Tuath’De Coven (Expert 70)


Tuath’De Coven was one of two new expert dungeons along with a reworked expert introduced in 4.0 for the Starfall Prophecy Expansion. The entrance to the dungeon is located in Xarth Mire at[ /setwaypoint 5520, 4885 ] and has a lobby area allowing time for your party to buff up.  Once ready you can proceed

1.  Mossclaw

2.  Hollowwood

3.  Lanaria

4.  Nathairacha


Skipping Trash

Inevitably there will most likely be some discussion on whether the group should run and have at least the tank die or if mobs should be pulled and killed. The argument for running is there are no drops from mobs and it is a waste of time. The other side would argue that it is against the spirit of the dungeon to just run and skip as well as taking time to die and recover adds additional time to the overall amount of time spent clearing the dungeon.

Whichever case is being argued this particular dungeon does have some issues with running for lower geared parties. If under geared they may not make it to the designated point forcing allies deaths and a total re spawn to the entrance. If there is a strong tank this should not be much of an issue as every single boss can be pulled with the adds picked up on the way. If the tank is too over geared or has a spec that has too much auto healing there is a good possibility it will take forever, or it is actually impossible to die. In this case if aggro cannot be dropped the tank has two options. The rest of the party can just kill what trash is on the tank, or alternatively can pull the boss with them and have the group ignore the adds and focus on killing the boss.

If you do decide to run here are some suggestions traveling to each boss:

To Mossclaw: Run to the boss then to the left and line of site the mobs. Once they come around have the group kill them since the chamber for the boss fight does not open right away.

To Hollowwood: Run to the boss then around to the right, Jump over the rock obstacle that appears to block the entire way then go straight and to the right to the far wall. You may drop them, but often there are still several bees. Have your party dps them down or pull the boss with these on you as they are relatively harmless. There is a time period before the group will have anything at all to do that they can be killed.

Note about sections going north. There are sections with frogs. Frogs are bad. They do bad things.Don’t take these paths.

To Lanaria: This one can be a pain. There are warlocks that will keep summoning mobs on you. I have see two different strategies the first of which may drop all aggro by running towards the exit t the next boss. Right at the barrier jump into the woods to the left and hope for the best. Otherwise you can run straight and to the right so that you line of sight these mobs and they run at you. Alternatively if you have a strong group go ahead and pull boss.

To Nathairacha. Unless you mess up this one is easy to lose aggro. Run straight to the boss then around to the left. In the very back is a small room that goes to the left. Go in to the far wall and you should drop hate. If you are dismounted do not use any abilities once entering the area where the boss is.




When you initially begin the dungeon you actually have a choice on which boss you can choose to go to. It makes no real difference in terms of difficulty. By far the most common choice I have seen is going to Mossclaw. On the way to either one there is an area near the castle marked that needs to be run through.

Mossclaw, Marsfeitha

Interrupts: Fungal Bloom, Thunderous Stomp
    This actually consists of two separate bosses, only one of which is vulnerable at a time. As the fight goes on the area where you can stand on the ground shrinks so make sure to stand near the boss and not take damage. This mechanic makes this a dps check. Tank and dps should both attack Mossclaw first and dps him own until he becomes invulnerable. Attempt to save any big cool downs on engaging him as they are better off used on the second one. During this time he will cast two uninterruptible spells very often back to back. The more deadly of these is Fungal Bloom which if it goes off may very often cause a wipe. The other is mostly just a knock back an is called Thunderous Stomp.. Once Mossclaw becomes invincible switch to Marsfeitha who just needs to be dps’d down, there are no really worries to her. There is a set amount of time you have to dps her until you must go back to Mossclaw, who has regained much of his health by now. Once Marsfeitha goes below 10% you will be able to finally kill Mossclaw.


Interrupts Release Bees
You will not actually kill Hallowwood directly, rather you will kill the six nests around him to get his HP down and defeat him. On pull the tank should attack Hallowwood.After a time he will cast an uninterruptible spell followed by an interruptible Release Bees which should be interrupted. Once this is cast two different color mobs will come from the sides. The black mobs should be picked up and not killed anywhere near the hives. The green ones should be pulled near a hive and killed there If a green one dies close enough to the hive the hive becomes vulnerable and should be eliminated reducing Hollowwoods hit points. Normally it only takes one green one to die near a hive to make it vulnerable. If a black one is killed near the hive, then you must kill two green ones. This can be done in two ways: The tank stays in the center and pulls mobs to them or the tank pulls mobs to the hive. If taking them to the hive make sure that noone is using a lot of cleave or the black ones will buff the hive elongating the fight. Once the green one is dead the tank should move away from the hive to avoid this. If you run out of green ones bring the black to the center and kill them all. Make sure to keep Release Bees interrupted(edited)
If you have survived this far it’s just easy now. Attack the horse and kill it, The tank needs to stay in melee range. If DPS is a little slow he may charge at some people, try to stay out of his way and avoid the ground fog. That’s all.


During this encounter the tank should try to remain in melee range the entire time. The rest of the party should stay on the sides of the boss to avoid a frontal and rear cleave. After a time he will charge. Try to avoid this and stay out of the AoE he puts on the ground.


Just like Scarn, you are facing a dragon, it cleaves front and back so avoid both, if you are a dps fight on its side. If you are tank move when it does a red cone cleave. Stay out of any AoE’s on the ground.