News: Temporary Currency Transfers Available

Temporary Currency Transfers Available

(8 June 2019) The shard merges previously announced for the European cluster have been temporarily delayed in order to allow players the opportunity to transfer select event currency.

Previous event currencies where split into two basic groups. One was the general currency that essentially dropped like a gushing waterfall. These were the common ones such as Unique Snowflakes, Prize Tickets, Summerfest Merit Badges.

The other set of currencies that were obtainable were rare limited ones that essentially gated you on the top tier items from the event. The new temporary currencies that are temporarily available for transfer are: 

  • Auroral Doubloons from the Carnival of the Ascended (March-April)
  • Summerfest Friendship Bracelet from Summerfest (July-August)
  • Autumn Harvest Signet from Autumn Harvest (October-November)
  • Dark Iciicle from Fae Yule Celebration (December-January)

You can visit Aleatoria Sendang in Tempest Bay [ /setwaypoint 12976 11464 ] and purchase account bound items that allow you to transfer the currencies to another character. Once the account bound items have been moved to the desired character you can click the items in order to obtain them. 

This allows everyone to gather together items they may not have had enough of in order to purchase one of the items they may not have had enough currency on in order to buy. We know its not during any one of those holidays right now, but you could check out our guide on how to use a little finesse and purchase holiday event items any time of the year!

The European Shards are now scheduled to merge on June 12, 2019.