The Harbinger Soul – Mage Solo and Group


The Harbinger Soul

A Mage Guide for the Harbinger Soul with complete builds.

Currently an in progress work in progress. Public release for combining multiple builds into one Harbinger

“Harbinger are offensive mages who deal damage from melee range. Utilizing brutal melee attacks the Harbinger is able to weave powerful spells into there combat flow.”  -Build Info


This guide attempts to develop a mages’ ability to play the Harbinger Soul for the mage calling in a variety of different play styles: solo play in open world,  low manning content , dungeon runs, rifts or crifts and even into raiding including tier two content. The Harbinger soul has the capability of parsing competitively with other mage souls though it will be on the lower end. Many experienced Harbingers will advise you that Harbinger is the highest ranked damage dealer at level cap until the mages  eternal weapon is gained, specifically when Elementalist’s  and its short global cooldown mix with the eternal weapon buff to  become superior. In addition to the damage dealt Harbinger is great for play in open world situations where you may be solo or cannot count on your group for support. You can also activate Living Veil to give yourself raid healing though your damage will be reduced in half. 

The Harbinger is a versatile soul that changes the normal staff into fierce weapons such as a deadly scythe, a powerful melee weapon that can be is ascertained with a mages devotion to magic.  Any character who is not familiar with melee play may have to get used to it which plays differently from a typical ranged magic user. Harbingers were introduced into Rift during the Storm Legion Expansion pack and this was the first time that mages went into combat at melee. 

 Since the introduction of Harbinger it has remained competitive in multiple  styles of play and is one of the top recommended builds for leveling.This guide supersedes an older version on GFR which has been superseded. This guides has been moved to the Archive section and will be maintained as is for future references. 


Harbinger General Pros and Cons

  • Harbinger is a self sustaining soul that needs no help to go from fight to fight with little downtime 
  • They are able to take on almost any open world enemy without issues
  • It is a simple style of play many times without many buttons making it an easy to play soul for many
  • While capable as a few button player performance can easily be increased by maintaining more precise ability control 
  • Usable in open world, chronicles, dungeons and raids with good results if using the proper off souls.
  • Capable as serving as a secondary or backup healer in many situations by using Living Veil and its healing 
  • Typical open world and solo builds are not all focused together so damage, support or healing will take a hit
  • There is no spell or ability to purge enemies directly in the Harbinger tree
  • Some players may find the constant monitoring of procs tedious
  • Playing a melee mage may not match the glass canon burst of a mage such as Pyromancer or Elementalist
  • Once the eternal weapon is obtained Elementalist overtakes this for damage because of the low global cooldown which has a set amount of damage added to each attack making harbinger lose competitive damage dealing
  • Often is not played due to the lack of use for it in endgame. while capable of contributing mage has very in demand souls specifically in Archon and Chloromancer


Harbinger Core Abilities

The harbinger is a melee based soul who transforms there staff into a ferocious melee weapon charged of magic and able to cause great harm to the enemy. In order to grant this ability the mage must transform there tactics to a melee based caster and follow the same mechanics as any other melee. Your abilities can be broken into different categories with most of the attacking abilities gained from this transformation taken care of in macros. 


  • Essence of the Wind  [Evasion & Speed] –    For 15 seconds + 50% movement and +40% dodge
  • Blade Rush  – [Charge]    Charges 30m towards an enemy
  • Blademark [Cleave] –    Selects an enemy who will receive damage single target damage done to another enemy
  • Disabling Slash [Control]-    Stuns for 5 seconds
  • Distracting Slash [Control] –    Ranged Interrupt on a 10 second cooldown
  • Glaring Fetters [Control] –    Snare reducing movement speed by 30% for 10s
  • Introspection – [Mana]    Damaging attacks return 5% of mages mana
  • Phase Step [Movement] –    Next 3 single target damaging spells teleport you to enemy. Applies Twisted soul
  • Planar Retreat [Movement] –    Removes all crowd control and teleport backwards 20 meters
  • Phantom Blades [Utility]: –    Melee attacks extended to 30 meters for 15 seconds on a 30 second cooldown
  • Storm Shroud [Utility]: –    Four seconds invisibility, usable during combat as a slip away.


A Build For Harbinger

Useful for Leveling, Solo Play, Dungeons, Lower Tier Raids


Arbiter-Chloro Offsoul Build

Screenshot of Soul Build

Build at Magelo for 61 Harbinger 9 Chloromancer 6 Arbiter

Pros and Cons of this build. 

  • This role is self sustaining and can go from fight to fight with little downtime
  • Able to take on almost any open world monster without issues.
  • Simple style of play without many buttons
  • Usable in open world, chronicles, dungeons and raids.
  • Because the souls are not all focused together is not a high spec in any of the categories
  • There is no spell or ability to purge enemies
  • Some players may find the constant monitoring of procs tedious
  • Playing a melee mage may not match the canon of a mage


Legendary Abilities

Empyrean Ascension Reaper’s Blade  Vengeful Shock

Bloom Galvanic Strike Mastery Abilities

  • [2]  61  Bulwark of Souls 
  • [1]   62  Rejuvenating Presence 
  • [4]  63  Mental Cynosure  [Charge Increase]
  • [4]  64  Sparking Destruction 
  • [3]  65  Arcane Manipulation   [Damage] 
  • [2]  65  Phantom Stream  [Healing]
Quick Copy Macros  

