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Web Wide Database

(14 June 2019) In the previous news article we mentioned something called the Web Wide Database. This is just a technical name for a concept that we have been considering for quite some time but have not yet implemented. 

The Guides For Rift Website is only of many different websites or communities that host instructions, guides, how to’s pictures  or any other numerous pieces of information that allows a player to perform the continue reading…

Temporary Currency Transfers Available

(8 June 2019) The shard merges previously announced for the European cluster have been temporarily delayed in order to allow players the opportunity to transfer select event currency.

Previous event currencies where split into two basic groups. One was the general currency that essentially dropped like a gushing waterfall. These were the common ones such as Unique Snowflakes, Prize Tickets, Summerfest Merit Badges.

The other set of currencies that were obtainable were rare limited ones that essentially gated you on the top tier items from the event. The new temporary currencies that are temporarily available for transfer are: continue reading…..

Updates for Week of June 10

(11 June 2019) This week major overhauls are being implemented on the GFR Website. When the site was first introduced there where multiple members working on it and some best practices for web developers were not implemented. While most articles show as written by Caddern, many of the original ones were written, at least partially, by other members of the team. 

These people were instrumental in the development of this website however they were utilizing WSYWIG editors, which  continue reading….. 

Updates and Coming Soon at GFR

SOON Complete overhaul of themes, colors structure and more. 

  Our in house Development includes  BountyTracker may be downloaded as a beta piece of software. it still needs your help! Download, install, test and leave feedback at on the addon page to help everyone.  We are also working on a combat Parser which will feed a server events arrival, completion or failure. This parser has much more functionality, if interested in what it can do or would like the open source code (C++) let us know.

Arrived! Our news section was cleaned up with a contents delivery page and each news article is now hosted on its own individual page. 

WANTED: Looking for some people who wish to contribute or help out, not matter how little. Contact Caddern on Discord , through email at or through our contact page.

We would like to think Shas, one of the players you may recognize from the past few months who created  and publicized the Bofors (51MM 23NB 2 SIN) build as well as  other great roles. Shas recently contributed time and effort to make our readers experience better here at GFR.


Our News Philosophy

We release news and updates about Rift when they meet our criteria for importance. We do not cover every piece of news that is released by the developers as news or and update because what is important to them may not be important to us, such as a meaningless weekend promotion that is only to make money. Our news is also cross referenced with other sources not directly related to the developers. 

News releases and updates that we cover directly relating to the Guides For Rift website (GFR) are done as we see needed. This will normally include any major changes in content. new guide releases or even structure changes. 

Contributions: Do you have a news story, guide or anything else you would like to submit to use or have hosted here? Join Us! Message a mod on our discord channel or send a message to the GFR Team to join up!

Developers to us are the people who develop, contribute and interact with the player base. Gamigo has bought Rift and its sister games however the game is still run on Trion website and logo after almost a year. For this reason we may still refer to the developers as a Trion company.