Primalist Speed Runner Survivor

This is a build that is focused on the Primalist who wants to run very fast. Who needs damage, healing or anything else? Just run! This is not a soul build that is designed for leveling, dungeons, raiding or even player versus player (PVP). This is a spec designed to obtain the fastest possible run speed.

Build is not 100% Ready, QA reviewing format.

Primalist Speed Runner Survivor

A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide.
This build requires paid souls available in the Rift Store. Abilities that have links here go to Magelo.

Contents of this Guide
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Quick Start Play Guide

Soul Details
Soul Build on this page here and on Magelo. Macros are located here 

Soul >> Titan Vulcanist Dervish
Key Abilities Primal Avatar: RamTitanic Spirit, Vitrify Primal Warp, Fury Blast Zephyr
Legendary Primal Avatar: Ram – Essence Strike Molten WaveFury Blast Font of Savagery
Mastery 61: Exhileration 62: Shepherd’s Care 63: Ursine Tenacity
64: Primal Rage 65: Ancestral Force
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
Buffs Zephyr – +20% Unmounted Movement Speed
Single DPS Molten WaveFury Blast
Defensive Primal Avatar: Ram Heals for 100% Health and removes all movement debuffs on the Primalist

Vitrify 40% Damage reduction for 10s

Run Speed Ability or Item Charged Mirror  OR  Atmospheric Mirror;  Primal Warp;  Speedy Shark Snack

Passive Abilities: Vital Speed, Ursine Tenacity

Detailed Play Guide

This is NOT a raiding spec. The build has several strengths (green text) and weaknesses (red text)listed below.
  • Increases total run speed on character
  • Useful when wanting to skip trash and summon in a dungeon
  • Running across zones for various reasons
  • Various objectives in Player versus Player (PvP)
  • This is not optimal for any encounter with an enemy
  • Typical Molten Wave – Fury Blast but poor damage

Build and Component Overview

Titan 21 – Vulcanist 9 – Oracle – 9

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Titan – Dervish – Vulcanist build at Magelo

Description Used for gaining as fast as a run speed as possible
Synergy Crystal Hero’s Crystal
Stat Focus: Dexterity, Crit Power, Attack Power
Gear Required: High hit points if you will take a lot of hits
Reliquary Reliquary of Domination
Runes  Prophetic Shattering Rune, Prophetic Unblurring Rune, Prophetic Starcrash Weapon-rune
Consumables Prophetic Enduring Vial (Hit Points) or Prophetic Powersurge Vial (Dex and Str) or Prophetic Agility Serum (Guard);  Atramentium Oilstone; Gedlo Curry PotTuath’de InsolesGedlo Riding Chaps
Possible Items: Atmospheric Mirror(65) OR   Lasher’s Bane Mirror (60); Pallasite Rune (Absorb 25k; Increase dexterity by 200)  OR Salving Pod (+150 Endurance; Restores Health for 12s)
 Titan – 21 Points Vulcanist –  9 Points
Titan is take for the speed enhancements and damage modifiers which can help survivability when running through extremely powerful pacts. Percent modifiers and the highest rank ability provide this.

Primal Avatar: Ram Provides a full health, any health not restored is converted into 75% shield. Grants a Heal over Time (HoT) on the Primalist. Grants fully fury and cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds every time the Primalist takes damage.

Essence Strike: Marks the target causing anyone who does damage to it to be restored health for 12 seconds, Reduces incoming damage by 3%. Cannot use above 80 fury.

Molten Wave Does damage to the target with each additional target being struck reducing damage by 10%. Adds a debuff to the target that adds cause it to take an additional 10% fire and earth damage stacking up to 3 times. Vulcanist abilities gain triple effectiveness.

Fury Blast Deals high damage the closer to full Fury. If used in Fury adds a DoT that last 8 seconds.

Dervish – 9 Mastery Selection
Font of Savagery C4  61  Exhilaration
C1  62 Shepherd’s Care
C1  63  Ursine Tenacity
C4  64 Primal Rage
C4  65 Ancestral Force

C# is the number of the Mastery from left to right.

Buffs Abilites Affecting Speed
Zephyr:  +20% Unmounted Movement Speed Ursine Tenacity (Passive Mastery) – 10%
Vital Speed (Passive Titan 11) – 10%
Lifewalk (Titan) – Teleport
Primal Warp (Dervish) – 10%

No macros added at this time

No Karuul Alerts at this time

Karuul Alerts


Playing a Fast Running Primalist

This role is primarily about running through or to an area as quickly as possible. Anyone playing this should not try to engage in fighting mobs as the souls are very poor for this.

First we have the actual run speed buffs and abilities which should be available to you at this point.

Ability Boost Description CD
Zephyr 20% A buff put on by a Dervish ability Buff
Charged Mirror 15% +15% Movement Speed for 2 minutes Buff
Tuath’de Insoles 10% Applied to boots by a consumbale Buff
Atmospheric Mirror 19% A rift drop item that lasts 2 miuutes Item
Speedy Shark Snack 10% Item made by survivalist Item
Primal Warp 15m Teleport 15m forward; Removes encumberance 20s
Ursine Tenacity 10% Mastery which a bonus is speed Mastery
Vital Speed 10% Passive ability that requires 8 points in Titan Ability


Appendix A: Color Key

Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability
Orange Run Speed Buffs (This guide only)


Appendix B: Additional Resources

Other Run Guides on

Cleric Run Speed Guide
Primalist Run Speed Guide


Appendix C: Guide History

    • 24 July 2018: Initial Publication in a QA status