#show Vorpal Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm’s Fury
cast @self arcane manipulation
cast Rending Slash
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Introspection
cast Conditioned Response
cast Glacial Spike
cast Withering Vine

#show Bloom
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast @self Bloom
cast Vile Spores

#show Empyrean Ascension
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Empyrean Ascension
cast Storm Shroud
cast Tempest Winds

#show Distracting Slash
cast Distracting Slash

#show Rending Slash
cancelbuff Charged Blade
cast Rending Slash

#show Lucent Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Jolting Wave
cast Lucent Slash

#show Luminous Weapon
cancelbuff Lightning Blade
cast Luminous Weapon

#show Lightning Blade
cancelbuff Luminous Weapon
cast Lightning Blade

Karuul Alerts 
KA::Am3yqeNq9lk1v2zgQhv+KbnsoNivqgxTBEymRRYGmCWwVOSSBQFuMLdSWvJScwMX++KU+0li 27LpKdyFfLI9fzoOZeYf3cbZW+tG6zZSeZ/nCYkquCSAx2azkTumrSuqFqpo3wjz9OAoZgi4Xrg8 dzG2HEttE1nG2eSbZU0UiWcm/Hr5+epCzbJVVuySbF3n5sJR6ZmSUTjadYjIzildpWhLkYAKBS7y g/gDzkPjmNuRfYj6pv4DmFNc2x8R7vzQvvOZs8c/9dVaWRvXe4qtUZ9V8aVG9LvQeWpepIAcRVDD XiVzBsBAchj4fAaU6yUTWkg0VAMgjgUnyDev6mMtuMQR5g4oJfIWaKJnuHq2PcvUs82xuTSudfVP HTDH5ETLZlkuSF7m6mGLR/TUpG/W2JAE6KEl4siYncmfbpyfr0fq8XWd5sS2tOyU3Rd7PPW5yPwy hQjgY2C6LfA8wxx5TkFWnmbw0msm8xbIhQRjvYVFusa9C/Cpc122PFv17q+rU2Uo1b4b67SiGOhF jgDHPd90ARgBcDPgidaryP4tnpZ9WxUsya1vNhpgEDnpPq91JnTdEfL3ZaSVzi5ZzlZdZv2ZOPYL mGYiiCHkh5xwjT3ARuGDMHHWyiXyVTdqGhMh4BPb3PWKgXnVm5wbpdinzqlibSshUlcdcxu/6EVR EgRcByKhwfOSD2vB+1e9axWTWKDqJ7NzBCQwU3AOaDBOdqFfn4xOVp7U9T1fSzP1pH+/HUcEd6jN XODYTXuiFI0qlW8WkrBW7GrnGNLxTNQJtB8bHJn4Iddbv4v/O7+DZFWSfWEFHTfbT1dqI/D+r1Uw hBP5FPh6fbbTTo/NakgtGB/ym2TEZ9mfnw+TLR8Ju4vjm+rJ7w7GTh8u6PGmb/pCN9wPMkrI5gAF 0zeXBAWCM281bxRavc3KAjJMH73HyevGavXtlvEFulC6HiLrFmy2WVd60YMfEQxZFiNKQokhEY5h WtWbTgz+g/MAnge3sMU3jwa0L3sh6tRw0idjsClVW1l2WpwdWLlq+XgAVlHOGKYsoDzkK3RFsVau YvBjFrhcDG9VFC8Yupg5mWhV6bU2XutimQ2up97spk4085uDAFRiHWIxAKWvBpGwEk++dV/gjVqx 3NEhn2q4dpM9qYXaH1Lsu9I/XWIo85HLme5giiB2TxZi11Jy+P1PAsUl9HXnHTNF5lT2rn12OQHc 5egMcuia5zKcARiGOOEI2pr/1mhQYZ8RwXDf+C/h8Xko


A Note about these: there are missing debuff alerts here that I haveplaced directly above where they are on my action bar as you see in the image to the left. You can adjust whichever way you like. 



Eldritch Armor, Reaper’s Blade, Aqueous Blessing, Charged Blade

There are two macros for buffs, for single target use Single Target Buff Macro and AoE use AoE Buff Macro. Hit it twice as it will cancel the other buff that is on first. Make sure to always have one of these on.

If fighting two strong (> 20 second fights) apply Blademark to one enemy then Single Target Attack  the other one. Anything great than 3 should be using AoE Buff.


Basic Rotation For Single Target 

Opener Normal Rotation
Situational: Blade Rush, Phase Step  
Piercing Beam 30s increased damage Spam Macro
Galvanic Strike 25% more damage for 30s IF  iEldritch Armor Gift  Proc:  Use Proc Macro
Rending Slash 13% more damage for 15s
Empyrean Ascension Macro x 1

If at any time there is an Eldritch Armor (pictured below) Proc use Ability Proc macro

Maintain Piercing Beam (enemy debuff) Galvanic Strike (self buff) at 30 seconds recasts and Rending Slash  ((enemy debuff) at 15 seconds

Empyrean Ascension Macro is your cool down block if you need to save

Spam Macro
Empyrean Ascension Macro x 1
Spam Macro
Tempest Winds



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History of this guide
  • 3 June 2019   Superseded prevision guide for various incorrect information and old style. Consolidated as a general Harbinger with specific builds being released on this page. Guide written as a draft.