Pyromancer -Arbiter – Harbinger


A passionate love of fire is the central feature of these offensive mages. Pyromancers are fearless masters of the flame in all of its incarnations from the mass devastation wreaked by fireballs to the insidious smolder that burns away the life of opponents.

Overview of the Build

This guide attempts to teach the reader how to play the Pyromancer soul with Harbinger and Arbiter has its off souls.  These two off souls were chosen because of the innate high damage abilities that you gain, starting with percentage boosts in Piercing Beam and Galvanic Slash. Please note that this build is best while using a weapon that has not been upgraded to eternal yet.

  • A good build for pre-eternal weapon
  • Easy to learn and play
  • Does decent damage
  • Relies heavily on Cinderburst procs
  • Will be out parsed by other specs as gear becomes better

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)


The Build

61 Pyro 4 Arb 11 Harb, Click for Larger View

Pyromancer – Arbiter – Harbinger at Magelo

See below for a more in depth explanation

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in Pyromancer  increases damage done by 1%, for a total of 61% total increase.

Pyromancer +61 
As is customary with most high damage souls almost all points goes into the main soul being used. This gets you access the the hard hitting 61 point ability.   (L) Internalize Charge
  (L) Flame Volley
  (L) Legendary Fusillade


Harbinger +11
We go 11 points into increasing our spell power by 10% and adding some modest utility abilities to get Piercing Beam which adds 10% damage for 30 seconds. +2 Leaf on the Wind
+5 Eldritch Knowledge
+1 Blazing Light
+1 Natural Swiftness
+1 Piercing Beam(L) Piercing Beam


Arbiter +4
Four points are taken in this for the boost in intelligence as well as the Legendary. The other buff gain also helps some with mitigation. +4 Tactical Knowledge

(L) Galvanic Strike

Class Masteries

61: Arcanist’s Shield 62: Proficient Restoration 63: Mental Cynosure 
64: Calculated Annihalation
65: Arcane Manipulation 

Macros and Karuul Alerts

Spam Heat Wave Fire Storm Cinder Burst
#show Fireball
cast Internalize Charge
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Fulminate
cast Inferno
cast Fireball
cast Countdown
cast Searing Bolt
cast Flame Bolt
cast Storm’s Fury
cast Glacial Spike
cast Storm Slash
cast Galvanic Strike
cast Blazing Light
#show Heat Wave
cast Internalize Charge
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Heat Wave
cast Inferno
cast Fireball
cast Fulminate
cast Countdown
cast Searing Bolt
cast Flame Bolt
cast Storm’s Fury
cast Glacial Spike
cast Storm Slash
cast Galvanic Strike
cast Blazing Light
#show Fire Storm
cast @gtae Fire Storm
#show Cinder Burst
cast Internalize Charge
cast Cinder Burst

Karuul Alerts

KA::Am9EJeNrNVU2P2yAU/Cu+9bYFHMAWJ3+EtlK3jdKseolkEZskqA6sMNlVpP74YpJNs9skTSJ Vqp4P2MAw8948XCjdSDtb285FI2tqBtmEPbZiI20YThhno401K6Frad91Ud7KrlN6wbJ4wPM8yTG AGaVFOWDA7+A+gI+xmjtWCifeTx8+TcVMtcptKlUb3U1rIzxILZdSOHjXNB2jEDAMCRsk/QN9sGL 4ZTIc9yMYIgaBze5zeCPhLP5zpKStPaUol2L1p4AJ+ywXUjfCbqLXSzOUpilCgMQFBCAbXi5hKez Mw0hbPe4Qq5lHDGIIThml8XExIBxxRsxHn5Rn8SSj78LqPs8HelAoB2f9Gj//JFlGkxwgBHGBUVH wcugxLhIwa41p5srKbQEIgQwTfMB5fE0FXkgfc895svA2tohhCm60S2HW2jXmWR+wvXPCLqTbOya ra9lKK7RjGUYlHAwAJgTDOMvRFay3rVKZeeWWspq3YiW7oCABlFGf898KAis2+Tp6qwR5zieU3Ku AH51pAP5fNMD9q/r02EEHP6rqg2ifhFZ19M1Z9UMea+j9kvG6WzJttLyY+GK3teoCeiCM057wST/ t+R6vAve+9FyNXZ00FD+owMHyDJa4TFCexpTyksPiiitUezctrHDK6G1TJN5OlMQ3NsWLlc4mn/+ L5BPQ807/7pYT2V93qm1FI99elOGq3E9mcUJSnMEhjlNcDovLU91IZ7RwshI7cyf+V4VuS/MvHOt DRg

How To Play


Buffs That Should Always Be On
Charged Blade Lightning Blade Aqueous Blessing Pyromancers Armor


Playing this build correctly actually contains several different parts which are listed below. The first two are the start of the fight, and you will really not return here unless there is a large pause in battle. The second section consists of abilities, buffs and debuffs to watch and lists what there duration and recasts are. The last section is very simple consisting of just two buttons.


