Primal Lord-Vulcanist-Maelstrom (21-18)

A deep and profound connection to the spirit of the wilds gives the Primal lord the ability to commune with beasts, calling them to your aid and destroying foes while unleashing a flurry of rock and lava on them. The combination of Primal Lord and Vulcanist fuels the fires that burn this Molten Wave and Fury Blast specialist.

Primal Lord 21 – Vulcanist 18 – Maelstrom 0


Contents of this Guide

  1. Quick Start Play Guide
  2. Detailed Play Guide
  3. Build and Component Overview
  4. Macros
  5. Karuul Alerts
  6. Playing the Role
  7. Appendix A: Color Key
  8. Appendix B: Additional Resources
  9. Appendix C: Guide History

This role is the highest ranged damage that can be achieved with Primalist right now. It is often referred to as 21-18 to distinguish it from other builds that use the same souls but different point spreads. This is a ranged build that has only one spell that is not an instant cast, scald.



A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide. This build does not require paid souls. Ability links to Magelo.
This is Primalist guide, a soul that is not free to play but instead is purchased in the store in game.



Quick Start Play Guide

Soul Build on this page here and on Magelo. Macros are located here 

Soul »» Primal Lord –  21 Points Vulcanist –  18 Points Maelstrom –  0 Points
Key Abilities  Rage of the Beast Molten Wave  Fury Blast  Stroke of Brilliance  Vorpal Salvo Scald
Legendary Scything Strike  Rage of the Beast Molten Wave  Fury Blast Scald
Mastery 61: Exhileration 62: Steadfast Rejuvenation 63: Vulpine Cunning  64: Ethereal Meditation 65:  Spritualism
Alternatives are available for this build, see below
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
Buffs  Font of Wit  

Single DPS

(More Details Below)

Scald  »»  Scald  »»  Spiritualism  »»  Rage of the Beast  »»  Reliquary of Rage  

Spam Macro until 80 Fury  »»  Scything Strike  »»  Molten Wave

Spam Macro until 80 Fury »»  Scything Strike   »»  Molten Wave

{This is the simple version. See below in detailed guide for a more in depth version of a rotation.)

Cleave DPS Add in Beacon Macro when Scything Strike  Procs (Preferably the 120%)
Notes See our Molten Wave – Fury Blast Guide for more in depth information on this spec

Detailed Play Guide

Primal Lord [21] Vulcanist [18] is a Molten Wave – Fury Blast ability based spec that takes abilities from both trees to achieve the highest possible damage. It is commonly referred to as the 21-18 Build. General Strengths (green text) and weaknesses (red text) are described here.
  • Provide a high damage, controllable DPS Spec
  • Has a similar and known rotation to other specs
  • This build can be easy to play (using simplified rotation)
  • This is a very good party or raid damage member 
  • Provides and interrupt
  • This is just another variation of the same basic play style
  • Since an update in 4.4 damage had dropped
  • There is very little healing or other group utility functions
  • This build may be frustrating to master
  • This is not a solo player build 


Build and Component Overview

Click to Expand Image
Primal Lord – Vulcanist – Maelstrom at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 2%

Description A ranged single target damage dealer with cleave
Stat Focus Critical Hit Power – Dexterity – Attack Power
Gear Required Primalist DPS Gear
Reliquary Reliquary of Rage
Synergy Crystal Martial Crystal
Runes  Prophetic Shattering Rune, Prophetic Unblurring Rune,Prophetic Shattering Rune
Consumables Prophetic Powersurge Vial ,  Atramentium Oilstone;Gedlo Curry PotTuath’de InsolesGedlo Riding Chaps Tuath’de Insoles, Gedlo Riding Chaps
Primal Lord –  21 Points Vulcanist –  18 Points

     Scything Strike  Deals  Physical damage. Moves Focus 10 points towards Fury. Your next ability within 3 seconds deals 15% more damage. This effect ends when you use any ability. Non Primal Lord abilities have a chance to cause this ability to deal damage automatically.

     Rage of the Beast  Your damage is increased by 100% while this effect is active. Damaging abilities will consume a stack of Rage of the Beast. Scything Strike, Bloodletting, and Primal Sunder reduce the cooldown of this ability by 3s. Hawk’s Wrath and Thresher’s Maw reduce the cooldown of this ability by 6s. Panther Claw, Serpent Tooth, and Bear’s Fury do not consume stacks of Rage of the Beast.

     Molten Wave Blast your target with lava that deals Fire damage per second for 3s. Damage is decreased by -10% for each enemy hit. Molten Wave applies a debuff on each hit that increases the damage taken from your Fire and Earth damage by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Vulcanist abilities gain triple effectiveness from this effect. Fury ability. Requires Fury. Moves Focus 100 towards Cunning.

Fury Blast Deals 6117 to 6241 Fire damage. If used while in Fury, applies a DoT that lasts for 8s. Fury ability. Pushes Focus to Perfect Harmony when used. Can only be used in Fury. Deals increased damage the closer you are to full Fury when cast.

Maelstrom –  0 Points Mastery Selection
Scald  Deals  Fire damage and  Water damage. Causes the target to take 15% more elemental damage from your non Maelstrom abilities. Stacks twice. Moves Focus 20 points towards Fury. C4 61: Exhileration
C4 62: Steadfast Rejuvenation
C4 63: Vulpine Cunning
C3 64: Ethereal Meditation
C4 65Spritiualism

Alternate Choices

C4 65Ancestral Force

 C# is the number of the Mastery from left to right.

