Nightblade – Saboteur – Ranger

  Nightblade 61 ◊ Sabotuer 4 ◊ Ranger 11

Rift Live Version 4.5. A top 3 single target damage Dealer with cleave 

Contents of this Guide

  1. Overview of the Build
  2. Build and Rotation
    1. The Build Points
    2. Legendary and Mastery Points
    3. Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts
    4. Buffs and Rotation for the build
    5. Notes to keep in mind
  3. Macros
  4. Karuul Alerts
  5. Deeper Understanding
  6. App A: Color Key
  7. App B: Additional Resources
  8. App C: Guide History
Nightblade is a soul that focuses on the finishers to do a lot of the damage. You will stack abilities so that you have 5 stacks of a 40% buff (200%) and six finishers that you can use it on. That is 3 times the damage of six finishers in a row, which makes a huge boost. This boost will come about every thirty seconds and every other one you need to watch so eternal stacks do not drop off.

It Provides the following

  • A high bursting damage class
  • A stealth option if needed.
  • Good cleave damage for a few adds

The Nightblade is an offensive rogue who mixes arcane powers with steel for deadly efficiency. Cloaked in shadow they rely on precise strikes of the blade and the cold fires of death to leave naught but ash in their wake.



Nightblade – Saboteur – Ranger – Overview

Nightblade – Saboteur – Ranger Build at Magelo


Pros and Cons of this build.

  • One of the highest possible damage roles for Rogue
  • Great cleave when needed 
  • Contains an interrupt needed
  • Entire role is able to be played up to 20m away
  • Very little support for other classes
  • The build can be hard to play and master
  • Many abilities and ways to play may confuse


Build and Rotation

Soul »» Nightblade – 61 Points Sabotuer –  4 Points Ranger – 11 Points
Legendary Selection Hellfire Blades ◊ Dark Descent  ◊  Dusk Strike Satchel Charge Call: Razorbeast
Mastery Selection 61: Planar Replenishment 62: Adamant Resolve 63: Boundless Energy 64: Repetitive Strikes 65: Energy Manipulation

Buffs to Use Smoldering Blades Ebon Blades ◊ Predatory Instincts 
Single Target Rotation

Refer below for full macros, Karuul Alerts and more.


The rotation is divided into 3 main parts: Opener, Rotation and Cooldown

Opener  »» Cooldown  »»  Rotation  »»  Cooldown

The cooldown can be dissected further and broken into multiple pieces to boost the amount of damage you do. As shown below  this is far easier to learn and can be adjusted very easily once it is learned 


  • If in stealth
    • [Conceal] Dark Malady
    • Standard Builder x 2 (or 5 Combo Points)
  • Not in stealth
    • Standard Builder until 5 combo points
  • Go To Darkness Builder¹

¹We do not use a finisher, save for cool down.


  1. Standard Builder until 5 Combo Points
  2. Standard Finisher

Notes About Rotation

  • Save 5 combo points if going into finisher
  • Will not last very long, perhaps one finisher
  • Opener – Cooldown Rotation – Rotation – Cooldown Rotation – Rotation…..

Cooldown Rotation –  Every 30 seconds 
Darkness Builder and Finisher

Use when Scourge of Darkness is on Cool Down

  1. Spam Darkness Builder Macro
    1. Dark Descent give stacks of Emptiness, when 5 stacks of Emptiness are gained then step 2.
  2. Spam Darkness Finisher Macro
    1. Spam until out of Dark Descent (6) stacks
    2. When done go back to Normal Rotation.

Keeping Track of Stacks

Emptiness: Max 5
Dark Descent: Max 6


Area of Effect  Rotation If there is cleave or Area damage needed for the fight, take Hellfire Blades out of the macro and manage it separately for AoE. Just use it when you need cleave and attack like you would single target

About Cool Down and Scourge Rotation

  • Scourge of Darkness is used at the beginning of Darkness Finisher, this is why we save 5 combo points to start the cooldown block.
  • Dusk Strike applies up to 5 stacks of  Emptiness that adds 40% damage per stack to finisher
  • Emptiness adds 40% damage per stack to finisher
  • Dark Descent makes next six finishers not consume combo points.
Other Abilities
BiS Consumables and Specifics Reliquary Reliquary of Rage    Synergy Crystal Martial Crystal
Runes  Prophetic Aegis RuneProphetic Wrathful RuneProphetic Recondite Weapon-runeshard
Consumables  Prophetic Powersurge Vial , Atramentium Oilstone x 2, Prophetic Bottle of Critical StrikesGedlo Curry PotTuath’de InsolesGedlo Riding Chaps


Macros for The Build

Below are macros that can be used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here.
Standard Builder Macro Standard Finisher
#show Dusk Strike suppressmacrofailures
cast Death from the Shadows
cast Dusk to Dawn
cast Dusk Strike
cast Twilight Force
cast Quick Shotcast
#show Blazing Strike
cast Blazing Strike
cast Flame Thrust
Entire Macro usable to 20m
Entire Macro usable to 20m

Darkness Builder Macro Darkness Finisher Macro
#show Scourge of Darkness
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Scourge of Darkness
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Death from the Shadows
cast Dusk Strike
cast Ebon Fury
#show Living Flame
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Touch of Darkness
cast Dark Descent
cast Hellfire Blades
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Living Flame
cast Blazing Strike
cast Flame Thrust

Entire Macro usable to 20m Entire Macro can be used at up to 20m

Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on implementing macros.