First  Second  Third
P. Before the Pull
O. Opener
A. Manual Buffs to Refresh
B. @Cool Downs
C. Heat Wave
 D. Spam if nothing else

P. Before the Pull

If you know that you will be puling a boss soon it is recommended to cast these spells first so they are already to go. This will give you a boost in your damage done over time. Note if you do not cast these before the pull then you will want to cast these while another ability is cooling off. For example, the first ability in the Opening Rotation is Piercing Beam. Cast this spell and while you are waiting to cast the next click one of these. Since they are not on the global cool down they will go off anyway.

Internalize Charge
Arcane Manipulation

O. Opening

Pictured above is a potential way that your opener could be organized on your bar.  Some of these abilities can be macro’d together, but isn’t many and at most you will only get two in a macro. It is easier to devote a section of your bar, whether you reuse these later or not. Cast these in the order they are listed remembering to add in the two from the previous section if they were not precast. These two abilities are actually off of the global cool down and can be cast during the global cool down.


Legendary Piercing Beam  Increases Slashing attacks by 5% for 30 sec.
Legendary Galvanic Strike   Increases damage by .25% per charge for 30 sec
 Fireball  Primary Bolt
 Flame Bolt  Applies Improved Flame Bolt increasing Spell Power by 10% for 10 sec
 Countdown  Applies Accelerant increasing damage by 10% for 15 sec
 Fire Storm  Does AoE damage, applies 30% more damage
 Cinder Burst (Only if Proc)  Large burst damage, only worth casting on a proc
 Legendary Fussillade  High damage channel ability
 Fulminate  High damage single burst
 Heat Wave Macro  Increases cast speed

A. Manual Debuffs to Refresh

Abilities that should be refreshed manually at duration. These should be refreshed before anything that follows.These abilities may be cast in one or macros, however we highly advise using Karuul Alerts to monitor them. Piercing Beam and Galvanic Strike appear to have to end before they can be rebuffed.


Spell Recast Duration
Legendary Piercing Beam  4s 30s
Legendary Galvanic Strike  Instant 20s
Legendary Fire Storm 8s 30s

B. Cool downs

These should be used whenever they are able to be cast again. This is know as being used on cool down. Of these all except Heat Wave are in your spam macro. Heat Wave has its own macro and is covered in the next section. The other abilities do not really need alerts as they are quite easy to tell if they are ready, but you can add them if you feel inclined to.


Spell Recast Section
Legendary Internalize Charge 20s Charge Consumers
Fulminate 30s Charge Consumers
Legendary Fusillade 1 min Damage
Inferno 10s Damage
Heat Wave 1 minute Combat Buffs


C. Heat Wave

Get your love of pyro and flames on by casting fire bolts really quick, praying that you get a cinderburst proc so you can jump around like you just don’t care

  1. Cast Heat Wave
  2. Spam Fireball and pray you get Cinderburst Proc
  3. Cinderburst Proc


D. Spam If nothing else to do

  1. Spam Macro
  2. Proc Macro if you get a proc
  3. If Proc’s cast Cinder Burst

Note on Flame Volley:

Use Primarily when moving and you have no instant abilities to use. It does not add enough damage to be put in the actual rotation.

Area of Effect

 Spell Recast Duration Effect When Cast
Count Down 8s 15s Adds a damage over time effect to enemy
Legendary Firestorm  8s 30s Deals Fire damage in a radius for 30s.
Smolder   Firestorm spreads countdown to up to 5 additional enemies within 7m when cast onto a target with countdown.
 Chain Reaction  —  — Passive – When countdown expires naturally it causes up to 5 additional countdowns on other targets within 7m to also trigger early.
Summary: Cast Count Down; Cast Firestorm on target with Count Down active debuff; keep channeling Firestorm and let the passives Smolder and Chain Reaction keep them up.


Spells Cast for There Effects
 Spell Recast Duration Effect When Cast
Countdown 8s 15s Accelerant – Increases damage taken by 10%
Flame Bolt 8s 10s Improved Flame Bolt – Increases Spell Damage by 10%
Fire Storm 8s 10s Causes 30% more damage in AE; Fire Ball causes enemy to take 30% more for 10s


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