Tartaric Depths: Easy Mode Raid

Tartaric Depths: Easy Mode


On March 29, 2017 Trion released Tartaric Depths along with the introduction of the Looking For Raid tool. The ten person raid contained four bosses with no trash in between each and required defeating three of the four to complete. The enemies were not extremely difficult in either tactics or gear requirements to complete.

While there are no extremely difficult encounters to go with  a huge sense of progression while running this raid it does provide players who have never been exposed to raiding the ability to experience it and begin learning the mechanics of how they work.

This is not a technical guide with all the abilities, rather we just cover the fights in simple terminology.


  • Hit of 2000
  • A raid of 10 players capable of Tier 1 content
  • Damage of 350k DPS + is recommended
  • Healing of 60k HPS+ is recommended
  • Planar fragments of level 9+ is recommended

While there are no extremely difficult encounters that provides a sense of progression or more diffucult challenge while running this raid it does offer other features. It provides players who have never been exposed to raiding the ability to experience it firsthand in a small group setting. They can begin learning mechanics from the very beginning as phases add more mechanics all the way to multiple mechanics at once in the last fight. As a tier one raid this is a great spot for new players to get acquainted.

The requirements to enter Tartaric Depths are not strenuous by any means. The only real requirement is for you to have sufficient hit of 2000. This is a requirement that is imposed by the Looking For Group interface. The other recommendations we have are just that and are most often easily bypassed because of much higher geared players.


Joining a Group


If you are not the social sort or just do not want the responsibility of forming and running, sort of, these groups it should still not be hard for you to get a group. We have talked about the Looking For Raid system that was introduced in the same patch yet when you actually seek to join a group it becomes almost meaningless. The original intent for the system was for individual players to join and have a group form based on availability. It has since turned into a system purely to let you automatically enter the instance once the group has been fully formed through the public chat channels.

#. Crossevents: LF3M ezTD Need Tank or Healer

If you watch the chat channel Crossevents then you are likely to see the above message or a similar message fairly often. In case you do not know this is how it breaks down.

  • LF3M: [LFM] Looking for 3 More
  • ezTD: [EZTD, TDEZ. Easy TD] Acronym for Easy Tartaric Depths

When you see this send the person a message. From personal experiences, almost all of the typical damage dealers will simply put an x and the other three roles will state that they are willing to play from any to all of the roles. The other way groups form, though typically the daily raid rift, is recruiting most of the raid then internally making choices on who can play what. Either way, let the person know as soon as possible you want to join because spots sometimes go very quickly.


Group Formation 

If you decide to form your own groups don’t get too stressed. These are easy to form especially since there is a high probability that several of your players can and will carry the raid. The first thing that you should do is decide what exactly you need, but the general needs follow.

  • A Tank with 400k+ hit points and 10% guard, generally all tanks should have this
  • An offtank or a player with high points and survivability to off ttank Tarjulia the second boss 
  • A healer capable of solo healing all bosses should be the standard at this point
  • A support, typically a Mystic, Tactard or the more preferable Archon (Optionable)
  • A total of 5-7 damage dealers based off of previous choices
  • A total of Ten (10) and no more members

Try to fill each of these roles making sure that you have at least a tank and healer with the rest being somewhat interchangeable. If the group is full it is customary in the channel you were advertising in to let everyone know that your group is full and no longer taking members.  It is customary to do a Ready Check and once clear enter queue into the Looking For Raid for instant transport to the raid.



First Boss in Tartaric Depths

Beligosh is a dragon and like many dragons in Telara has a few abilities that you should be watching out for.  As a dragon he has a nasty frontal cleave ability. He will cast Burning Ground which will drop an AoE on the ground that causes massive damage. He will take off into the air and call forth Golems to kill you. If this fails he will continue with the same efforts but even stronger. 