What is provided after this is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::Az9WweNqtVdtuozAQ/ZX8wO7a+MryZCBIfehu1XTfKiEHnMQKwRG4lbKXf9+BpGna0JbdVgY J8Oj4nJk5w2zjqtI0tl5O4kqXpo1wdBNtK70zDTxm/ZqdBSlOOJGChFIqmvGAROgQjWBd24WPUu3 1l9sfF7d6bivrd7ktXN3eNnqz1UuDP5clnIWxiASTEe0vDOvyYjaLkum3m+k1vMHVAQYISGUPn0n 3xvuzst/TuatfoX66rTLFmQw4UUkSYoHYaNIr3cxBvWnyyi5XHh7zeYeZ64MMEbxTRmZNs5vMtnb 9RMdnr5ul8f2XrLsfwyJFEjxlIaRfBVNEERw8Vs+ig8nbDiZH+1LQMIw4FycSfrVeF+v2T3Tz/ep RCeq1gJKOzosFye6a3dNy7Pk/biocIJQFSNI0VVSGcnQxDGDkC8B4oM4RiTilJ9SHKGMG5w9Tvmp Mqb2DzF7ULVS38IO9NBSmgjCWKaFxKuIwxGq8ESD7jfVuUVlXk30bIc4iwYN3tFGqm/UkNW1han+ e/yx6sq9oghGRPMQxFySJs9Hc684FeweUgJiXe8SDHSgUUyL5Aa202UKaTdsOttJxU/FpJphinDI qOZZ8tI7SLGzVu7pe526Rb2wLxjj6QZAP8EOiq+rr5Fr/dM3c6HawLGcxCuqSUUJTkgZTnBL8iiT rzeagZ2t83hxR9uaQGEYTOzXHc/I93WHyM+2LlakmyaqbQ68MpmeBiqcBD6WgGDGZCvwPttBz581 dk8M/x3l3nxeuWHttq14NQxjsjv9TzY27K1YTt5h0Nhjqq17LWZDKYpQkTImAhjGGRhst5t7ZMl/ 3bvm01cXRIMCKIzTUW6de7xZ5w+uXGlw4OGpPt5VgYZIlRKU8EIrJ8Qp6e296lOO4hb+9YOTtcfu CI/4CcAmPWA


Deeper Understanding

Opener: Dark Malady >Builder x 2 > Darkness Builder Block > Darkness Finishing Block

Rogue should first conceal themselves if possible and use the following:

  • Dark Malady
  • Standard Builder Macro until you have  5 Total Combo Points
  • **Do Not use a finisher! Save points**
  • Spam Darkness Builder Macro until you have  5 stacks of Emptiness as seen in the picture to the left in the top.
  • Start spamming Darkness Finishing Macro. You will have six (6) stacks of Dark Descent which means six finishers. 
  1. Standard Finisher After last finisher, you should have 5 Combo Points
  2. Standard Builder
  3. Repeat until Darkness Macro is off cool down. Remember to save Combo Points for Darkness.

Macro Explanations

Standard Builder : This uses the basic builder attacks with short cool downs. While it does decent damage this is nothing to build a soul around.

Standard Finisher: Uses Blazing Strike if within melee for more damage otherwise Flame Thrust

Darkness Builder

  • Scourge of Darkness:  Depending on how many combo points you have when this is used, the next 10 attacks will have additional damage added to them.
  • Dusk Strike Adds stacks of Emptiness, up to 5
  • Ebon Fury Two main abilities cost no energy, used every other time as it is a one minute cooldown

Darkness Finisher

Filler: Scourge of Darkness should be on cool down. You should have time for at least one combo point Finisher before building additional points to start over.


Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Color Key
Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Dark Green or Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability

Appendix B: Additional Resources

GFR: Companion/Replacement for Original 61 Nightblade Guide

Official Forums: [4.1] 61 Nightblade

Appendix C: Guide History

  • 3 May 2018Prior Version Published, since has become depreciated.
  • 6 October 2018 – Draft of guide completed and moved to review
  • 9 October 2018 – More cleanup: spelling and formatting errors. “Added BiS Consumables and Specifics” section. Fixed macros. Adjusted the floating links section.


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