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  SFP Raid Rifts and Rewards 

Contents of this Guide

  1. About Raid Rifts 
  2. The Daily Raid Rift
  3. The Iron Legion
  4. The Egg of Destruction
  5. The Decay of Ahknet
  6. App B: Additional Resources
  7. App C: Guide History
Raid Rifts are a raid designed for raid groups consisting of 20 balanced players versus waves of enemies that consists of 5 to 6 stages of a rift. The raid rifts at level 70 in the expansion zones drop Best in Slot (BiS) essences for your character. 

  • Lures can be bought from Nothim who is near the daily quests offered in Utilla East in Vostigar Peaks
  • The setup for the raid is similar to normal raids
  • Essences drop after the third and fifth stage daily on each rift or through the use of Individual Reward Charges
  • Essences have three different tiers for Damage and Tanks and are currently Best In Slot


Raid Rift Overview

Raid Rift
     A Raid Rift is a rift that is meant to be completed or attempted by a raid of twenty people.  There are currently three raid rifts at level cap that may be completed each day. Raid Rifts were introduced during Rift Vanilla and have since been a part of every expansion that now give out some of the best essences in the game.

Raid Rifts were Trion’s answer to players wanting more open world content for groups of players. The game was centered around Rifts and enemies invading Telara from other planes which proved popular with players bringing strangers together to defeat a common foe. A raid version, along with other types of rifts, was introduced that would allow a full raid of players to take on raid level enemies while proving to be simple enough that a pick up group could complete it. The intent was at the launch and still currently is for these to be semi-challenging to a raid of 20 players and for them to drop rewards that will make players want to participate in them.

How to Participate in a Raid Rift

There is no system in place to queue for Raid Rifts, they must be opened by an individual and completed by the raid that person is in. The only abilities to summon to a raid rift are a players personal abilities from either Planar Attunement (such as Summon Group: Air) or Planewalker’s Call. As of version 4.0 and the latest expansion gear is not dropped into the raid to be distributed either by game systems or by players, rather loot is obtained via individual reward charges per person. In order to obtain a reward you must be in the raid with the player who initially opened the Raid Rift up. In addition you cannot just afk, you must get on a monsters threat table for each part of the raid that has a reward chance, which are stages 1-3 and 4 through the end of the rift. The most common method for joining a raid rift is by joining a group that is recruited from either in the channel Level 70 or  CrossEvents chat channel..


Raid Rift Lures may be obtained in Vostigar Peaks by speaking to  Nothim, who is located just by the Utilla East Porticulum near the other npc’s who offer the daily and weekly quests.   He offers three lures to purchase and they are Egg of Destruction, The Iron Legion and Decay of Ahnknet. The cost for each lure is 200 Captured Intel and 30,000 planarite or or 144 credits with the patron bonus.  If you are purchasing a lure for a raid make sure you coordinate with the leader or other rift openers  to ensure you are buying the correct lure.



The Daily Raid Rift and Group

The Quests

Each day many players will  participate in the Daily Raid Rift. The term comes from the daily quest offered in Vostigar Peak that requires one of the three current raid rifts to be completed. This is actually a misnomer started with the latest expansion because only one of the raids is the daily raid rift. However because doing all three is common people will advertise for the daily raid rift and it is expected that all three will be done. The daily quest for doing the raid rift is gained from Nevach Centt in Utilla East near the porticulum.

A weekly quest requiring you to do all three rifts twice and acquire items to be turned in  is acquired at the adjacent NPC Erendel Danath. Thiis quest awards 200 captured intel, 500 tower fragments, and 2500 celestial essences In addition if you are not maxed out on Utilla Resistance notoriety you will recieve reputation that goes towards this reputation.

Joining a Group

Joining a group to run these rifts is a relatively simple process, depending on the role you wish to play. It is suggested you start out in one of the more forgiving roles such as a damage dealer. As long as you are a damage dealer if you are to die to one of the mechanics than the group will unlikely be harsh or give you criticism. Conversely if you are a tank or healer and die to a mechanic, the entire raid has a high likelihood that they will die, bringing any errors or misjudgments you made to there attention. There are some unforgiving mechanics in these that will one shot and kill you instantly.

When you see someone in a global channel with a message asking for more people for a DRR, this is your chance to join. When you ask to join it is common courtesy to let the recruiting player know what role you wish to fill and any other information they are asking for. Please understand that when a recruiter is first forming a raid that they often recieve many replies and it can take a moment to get to you or you can be missed just by the sheer number of whispers they are receiving.

If you are going to provide a lure for the run, please let the person forming know that you are willing to provide a lure you already have by stating which lure it is, or by offering to buy one before the raid goes out to the rifts. If you volunteer to provide a lure then you will be expect to go open the lure and summon the party. Most groups should be asking for people to provide lures early in the recruiting process, so if you are the first to open a lure you should have plenty of time to find and open it. You should note that rift tears have a nasty habit of disheartening when you are almost to them or at them and waiting, so either use the lure once you get there or try to have another tear in mind.

If you are the second or third person to open a rift, the leader may tell you when you should be going to open your rift. If they do not then it is generally accepted that on the rift before the one you are to open you stay until stage 4 and tag at least one mob here. If you do this you will get full credit and rewards at the end of the rift. In addition to getting the rewards this also lets you know when to summon the raid. Once the final loot drops the rift has been closed and you are then able to summon them.