  • The longest and only fight you can skip
  • Has a total of five [5]  phases: Ground, Air, Ground, Air, Ground
  • Requires a couple strong AoE heals and am AoE Cleanse
  • Many of the mechanics are typically ignored by many higher tiered players


Individual Responsibilities


  • Tank: Pull at a different angle than the group does so they can avoid cleave from the boss.
  • Tank: Make sure to pick up the adds and more importantly the last part not let him drop in the center
  • Tank: Position boss so he does not drops a Burning Ground in center at the end of the last ground phase because he will move to center
  • Healer: Some big heals and AoE cleansing at the end of the flying stage is crucial
  • Damage Dealers: Simply damage the enemies that are actively tanked
  • Danger: Stay away from center at end of flying phase
  • Danger: Stay out of ground AoE
  • Burning Ground: A ground AoE damage effect that is placed where the boss is, boss should be moved away when it is dropped.
  • Tip: Recommend the macro or command [ /target Golem ] to target Golems
(Find your role and read from that one down for your responsibilities and awareness)


The Fight with Beligosh


  • Boss on ground with normal attacks
  • Flying Stage with Golem Adds
  • Boss on ground with enhanced attacks and adds
  • Flying Stage with Golem Adds and adds from previous
  • Final ground stage with boss returning to center at culmination

Stage One:

This fight starts by attacking Beligosh who is standing in the center of the chamber. Once the tank pulls the entire group can DPS the boss for roughly the first 20-25% of the fight.  After this Beligosh will become immune and fly up into the air to await some adds.

Stage Two:

Golems will start spawning and racing at the group from random directions around the area. These should be picked up and moved out of any red that shows on the ground. The tank should be able to handle the damage but if you have players new to this they can get hurt badly. Kill each golem hopefully before Beligosh begins a landing sequence again. When he does this there will be an circular pull towards the middle so players should stay near the edge so they are not dragged into a high damage area, the center. It is at this point that there will be a couple AoE and possibly single target cleanses or there is a good chance the group will wipe.

Stage Three:

Beligosh will land and start attacking again. This is the same as phase one except now you will have some adds also attacking with the boss. These should all be picked up by the tank and the process as in step one is repeated. 

Stage Four:

Similarly, this stage follows stage two but with adds and the Golems spawn quicker. The exact same cleanses need to used at the end. The entire process of staying near the edge again applies.

Stage Five:

In the last stage you can burn the boss the remaining percentage. The tank should bring Beligosh away from the center because at the very end he will move to the center. This allows you to drop his AoE poop away and not damage your group.


TarjuliaSecond Boss in Tartaric Depths

Tarjulia is a giant spider who has  massive health regeneration and will enrage when at 100% health. There are also caps to how much damage it will take depending on how many of the cocoons are still up. For this reason put a few damage dealers on Tarjulia while the rest kill the cocoons moving around until they are all dead before the entire group focuses on Tarjulia

  • Massive damage to its two nearest enemies requiring off tank
  • Health Regeneration with an enrage at 100% health
  • Because of regeneration a few damage dealers stay on boss
  • Cocoons around the room must be killed to remove damage caps
  • Other damage dealers should kill cocoons before moving to boss
  • A group of spider adds that spawn and rush towards boss should be picked up
  • Healers should watch for cleanses. Any of the over time AoE cleanses work fine
  • (There are other objects that are red in the center, this is for normal mode only and can be ignored)

Tarjulia Individual Responsibilities


(Find your role and read from that one down for your responsibilities and awareness)
  • Tank: Stay near boss and pick up adds when Tarjulia uses Call For Help
  • Off Tank: Make sure you are closer to boss than any member besides tank
  • Healer: If solo healing make sure all members are within reach
  • Healer: Cleanses needed AoE cleanses will help 
  • Healer: If offtank is not a true tank watch for huge damage spikes
  • Boss Damage Dealers: Focus on Tarjulia and keep damage up
  • Other Damage Dealers: Rotate around the room killing, watch you are near healer
  • All: Once the monsters around the room have been killed all can move to boss and burn
(Find your role and read from that one down for your responsibilities and awareness)

Tarjulia: The Fight 

This fight is actually quite simple. At a certain percentage the boss will stop taking damage until one of the cocoons are destroyed.  Once destroyed the percentage will go down and it continues until all caps are removed and the boss can be killed.

