News: Web Wide Database

Web Wide Database

(14 June 2019) In the previous news article we mentioned something called the Web Wide Database. This is just a technical name for a concept that we have been considering for quite some time but have not yet implemented. 

The Guides For Rift Website is only of many different websites or communities that host instructions, guides, how to’s pictures  or any other numerous pieces of information that allows a player to perform there best in rift. Until this point we have added guides to this website that were not available, lacing, outdated or just not worth it for the player to read. 

Going forward our plan is to implement a scaling guide database that gives at a minimum the following information.:

  • A rating by GFR and/or the Community as a whole by voting
  • Tags or keywords specific to the guide
  • The author of the guide as well as links to other guides by the author
  • The website URL or other address where it is located
  • A brief description or overview of the guide

This addition to this website will drive it more in a  direction that it was originally intended for. 

Look Forward soon to this!