Running a Group

Often there may be no one recruiting or perhaps you want a raid rift with your own style, or perhaps you are just a natural leader. Regardless people need to lead raid rifts and they are relatively simple to do. When forming a raid keep in mind the general requirements.

  • 1 tank with at least 2200 hit and 500k hit points
  • 2 healers capable of healing the raid [one healer can solo heal it but I do not recommend this because deaths and disconnects do happen accidentlyi]
  • 1 support [an additional damage/support such as a Mystic-Primal Lord-Vulcanist will help]

When starting to recruit for the group you can specify that you need you need specific roles or just use a generic “need all” message. I tend to favor one with the latter such as:

“Forming DRR. Need Decay and Legion Lures  x/20 Need all roles, whisper with desired role”

In this manner you are not requesting a specific role but everyone knows that you need everything. I normally get a tank, healer and support before I ever reach 10 people. There are also times I will omit anything about the lures or even roles and wait until I have half of the group filled then ask the raid if anyone has any lures, if there are any tanks or healers and anything else that may be pressing.

Please note about the healers: many healers will say they have no problems solo healing these raids. They are correct, they have no problems doing it. However, I do not know every players strengths and weaknesses, resolve or latency. I have no idea if someone is going to MPK my raid or if they are going to AFK and go for an ice cream. For this reason I always try to have a backup healer and honestly, its a daily quest, not hardcore raiding.


The Iron Legion

Lure Acquisition: Nothim in Vostigar Peaks at Utilla East Porticulum near the porticulum


Stage 1: Trash Mobs

3 sets of 4 different monsters that must be killed.

  • 4 Legion Recruits
  • 4 Legion Mechanics
  • 4 Legion Mages

Stage 2: Steel Angel and Iron Angel

Shocking Pulse

  • They have abilities. I have not seen one person obey a mechanic here in over a year
  • Technically these should be moved apart to prevent damage but these two are easy enough to be just damaged down while ignoring mechanics.

Stage 3: 8 Trash Mobs

2 sets of  4 different monsters: Trash mob easy to AoE down

  • 4 Unstable Legionaries
  • 4 Reinforced Legionaries

Stage 4: Commander Samuel

This is almost a straight damage fight, except for one part where red circles appear under each player in the raid rift. The raid should spread so that each individuals circle intersects as little as possible with the rest of the players.

Stage 5: G.A.K.A.T.T

  • Static Blast: Summons a circle somewhere in the rift that each player in the raid must be in before the boss makes it to the circle. If a player is not in the circle they will be killed instantly. he channel move before Static Blast if interrupted by an ability from the Jet Pack will cause this to not trigger.

This boss is easy except for the Static Blast ability explained above. There is nothing really to note as it is a tank and spank except for the race to the protective circle with the boss. Not that the move that can be interrupted can be done with the Jet Pack.


Egg of Destruction

Lure Acquisition: Nothim in Vostigar Peaks at Utilla East Porticulum near the porticulum


Stage 1: Destroy Legion Transports

  • 4 x Legion Transports

Stage 2:  Trash Mobs

  • 3x Trash
  • Kill Legion Mechanists x 3
  • Destroy Ion Cannons x2

Stage 3: Destroy Libritor Devastator

whenen you see a message that says: “Severe damage recieved: Deploying shield generator” an add will spawn.

Stage 4: Destroy The Lightning Towers

  1. 4 x Lightning Towrs

Four Lightning towers will spawn around the rift in a box formation. Each one of these need to be destroyed to continue to the next stage.

Stage 5: Destroy Crucia’s Egg of Destruction

  • Kinetic Burst: Does massive damage in a wide circle around the boss. Move out of the giant pulsing red cirlc
  • Kinetic Plate Armor – Reduces damage the Egg of Destruction takes and gives a stacking buff that increases his damage

When the Egg of Destruction spawns it will have a massive damage resistance from the Kinetic Plate Armor Buff that it has, effectively rendering it invulnerable. After a period of time it will summon three minions who need to be killed. These will all have a suffix of trooper ( eg Storm Trooper, Shock Trooper, Rocker Trooper).  Once these three enemies are destroyed a random player in the raid will receive a reactive ability which when used on the boss removes the Kinetic Plate Armor Buff  and allows The Egg to be damaged. This entire process is repeated at 75%, 50% and 20%. After the last phase the boss can be killed normally.


Decay of Ahknet

Lure Acquisition: Nothim in Vostigar Peaks at Utilla East Porticulum near the porticulum

Stage 1: 16 Source Decayed Husks

These are just 16 trash mobs scattered throughout the rift and are easy to AoE down.

Stage 2: Trash Mobs

  • 6 Source Decayed Assassins
  • 6 Source Decayed Mages

Trash and easy to AoE

Stage 3: Source Decayed Bouxiar

Single Boss type mob.

Stage 4: End Drosmar

  • Ruin: Large center based ground AoE damage. Anyone not a tank should be out of this.
  • Translocate: Drosmar becomes immune to damage and teleports behind a source generator
  • Storm of Decay: small radius AoE damage

Attack Drosmar until he casts translocated and moves behind a source generator. Destroy the source generator then continue on with Drosmar repeating this until the fight is over.

Stage 5: Xerrax

  • Decaying Breath: Cone Frontal damage
  • Summon Husk: Adds spawn and move towards center, once reaching center making him stronger

Besides moving out of the ground based AoE damage he is just a tank and spank fight.


Appendix B: Additional Resources

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