Tarjulia Stage One:

  • The tank can pull the boss just a bit out from where it is, pretty much to where they can taunt from without getting aggro. This boss does not cleave so there is no worry about which way it is facing. The off tank should be right on the boss with tank. The key for these two is they need to be the closest two players to the boss at all times so that no one else receives the massive damage the boss does.  The only other thing that the tank has to worry about is when Tarjulia uses a Call For Help which will summon a bunch of smaller spiders that will run towards her. Boss can just taunt these and they should die quickly.
  • Two to Three players should focus on the boss at this stage to keep him from staying at 100% due to his health regeneration and becoming enraged.  These players are normally either the two highest damage dealers from the Beligosh fight or if you need more damage to keep it below 100% then groups can be chosen.
  • The rest of the damage dealers will kill the cocoons that are in a semi circle around the room. Typicality most damage dealers will start off at the north one and circle around to the south and west going clockwise until encountering the boss. ?if damage is high enough you may want to alternate these because they can die fairly quickly. 
  • The healer should position themselves, especially if they are the only healer in the group, so that they are able to reach all the raid members as they may be spread out during the fight. The tanks are the first responsibility always and they should be prepared to heal the off tank or second closest member with a massive heal that may sometimes take much of ther health

Tarjulia Stage Two:

The second stage for this fight is simple, burn down the boss as quickly as possible. The boss will repeat most of the similar mechanics from the first phase.

Tarjulia Notes:

A common cause of death in this fight is a Damage Dealer who succumbs to Tarjulia’s cleave effect.If it was a damage dealer then they were closer than the tanks which is easily avoidable  If it was the off tank then the player did not have enough armor or hit points. If this happens and no one else stronger is available it may require an actual off tank if no one is able to take this hit. The other common cause here is from a lack of cleanses.


The Council of Fate

Third Boss in Tartaric Depths


The Council of Fate is a three stage encounter that consists of killing three groups of council. It consists of three different stages which can be done in any order with different results in enemies performances the second and third encounter.  The fights are relatively simple with only one real mechanic that can kill you. Boss control and selection, the ability to move to a moving circle for protection, multiple mobs at once and target priority all are elements in this encounter. 


The Council: The Fight 

This is a simple three encounter fight that just takes some time. Three characters through the raid at random will receive a reactive ability that when used will summoning one of the three bosses.  The order recommended for killing these is as follows:

D > B > P

The Council: Individual Responsibilities

(Find your role and read from that one down for your responsibilities and awareness)
  • Tank: The pulls will be made by a random player, when no bosses are up, put yourself right in with the party mear the entrance and be ready to pull always. After one of a group dies make sure to get back to this general spot for when another automatically pops, as they will go straight at a damage dealer or healer
  • Tank: IWhen you have to hold a boss while the lazer spins attempt to position so your raid does not have to move much to increase damage
  • Tank:  The first pull, from experience is made by using a ranged to the far left while turning  back and running to pick up the second
  • Healer: TA relatively simple fight without many spikes, be careful on when you resurrect someone so they do not get killed right away
  • Damage Dealers: Give the tank a second to grab hate on a pull
  • Damage Dealers: When there is a Void up damage it first as it mitigates bosses incoming damage
  • Damage Dealers: There may be a crystal in the center, this increases tanks damage taken. Debatable to destroy
  • Raid: Avoid the lasers in the center, make sure to jump over them while moving
  • Raid: For Flamewalkers Call get in the moving white circle and stay in it until it expires or boss is dead
  • Meteor: On

The Council Stage All Stages:

Each of these stages start with either pulling a boss or having one spawn and automatically charge at you. This is the start of combat and begins the three. It is rare between bosses to go out of combat so any resurrections during all three fights are combat initiated.

There will be adds with each of the bosses, none of which do anything special themselves, however they all share some mechanics:

  • An object  named Void is placed at the opposite side of the entrance that mitigates damage taken by the boss
  • A crystal may spwn in the middle, on a lazer. This increases damage to the tank. Most tanks at this point do not worry about it
  • Two moving white circles appear on the floor during Flamewalkers Call. All members must be in or they will  die.