Font of Wit  




Spam Macro Interrupt Macro
#show Stroke of Brilliance
cast @self Spiritualism
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Rage of the Beast
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Vorpal Salvo
cast Rage Spike
cast Scything Strike
#show Lava Lance
cast @focus Lava Lance
cast Lava Lance
Cooldown Macro Beacon Macro
#show Spiritualism
cast @self Spiritualism
use Reliquary of Rage
#show Summon: Beacon of the Drake
cast @gtae Summon: Beacon of the Drake



Karrul Alerts


KA::AqWL1eNrFlV1v2jAUhv9K7nbX+dtBvsrnNomOqjD1plJkggGr+UCJ2ZZu++91AmtTmnYRmlQ ZJCc+ct7nnPfY87QxW11snLmp9J0SUCzELpONqrppO+YnIR4mHEAOOCJ+AAEFAtjY2I52dq3XRoT SyI+3377cyqXOtGkSnZZFfbtRhap0mvx9CyBN7i9Wq1pwMhGYEkHc9gftEEH0dRFdtzPYDQw6Ncf X3RPrvhn//iyrvCwap1w7U70egIjFaYgHJgAAzjkjMfYZY6MhVmVq81CopFwncm+2ZXVASZYdCUV UMEB7JMdPi8XsaoApfoXpWm5Uq9ZsleMrWZshqqmyKV3JqnFehns0ICGjjAQeQ6EXTUYTpmW+lCZ J91muC2l0WRzImCs4Rz2yX7WR6V39Z7hW8SDXk+T5v6zX53thQhJHAIR+hIkbTHDo/wcTMowFc3k PcPqMrN35WDF/tljMLp/44ke+q0qlulaOp/MhosOyTanjl5ktEoz9iCKXTwABEY280Rj1TlvjLTN barJMO/0EE2s/dmYTXVo9qnBu5Pd+KS6MrDbKPOrvR3koYAHhCAIUYhr5+A3x2qj8qHxX6VxmujZ J3m2W/LCbHQrguvaPzgSY5UX5cyjn3cKH2vkk75UoykKN73VdmcYazpocHdqbTaxHED03xzfzrmP eK8GcwJMEn9PC81Rmq1cR2gujXfcI4hyAABBKfBQxOjrruVRZbaoyT+p2p6Nyaw0ERytf9I7bZ/0 Z7+1p4mfPD9TTIvSCPBTHBAaQQQ5hyFwyGqM9ZzbNUskcHq3D7B2Hh61zuETfsM7JAVi/103NMLO FcM9rgAdrIJGn


Playing the Role


     There are two versions of play style listed below. The first is an easy to use one that is very similar to other similar Molten Wave/Fury Blast Specs. The other uses a bit more determination on when to cast certain spells, primarily saving global cool  downs to maximize damage. A more detailed explanation of Molten Wave and Fury Blast specs is here.

Simple Rotation 

Pre-Pull (Optional): 



Scald  »» Scald  »» Spiritualism  »»  Rage of the Beast  »»  Reliquary of Rage  


Spam Macro until 80 Fury  »»  Scything Strike  »»Molten Wave

Spam Macro until 80 Fury »»  Scything Strike   »»  Fury Blast

Refreshed Abilities:

Scald »» Spiritualism  »»  Rage of the Beast


Advanced Rotation

This rotations focuses more heavily on which version of Scything Strike is up when you are using your two biggest damage dealers, Molten Wave and Fury Blast. Depending on which version is up there is a different damage multiplier and it adds together the bonuses differently.

There are two different versions of Scything Strike buff that you can obtain

  • Legendary Scything Strike (LSS) This is gained from actually pressing and using the ability. Gives a 85% damage increase on next ability used within the next 3 seconds.
  • Scything Strike (SS)   This is a version that can be automatically gained as a chance from using other abilities. Gives 120% damage increase on next ability used within 3 seconds. If using Karuul Alerts provided above this one will be noted by a red L in it.

Pre-Pull (Optional): 

Spritualism Used (30 second cooldown)


Scald 15% Damage Buff
Scald 15% Damage Buff
Rage of the Beast Adds bonus damage of stacking effect
Reliquary of Rage Adds bonus Physical Crit



  1. Maintain Scald
  2. Maintain Beacon when you can
    • Do Not use instead of Fury Blast, that always takes priority
    • Use only with Scything Strike damage buff
  3. Spam Macro until there is a Scything Strike Buff
  4. Molten Wave
  5. At this point we have Scald and our Molten Wave DoT Up on the target. We need to consider now when to use Fury Blast depending on which type of Scything Strike Buff we get.
    1. Use when there is a Scything Strike 120% Buff
    2. If at 80 Fury use Legendary Scything Strike to proc the manual buff
  6. Fury Blast


  • Molten Wave gives a stacking bonus to fire damage up to three stacks.Attempt to keep this up, ecspecially for Fury Blast
  • Scald gives a debuff which gives +15% damage bonus per stack with a maximum of two stacks on the target. . This is a short time debuff that should stay on the target 100% of the time. If it drops off it will take two casts to restore it.
  • Watch True Harmony buff 20% increased damage for 6 seconds. Attempt to keep it up by utilizing Scything Strike Procs.
  • Scything Strike and its Legendary version are consumed by Spiritualism and Rage of the Beast. Do not put these in macros with Fury Blast or Molten Wave as the may consume it leaving you with weak damage.
  • If you fall into cunning then attempt to make sure Vorpal Salvo is used first as it will gain a 75% damage increase



Appendix A: Color Key

Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Green or Dark Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability

Appendix B: Additional Resources

Molten Wave Fury Blast Guide here on GFR


This has superseded another version at GFR.


Appendix C: Guide History

  • 31 July 2018: Initial Publication
  • 1 November 2018– Changed Contents section to an easier fo read format. Updated Additional Resources; Updated Molten Wave – Fury Blast links; Added in Video, Made some small corrections and language changes