Rival Bounty Hunters: Planetouched Wilds Ed.

Rival Bounty Hunters: Planetouched Wilds Ed.



For Most Wanted guides see Mathosian Edition. and Storm Legion Editions or the both in The Total Edition

Contents of This Guide 

  1. Overview
  2. Manual Macros
  3. Planetouched Wilds Locations


Rival Bounty Hunters are Bounty Hunters in the world of Telara that have been out diligently hunting Most Wanted Monsters and keeping the collected bounties instead of turning them in. Hunt them down and return the bounties for  Yeti, Chimera, Prairie dog,, Golden Maw, Verdain, Bandit,Dwarf, and  Ettin to reap your rewards.

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Part 1:  Information


1. Overview

Trion added a new set of artifact collections to Rift during its Version 2.7 Hotfix 4, entitled “Bounty Artifacts” that are collected from Most Wanted NPC’s in the world. These are monsters scattered throughout Telara that when killed and give experience will drop a bounty artifact. Take up the job of a bounty hunter and collect the bounties from slaying escaped mobs! Every one of these monsters has a total of five artifacts for you to collect; three epic and two relic.

In addition to monster bounties Trion had also added in content for the Player Versus Player audience in the form of bounties also. Each soul for every class has its own collection of five also  to be collected as well. These are dropped from matching classes during player versus player battles.For example if you kill a player who is playing Marksmen as there primary soul, they have a chance to drop a Marksmen bounty. If you do not like player versus player content but would like to collect these they can be traded, as all bounty artifacts may, on the auction house.

For Most Wanted bounties the requirement that they be able to give experience is an important one to adhere to. For a enemy to give experience the nameplate of the mob must not be gray. It must be: Green, Yellow or Red and everyone in your group must also gain experience for this to drop. The Most Wanted Mob must grant experience to whoever initially claims the mob. It does not have to give experience to everyone who hits it. Therefore, if you claim a mob as a level 19, someone who not in your party who is level 70 may kill it and you still get the drop.

The Most Wanted Mob must grant experience to whoever initially claims the mob.  It does not have to give experience to everyone who hits it. Therefore, if you claim a mob as a level 19, someone who not in your party who is level 70 may kill it after you have claimed it and you still get the drop.

Once all parts to a full artifact bounty set are collected, you may turn them in for rewards. These rewards include a whole variety of animal sounds,  calls, other fluff or fun items as well as heads of these captured monsters that you may display proudly in your dimension. In addition turning in these sets will net you achievements points as there are 600 achievement points to obtain. These vary in collecting 20, 40, 60, 80 or even 100 to collecting all of the player versus player bounties

The Most Wanted Mobs are located throughout the original Telara and Storm Legion Zones. According  to the lore these monsters were locked up and escaped prison, spreading throughout the world.  They appear to have returned to a certain area, namely by level or associated zones. For example both, Stonefield and Gloamwood are the same level range as each other but are controlled by opposite factions. Both of these zones  contain the same most wanted mobs. The original zones have spawn points that a variety of different mobs may spawn in. Storm Legion has specific spawns points that spawn specific mobs but are far harder to find due to different spawn requirements. ..

2. Manual Macros
To facilitate locating a Most Wanted enemy it is helpful to have a macro that will automatically target. Since there are only a thee Rival Bounty Hunters in Planetouched Wilds all of these can be put into one macro or even incorporated into another of your existing sets.

    GuidesForRift [GFR] also has been implementing an addon that has been built from the rare tracker addon We have put all the locations that we know of in this so you can just run around and spam a button. 
PTW Targeting Macro

targetexact Thalian
targetexact Canis
targetexact Kain


3. Planetouched Wilds (5 Locations)

  1. An area along the road where the blue shade is marked is your target area.
    1. They will be invisible or hiding, but you can spot them and get them.
    2. Check along the entire roadway.
    3. Note [4] is in this box but is a separate location.
  2. A static area towards the beginning of the zone located within the general area of the circle.

8550, 5710 9299, 6023 10730, 7450
9540, 5040 – 9890, 4910 9780, 7280 10020, 5060
10935, 6430 – 11640, 5790

Types of set artifacts dropped here:

Yeti, Chimera, Prairie Dog, Golden Maw, Verdain, Bandit,Dwarf, Ettin




Appendix A: Additional Resources

Notes and Alternate Resources

Name of Source Material Author
Google Sheets Most Wanted Totec@Greybriar
Bounty Achievements at Magelo Magelo
Rift Forum Bounty Thread Community
Rift Most Wanted Google Sheet Dyrabyra@Zaviel

Sheets Spreed sheet Screenshot (PDF) Document

View a Live Tracker on Google Docs


Appendix B: Guide History
  1. 2-3 March 2019 Initial draft based up existing guides
  2. 4 March 2019 Complete redistribution of the information as the old format does not work for this one