The rest of the fight is literally just damaging down Void > Boss > Crystal if it is up. If you can manage to get yourself into the white circle on Flamewalkers Call you should have no issues. Do not that on Flamewalkers Call the white circle may go through the laser. You do not have to jump over the laser when in the white circle.




Fourth and final Boss in Tartaric Depths


Malannon is the last boss of this raid. This is not an overly difficult encounter and with enough healing can be done with a setup of 1 healer, 1 support and 8 damage dealers to speed up the fight. The mechanics in this include a target swap, raid closure and raid expansion, moving ground effects, choice of destinations and interrupts.


Malannon: The Fight 

The fight begins with attacking the boss who is the center of a U‘ish shaped platform. The fight starts off with a relatively simple mechanic of keeping out of an AoE and grouping up on one called out member before spreading the raid. As it continues two adds will spawn, both of which have interrupts but one which is deadly, that need to be killed. Eventually two of different circles will appear under each player forcing them to run to one side or the other. After this a destroy a void and continue on until 25%.  At this point moving circles will start roaming the floor that need to be avoided. (Note if the damage of the raid is 3+ million then you can safely add the tank as a damage dealer, as this should skip add mechanics.

Malannon: Individual Responsibilities

(Find your role and read from that one down for your responsibilities and awareness)
  • Tank: Pull and move to an upper corner to avoid Meteor where he can be thrown. Malannon does not cleave.
  • Tank: Interrupt Obliteration
  • Tank:  Bird and drake when they spawn and interrupt INSERT when they cast INSERT
  • Healer: This is primarily a Raid Healing battle so your focus should be on that. No cleanses.
  • Damage Dealers: The rest of the raid can move but should stay somewhat near the center, or at least near other players for Meteor. Focus on the INSERT when the two adds spawn
  • Damage Dealers: When Bird and Drake spawn kill both quickly and make sure they are interrupted
  • Raid: Move to the circle on left or right that matches the color under you for the Mark of Supremacy or Acrimony
  • Raid: Focus fire on the Void after Mark of Supremacy or Acrimony
  • Raid: Avoid moving ground Area of Effect damage for last 25%
  • Meteor: One player is called out and other players should stack on them to spread the damage between them. A Minimum of four players are needed. After this is cast each player will get a red circle under them. Each should spread out so there bubble is not touching or they will be thrown, possibly into lava. The healer and tank should not stack with the raid to avoid accidentally being thrown.


Malannon Stage One:

Begin by pulling the tank while the tank moves to an upper corner to avoid another ability that can cause a wipe. Damage down the boss while avoiding the central AoE and making sure Oblivion is interrupted. There is not cleave from the boss so it is ok to stand in front of him.  At some point the boss will call out someone to get hit by Meteor. At least four, but more if a lower geared group, should all stack on the person being called out. They will have a white circle underneath them as the damage from this is split among each person in it. Once this has been cast each player will get a red circle under them which they should all spread out from. If any two are touching those two players will get knocked into a direction which can land them in the lava and dead. For this reason tanks and healers should avoid absorbing this mechanic as they may accidnetly get hit.

Malannon Stage Two:

The second stage for this fight is starts when each player receives a mark, either a Mark of Supremacy or a Mark of Acrimony Regardless of which they get the boss becomes immune and a colored circle will spawn on each side of the battleground. You should run to the colored circle that matches what is under you at this time and make it there well before the end of the cast or you will die. Once the cast bar has ended you are safe to leave the circle and damage down the void that is located at the southern part.  The mechanics from the first stage then continiue with this happening evrery so often until the boss reaches 25%.

Malannon Stage Three:

The final stage does not contain the mechanic from part two or the adds from the first. Instead severa large ground damage effects appear and randomly move throughout the battlefield. This will continue until the boss dies.





Additional Information and Resources


History and General Revisions

  • 14 Junne 2019  Guide restructured so that it is now responsive.
  • 29 March 2019  Guide rewritten to this format and posted under prerelease for review