT Alluvion at 25 points in Warden makes it a full raid HoT

  • Cleansing Waters: Single Target Cleanse used in a macro, will remove another after three seconds if Meditation Mastery is selected
  • Curative Waters: Removes a debuff from up to 10 raid members every 3s for 3s
  • Banish with legendary selection is an additional heal over time maintained by Sentinel Healing
  • Downtime should be used to spam damage
  • Casting spells will reduce Healing Cataract cast times so use this instead of Healing Effusion when capable 

High End and should be known:

Healing Effusion ♦ Downpour ♦ Monsoon   Overflowing Renewal  Pool of Restoration  ♦ Ripple ♦ Wave of Renewal

  Other Abilities Curative Waters  River of Life  
Alternate Soul/Free to Play Buffs to add

The build we have shown here does require an a purchase from the Rift store in able to play. As a substitute we have also given a free to play build setup. The major play difference really the requirement that you should  maintain Flame Lanceas it gives a good percentage increase for healing. in addition there are a couple healing speals obtained but not extremely important. 


Macros for The Build

Below are macros that can be used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here.
Healing Spray @ Focus or First Player Soothing Stream @Focus or First Player
#show Soothing Stream
cast @focus Soothing Stream
cast @group01 Soothing STream
#show Soothing Stream
cast @focus Soothing Stream
cast @group01 Soothing Stream

Single Target Cleanse AoE Cleanse
cast @mouseoverui Cleansing Waters
cast @group01 Cleansing Waters
cast @group02 Cleansing Waters
cast @group03 Cleansing Waters
cast @group04 Cleansing Waters
cast @group05 Cleansing Waters
cast @group06 Cleansing Waters
cast @group07 Cleansing Waters
cast @group08 Cleansing Waters
cast @group09 Cleansing Waters
cast @group10 Cleansing Waters
cast @group11 Cleansing Waters
cast @group12 Cleansing Waters
cast @group13 Cleansing Waters
cast @group14 Cleansing Waters
cast @group15 Cleansing Waters
cast @group16 Cleansing Waters
cast @group17 Cleansing Waters
cast @group18 Cleansing Waters
cast @group19 Cleansing Waters
cast @group20 Cleansing Waters
cast break free
#show Curative Waters
cast Curative Waters

Spam Macro Big Group Heal
#show Geyser
cast @self Orbs of the Tide
cast Call of the Depths
cast Geyser
cast break free
#show Pool of Restoration
cast Tidal Surge
cast Pool of Restoration
cast break free

Downpour Mana Macro
#show Downpour target @self
cast Tidal Surge cast @gtae Downpour
cast Healing Cataract cast break free
#show Cascade
cast @self Cascade
cast @self Open Water


Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on importing Karuul Alerts.

What is provided after this is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::ARSgheNq9lV1vmzAUhv9K7nbVzgbbYPmKL6u92FKl7C4ScoMTUDMcgbMq+/jvs6H5ojSjrTQ ZJENOzPv4nPf4Rop1Wa0m95ta7JjDUrZZi52sGTRTbu6bs4CA89DxIHADgggCEWTARHIzgBmzcql ZLLT4PP92OxcP5brUu6xcqKqZm1VVVYgqb5yf13neMM/xmec6DPn2gmawKPmaJjM7g+16LjAC0v3 r9om0n+K/75XSRatL11J8b+X2lPdDAh4D5MVeEsKAgCgOR2tv1Had16KsYKecOka5e6L8V6PF4rH 5w8Jpmk6/9DmcjiOd3j3/4uATlFhUK1k3E7Wc6EJOYik3QzhDYQaJhBjGCHOKQp9TBvFIpm2Vy/p JaFk/mN3RhduiYQCYB1yTHHvBa/xvOLcPd5YnrhbbpqsdC7K0j+3MQvVqCyQkxi6FOKA0DkDw/tq CgJri6vLTT9GpfjsuFNn0h9lwobe10KWqTpJyrUW9kvqQm15g4IEAU+DTkFKEMY7Hp2UjarFSVfY kdplaZibTWV2a1TMAM9Gy+chjxLvoG+cMydkjOQYpEuv1sYQ2umguYA0EmwbgIpwQCJGTEAw+UHF QPPcB+gGeWBY7Y00tL2AcY4x6HEV+koSBTwnkznj1hx7QGcXziVGN3ql6Jsr86nY2Te8m91J2XSo qrOpXMCxIP7JSlRxtkZWsZF0usv1b4MKD4e0NEWpv99QqR0+fusV+bsgtezfztVL5UAc7DwigD0g YQIBCTF0vikezPIk6l9VV0S2XLe1ynTUwea0x91Bea1z8QJOK6nGob/H/3Lfe0q9azcfz8Fz0i+M QeRhRAHwSmEMkItF7j0MI7bYjPGLbDxU0rJ+LUhefmslM2hS/LCEzziPeZIG6XBVaqm2T7Svn0FP tX8ceFYPF/xeggdb0


