Summerfest Overview

 Rift Summerfest 2018 Guide

    Summerfest is a yearly world event held typically in July-August that offers its own currency for items unique to this event as well as lots of achievements and collectibles. It has three phases to it that each have a different specific element and quests may be restricted to just certain phases.

Trion has a general overview of Summerfest and what is new.


What is Summerfest?

You may be wondering what Summerfest is, and its origins. In modern times, Summerfest is the holiday that marks the longest days of summer. Ascended continue to celebrate ancient traditions and have fun, even in the sweltering heat. This of course, helps ease the stress of the near-constant threats against Telara. There are lots of once a year activities and items that can be received only during this event.

  • Minions and Adventures
  • Artifact Pinatas
  • Seasonal Quests (These are the Daily Quests)
  • Scavenger Hunts (These are once a week but two parts)
  • Companions to Collect
  • Dimension and Wardrobe Collections
  • Collect Event BiS Gear

Minions and Adventures

500/450 Patron 750/675 Patron

The two minions are for sale during the event. There are also Summerfest specific missions that become available in your deck. The most notable of these are the four hour events that cost 250 Adventurine. They have a chance of dropping the ever elusive bracelets that are used for so many of the best Summerfest items. They also drop a variety of dimension, wardrobe or other items from the store.


Artifact Piñatas

Every zone up to 65 has an object called an artifact pinata that spawns in several different spots across the map. These are noted on the map as a balloon icon on the map    You can see them in the map below as they are circled in red.

Click to view larger

    There are a series of artifacts sets that can be completed by artifacts that may only be collected during Summerfest. These artifacts can only be collected by attacking a piñata within experience range. This means that when you kill the piñata its nameplate must be green, yellow or red. It can NOT be gray.

Each piñata has an icon below it that symbolizes one of the artifact types: Normal, Twisted, Poison, Burning or Nightmare.  The image to the right has an example of an artifact pinata being attacked.  You can see on the bottom left that this is yellow, or a burning artifact when at this point. Once one is killed you will receive one (1) artifact and artifacts will shoot forth from it spawning in a circular distance around. They do not stay long, you should be able to collect three artifacts every time, possibly four.

As it chooses which type of artifacts you get when it dies by what type it is at that same moment, it is relatively easy to target which type you want to drop. Just damage it down until it is perhaps 25% or so, then wait for the type that you want to show up and finish killing it. Remember while it may be easy to actually choose an artifact type that there are epic and legendary artifacts in these sets which can be very rare and time consuming to get.

Scavenger Hunts

Each week of the event there are quests that you can get once, and once only per character that earn you special currency that you can use for some of the big ticket items. There are also achievements related to this. We have separated these into additional guides as having these all here would be outside the scope of this guide.

The Great Mathosian Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

Storm Legion Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

Plane of Water Scavenger Hunt, Part 1


Summerfest Achievements


Angling for the Top 5 Angling for More 5
Catch 100 Summer Sunfish in Mathosia. Catch 100 Summer Sunfish in Brevane or Dusken.
Exterminator 5 Hammered 5
Eradicate 300 Bugs! Complete the Morban Challenge in the Great Dusken Savenger Hunt Part 2 and your reward will provide Lenny’s Finest. Drink up and drink them all!
Summertime Scavengery 10 Summer Hunting Season: Open 10
Complete all 4 Summerfest Scavenger Hunts, the Little and Great Scavenger Hunts parts 1 and 2. Complete all the Summerfest “Capture” quests – it seems these are only available in phase 1 but they do provide tons of xp.
Summer of Love 5 Stillmoor Thoroughbred 5
Complete the quest “Pucker Up” in Freemarch or “Hylas Needs a Hug” in Silverwood. See the Freemarch or Silverwood Challenge below under The Little Scavenger Hunt part 1. Complete the quest “Take a Lap Around Stillmoor.” See the Stillmoor Challenge below under The Great Scavenger Hunt part 1.
Riddle Me This 5 Live Strong 5
Complete the quest “Locate the Book of Riddles.” This is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Iron Pine Peak. Complete the quest “Attitude Adjustment.” This provides the title “The Aggresive” and is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Moonshade Highlands.
Flea Bitten Menace 5 Bug Juice 5
Complete the quest “Delouse the Itychy Werewolves.” This is a subquest of The Little Scavenger Hunt, part 2 in Gloamwood. Defeat 300 Swarmbrood Creatures during the Exuvia of Khargroth zone event.
What Vacation? 10 Fun in the Sun 15
Complete all the Dusken and Brevane Scavenger Hunts. Complete all the Summerfest Achievements listed below:

Summertime Scavengery – complete all Summerfest Scavenger Hunts (4 = Little and Great Scavenger Hunts Parts 1 and 2).
Not So Lazy Summer – complete 20 Summerfest quests.
Angling for the Top – catch 100 Summer Sunfish.
Exterminator – squish 300 bugs while working on the day quest Bug Squishing.

Summer Jammin’ 15
Complete the following Acheivements:

What Vacation?
Bug Juice
Angling for More
Summer Hunting Season: Open


Appendix A:  Other Resources

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Appendix B: Guide History

  1. 16 June to 1 July 2018: Initial writing
  2. 19 June 2018: First public version made available