Summerfest: Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Scavenger Hunts

The Scavenger Hunts for the original zones as a guardian can be started in Sanctum [ /setwaypoint 7423 3130 ] by speaking to Shyla Starhearth. Defiants start there hunt in Meridian by speaking with Sylver Valis [ /setwaypoint 6205 5196 ].

Original Zones By Faction:

  • Meridian:  Sylver Valis [ /setwaypoint 6205 5196 ]
  • Sanctum: Shyla Starhearth [ /setwaypoint 7423 3130 ]


The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

Complete the challenges in the following zones: Freemarch, Silverwood, Gloamwood, Stonefield, Scarlet Gorge, Scarwood Reach, Iron Pine Peak, Moonshade, Droughtlands, Shimmersand, Stillmore. A description and images follow for each zone.



Quest Goal
Pucker Up Find and Kiss Jakub the Morose
Solution  Jakub can be found on the east end of Smith’s Haven[ /setwaypoint  7038  5337 ] in a cave that goes under the road. Find, target and /kiss him.



Quest Goal
Hylas Needs a Hug Find and hug Hylas somewhere in Silverwood
Solution  Hylas is not far away in Hedgecourt Row [ /setwaypoint 6587 2492 ]. Once you located him target and /hug him. After a few seconds your quest will complete.



Quest Goal
Troll Treasure Find Troll Treasure in Stonefield
Solution  Go find Thingar the big loud troll [  ]. The treasure is behind his hut.


Quest Goal
Find the Tree of Wisdom in Gloamwood Find the Tree of Wisdom
Solution  The tree of Wisdom can be found in several different locations throughout Gloamwood with a one most often found at Standing Stones [ 5022 2711 ]. Look for a tree like below that you can click to complete the quest.



Scarlet Gorge

Quest Goal
Human Barrel Ride Jump through glowing rings along the falls.
Solution  The quest giver for this one is at the top of the falls. If you have the Riverfell Porticulum it is not a far run. Otherwise you may have to run up the pathway to the top of the falls. Once you have the quest there are large glowing rings all down along the waterfalls. Jump through ten of them. You do not have to go all the way back to the top if you do not get all ten by the time you get to the bottom.


Scarwood Reach

Quest Goal
Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach Plant 5 trees in Scarwood Reach
Solution  The locations for these are spread out throughout the zone. As of 2018 the spawn rates of these have been increased. Look for what is in the image below and click it. A common strategy for this one is to find one spawn point then hop shards at that spawn. If you attempt this and lose your clickable quest item hop back to your home shard. (Note: Spawns are still not that great. Almost all spawns I found were on the middle east side of the map)


Iron Pine Peak

Quest Goal
The Missing Mountaineer Locate the Missing Mountaineeer
Solution The mountaineer is, obviously, in the mountains. He is located in Wailing Mountain [   /setwaypoint 3378 1457   ]. If you follow the path on the map below you should have no trouble at all.

Moonshade Highlands

Quest Goal
Swim With the Fishes Swim through all the markers in Kelpmere and Acrid Basin without coming up for air.
Solution This is a pretty easy and self explanatory one. Go in the lake and go through the circles without coming up for air. It may take you a try or to if you get disoriented typically in the center part of the lake.



Quest Goal
Creepy Crawlies Seek out something that is underground, squirming and near flame
Solution This is located in the southern part of the zone in Mordant Warren [  /setwaypoint 8262 7156  ]. To get to this spot you need to go underground into the hive [  /setwaypoint 8140 7197  ] and run underground just a bit.

Hive Entrance


Actual Quest Completion



Quest Goal
Deliver Ice Cream In Shimmersand Deliver Chef Alo’s Ice Cream to Zerato in Shimmersand before it melts.
Solution This is a timed quest so you may want to take a look at the pictures below to know where exactly you are heading before actually taking it. This quest actually starts in Iron Pine Peak and the quest giver can be found like any other quest marker. This quest ends in the south east corner of Shimmersand in the Golden Summit area [ /setwaypoint 7700 7625    ].  With current mount speeds and bonuses this can easily be done in about 2 minutes.



Quest Goal
Take a Lap Around Stillmoor Ride to each of the four Scenic Outlooks
Solution The last of the original 11 zones of Rift is a pretty easy run along the road that encircles stilmoor. Hit four points and you are done.