Deeper Understanding

Difference in play style

When you are in a damage role, you mostly will memorize the exact keystrokes that you will make and practice them until muscle memory kicks in. As a healer the way you approach your job is a little bit different. As a Warden there are certain spells that need to be cast but the order tends to vary with each different player. As long as all buffs are maintained it does not matter as much as a damage dealer.

Instead of coming in with a straight mapped out 60 seconds button press you should be working on a priority systems. Your main job if you are the only healer or designated tank healer is making sure all buffs are on the tank and not to let them die. Once the tank goes down people will drop in short order. If you are a Raid Healer (AoE Healer) then your job is to make sure that the raid has any preloaded spells, such as Healing Flood and  buffs first.

Every healer, in my experience, plays a little differently. To show you an example of how a rotation would work look to the following section and try to follow along. Note that it will take you 8 casts on the Prefight to put heals all up, after that its is only 3 casts during the rotation if you do not let them drop off. Karuul Alerts or Gadgets are a wonderful thing here!

Priority Guidelines

Prefight: Prestack Healing Flood (3 Stacks), Healing Spray (3 Stacks) and Soothing Stream (4 Stacks) on your party and tank respectively before the pull.

  1. Make sure tank is alive, or you to prevent wipes
    1. Overflowing Renewalwith 0 cast or if capable
    2. Healing Breath
    3.  Any AoE heal will do also
  2.  Make sure your party is not about to die, If so heal.  You cannot buff the dead.
    1. Healing Cataract if it has no cast time
    2. Healing Effusion if not.
  3.  Make sure Debuffs/Buffs are Maintained when not healing (See Right for information)
  4. If everyting else is good get in some work with your Damage Macro to increase HoT’s by 4 seconds and more powerful

As you can see in this section we prioritize abilities into general groups. Sure, each spell could have its own prioriity, and eventually it basically will, there are too many to start with to learn, so you can break them down into groups.

Healing Abilities Needed   >>   Buffs on Party/Debuffs on enemy   >> Damage Enemy

In this case the healing abilities needed would be Healing Effusion and Healing Cataract  (our two group AoE Heals.), On out buffs we would most likely want to make sure that our Healing over Time spells were on our tank, unless the tank was not taking much damage. However damage can get spikey, so I would keep them on. you are also maintaining stacks of these, which makes it important that if the time drops to zero, you lose all your stacks and are now several global cooldowns away from full healing power again.

Healing Abilities Breakdown

Heal/HoT Single or AoE Stacks Notes 
Healing Flood AoE 20 Man HoT 3 Stacks Centered in Raid
Healing Spray Single Target Hot Does Not Active Tank
Soothing Spray Single HoT 5 Stacks Active Tank
Ripple Spreads Sprays Per Sprays Adds up to 5 Players
Healing Effusion 10 Man AoE Instant N/A High Mana Use
Healing Cataract 2 Sec AoE Heal N/A Reduced to 0 with Buff



Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Additional Resources

Rift SFP 4.3 – Cleric Warden Guide by UnusualBunny at the Offical Forums

Ultimate Oracle Builds by FariusTakinon at the Official Forums

 4.2 Wardocle 37/37/-2 by Zehne at the Official Rift Forums

Rift Official Cleric Forums

4.0 Rift Cleric Compendium by UnusualBunny at Offical Forums


Appendix B: Guide History

  • 24 February 2019 – Initial guide released on Guides For Rift Website
  • 28 February 2019 – Added more links, alternate free to play soul, fixed several errros
  • 1 March 2019 – Guide was moved from Beta/Work in Progress to published guide


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