Tanking Tips

Tanks have a unique and overall a higher responsibility than many other roles.

General Tanking Tips

  • First off, convert your party to raid. Hit Y, convert to raid. Put tank at the top of party and healer directly under that and support directly under healer. This is not strictly necessary but if it is great for practice and honestly, it drives some healers crazy if you don’t.
  • Say hello and be welcoming. Many players will not talk during expert dungeons for whatever reason. As tank you will be making almost all the choices and it is just helpful to start off on a good note.
  • Make a Ready Check macro (see below). All you have to do is make a macro with /readycheck as the only line in it. You can put in some witty comment if you want but you will be using this a lot. You will want to use this when ready to leave the entrance, before boss pulls and before making a suicide run to the next boss if you choose too.
  • If you suicide run to the next boss and do not have patron do not complain about the price of soul mending. You are making this choice. You chose to tank and many times will be the only person who dies and pays a fee. This is the price of having nearly instant queues.When doing a suicide run, you normally will do them for the entire dungeon.Make sure everyone knows you are doing this so they do not heal you or damage mobs on the way. It is helpful to have a summon,whether it be group or single target if doing this.
  • I highly suggest focusing the boss or any add that you need to keep an eye on
  • If you need a ton of experts and want to run another it is polite to say so at the end. I try to do it before so the group knows. If you have an underperforming player who you do not wish to run with you and choose to kick them, but it is much more polite to leave party and whisper the others in the group you want to go and ask them if they want another. It just avoids drama.(edited)

Useful Macros

Ready Check – Simple one line. Runs a ready check. Assign a predefined image that suits your style.


Marking Targets – Marks your current target with a target number. The number one (1) in the bellow macro can be changed to any number. I personally at least like at having least one and two on my action bars.

mark target 1

Optional: Target a specific target. If you have this, which you can put in any targeting macro, it will target the marked target if you hold the shift key. You can also substitue [shift] with [ctrl] or [alt]. [shift]

targetmark 1
[shift] targetmark 2
[alt] targetmark mark 3
[ctrl] targetmark 4

Focus: Puts focus on a target.

[shift] targetfocus