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One thing that frustrates many players is the apparent inflated amount of time it takes to travel from one spot to another. This is often done by developers to extend the amount of time required for an activity, artificially adding in more ‘grind’ or extending the amount of time that is required to play the game. Rift offers multiple methods to avoid these long travel times.



Normal Methods

Like any normal person (or other race in this case), you can move around the world on foot. Walking is done at a set rate, but there are methods that speed your character up. These are abilities that are found within your soul trees and can, typically, stack with each other although there are exceptions. A build such as the Cleric Run Speed Build that we have posted allows a 110% speed boost without any buffs from other players. Below are the guides that we have posted that will allow you to achieve a faster run speed.

In addition to walking or running you are able to use mounts. Mounts in Rift are either animals that run or a machine that is capable of transporting you. They have varying speeds and levels depending on the mount. The mounts start at a speed of 60% and go up to 160% with an item usable on your legs giving you an additional 10% bonus.



Porticulums, also known  as Ports, are the standard quick travel transit device used throughout Telara. These were most likely your first introduction to quick travel, or really any kind of travel as you took to traveling Telara in Rift. Once you visit, rather just go near, ¹ a Porticulum  you can then travel to that one from any other Porticulum for a small fee. All porticulum’s are shown on your mini map by a small green circle as shown to the right.

If you have been playing since the release of Rift or have taken a break, you should know that over the years they have added additional Porticulum’s to zones to ease travel. These you have to go visit and unlock as they are not added automatically.

Some of the porticulum’s in particular zones do have different shapes and sizes as well as designs. An example is located below.


A Porticulum
Ember Isle


¹An update allowed your character to automatically unlock by traveling near a porticulum rather than talking to the porticulum master.



There are several abilities, either through Planar abilities or Guild perks, in the game that allow you to transport

Guild Rally:  When someone i the guild uses an ability from guild perks that is An option that your guild leader has when choosing perks



Planar Attunement Abilities

Once you are able to use the alternate experience advancement known as Planar Attunement you may start recieveing abilatieist that allow you to teleport to a specific zone or summon you group, or raid, to your location if it is as a rift. Once learned these abilities can be found in the Abilities Menu [P] in the Ascended Powers Section.

All of the above teleports are for the individicual using the port only, no other member will teleport with them. in addition each of the transport spell abilities are found on the second tier of the Planar Attunement Element (see below). There are each the center element and require one point in order to obtain it.

Destination Element
Stonefield Earth
Gloamwood Death
Scarwood Reach Life
Moonshade Water
Droughtlands Air
Ember Isle Fire

In addtion to being able to teleport yooiurself to a specific zone, if you are at a Rift and there rest of your raid is not, you are able to use another Ascended Ability to summon them now.

Rift Type Element
Air Earth
Earth Death
Life Life
Death WaterItems that Transport
Fire Air
Water Fire


In addition to guild  perks and personal abilities there are several items that will allow the use of transport to a specifec area or zone, although some of these have limitations on where you can transport from.


Item Teleport To Requirement Cool Down How to obtain
Zareph’s Return Stilmore Normal Zone 1 Hour Rewarded when turning in the Stilmoore Artiact set.
Wyrmbane Spire Teleport Device Shimmersand Normal Zone 1 Hour Rewarden when turning in the Shimmersand Artifact Set
Chancel of Labors Teleport Device Iron Pine peak Normal Zone 1 Hour Rewarded when turning int the Iron Pine Peak Artifact Set
Tok Box Tok’s Dungeon Allitu Only 5 Minutes Purchased at entrance of Tok’s
Tempest Insignia Tempest Bay Normal Zone 1 Hour Complete Blue Tier Loyalty


Appendix A: Guide History

  • 19 February 2019 – Initial Guide Release

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