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A listing of several  of the best Addons avialable

Rift has a robust system that allows for the use of addons. Addons are player created tools that interlace and act as an actual part of the game. This allows a variety of different options, automation and displays that are not provided by Trion. Here we present what we see are the most popular and useful addons that are available. If this is your first experience with addons you should go to the either the Curse Addons website which has long been popular with World of Warcraft fans or RiftUi website which was devoted to Rift. The former also has a wiki for Iprogrammers interested in developing there own addons.

One thing you may want to know about these addons is that they normally have commands that work on the command line. The command line is where you type your chat messages to  people. Instead of hitting  /r to reply to someone try typing in “/rm”. This  is Rift Meter’s (see below) for  command to display its command line options. As you can see in the picture to the left, there are lines where /rm is followed by another word. If you type in the first one, “/rm default” for example,  it would restore all the settings that you have changed in Rift Meter to the original default values. This often becomes useful to know if an addon has a bug and you cannot recover it or it disappears completely.


This is one of the ones that contain almost everything you want. New raid frames, cast bars, lots of third party gadgets, add units for any currency you want, it does so much you may be overwhelmed. We highly suggest at least checking this one out to see what it is capable of.

To get setup visit the curse homepage for it and follow the instructions.


King Boss Mods

From the Description on Curse:

“This Addon includes fully tested support for all Rift instanced raiding content, including full and partial support for… and Expert and Master Dungeons. Various new and existing features are being included on a regular basis including; Mechanic Timers, Custom Mechanic Monitors … Encounter Timers, Tank Swap monitors, Adjustable boss casting bars, Boss cast bar ability filtering, Enrage Timers and many more.”

King Boss Mods is  used in dungeons and raiding to alert players to specific or key aspects of a an encounter with a boss. It contains alerts for many of the mechanics that bosses will use. It has an extensive list of options that can be customized for healing, tanks, support or damage dealers. It is not maintained on  the addons websites recently but is being updated at Github

King Boss Mods at Github

Out of Date:  King Boss Mods at Curse


Karuul Alerts


Karuul Alerts is a notification based system for keeping track of buffs, debuffs, anthems, insignia, procs, sword swings and pretty much any other ability that can be used in Rift. It allows the player to be alerted in a variety of different ways such as a countdown timer until it expires, a timer until it is available to be used again, the stacks of it that are applied to the target and more.  tracking addon. It allows you to track timers and stacks with a variety of options on yourself, target enemies or pretty much anything you want. This is one of the most frequently used addons for some of the top specs.

Karull Alerts at Curse


Rift Meter

This is a tool that allows you to see your overall damage, healing or almost any other ability.It allows you to break down by group, raid by player and has easy ways to report it.

Rift Meter at Curse

Slash Commands

  • /rm – Show commands
  • /rm hide – Hide windows
  • /rm show – Show windows
  • /rm default – Restore default settings
  • /rm config – Opens config window
  • /rm toggle – Toggle visibility of windows

Minion Sender

Minion sender is  an addon that makes managing your minions very easy. It will choose the best matches automatically. If you want to level your minions, it can be set so all you have to do is click the button to send them on an experience mission.

Minion Sender at Curse

Resource Tracker

Resource tracker takes the available items shown n your mini map and puts a tracking direction icon in an easy to view manner.

Resource Tracker at Curse


Roles gives you a drop down menu that shows all the roles you have purchased. When you click  on one it will automatically switch to that role.In addition by typing /roles into you chat it brings up an options menu that allows you to automatically have a specific Karuul Alert, a wardrobe and a gear set loaded when you switch roles.

Roles at Curse



Teleporter gives you a drop down menu that populates with all your ports or summons that you have.

This one was manually updated by Caddern to add in Call of Calllweddi.

Manually Updated Zip


Gadgets Addon


2 Replies to “Popular Addons

  1. I suggest adding Gadgets. The Data Bar, Range Finder, configurable Raid Frames, and others, are all easy to use and provide additional or improved GUI to the game. Gadgets is a bit complex and geeky (and open source, so go crazy – I have a custom Primalist Bar), but even the basic stuff is worth while.

    Imothar’s Bags. I cannot/will not use the vanilla inventory system after using this addon.

    Maybe Raredar. It’s just kind of nice to know when there might be a rare in the area.

    1. I certainly agree this needs to be expanded, and is now on the list of things to do. When originally compiled it was intended as a kind of must have, but it was only mine at the time. I now use gadgets and the Data Bar. I had forgotten about Raredar because it has been so long since I completed rares, but I do remember that being invaluable. Thank you for the suggestions!

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