Mystic – Dervish – Maelstrom

The spirits of the wilds are no stranger to a Primalist but a Mystic shares a special bond with them. allowing them to share there gifts with allies. Grace of the wind and ferocity of the beasts. all are at the disposal of the Mystic and their allies.

Contents & Overview

18 Mystic – 21 Dervish – 0 Maelstrom
by Aiotta & Caddern


In almost all groups where a raid is required, there comes a point where it is more advantageous to a group to take one person and have them focus solely on buffing teammates and debuffing the target rather than performing as a pure damage role. This addition to a raid of ten people or more will outweigh the contribution of one player.

This player, hereafter referred to as the support role, will play the Mystic soul of Primalist. Mystic in theory is supposed to take the place of a Bard, Oracle, Beastmaster or Archon, however is still very common for raid leaders to put together there teams while only looking for an Archon. Many of these leaders have no clue about your capabilities, but just having this build makes you a more valuable asset.

Mystic is a versatile support role that, like Archon, can be paired with many different off souls to provide a variety of utilities. In this build we are only going 18 into Mystic so we can take 21 points in dervish. This will allow this role to do very good damage in addition the valuable support abilities.

  • Almost all the support of Mystic
  • Uplift is comparable to Archon’s cooldowns
  • Very good, if not the best damage output by a support class
  • Lacks any real heals or a battle rez
  • This support is not an Archon, so many people refuse anything other than this

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build


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Mystic – Dervish -Maelstrom at Magelo

Each point spent in Mystic increases damage done by 2%, pet damage by 3% for a total of 61%

This Soul build is pictured above this guide, along with its masteries and legendaries. This build actually contains more points in Dervish than it does in Mystic. The following lists the abilities taken in each, with the order of description low to high, left to right.

Soul Breakdowns

For this build we are only going 18 points into the soul. We can get away without using the top tier abilities to gain more points and for lots of damage from Dervish. (L) Primal Savagery



Dervish +21
We go 18 points into Chloromancer, farther than the normal 15 used for most builds, to gain some additional healing bumps and also for Nature’s Cleansing, a cleanse that is almost required to be a full healer. +4 Might of the Earth
+1 Guild of the Wind
+2 Primal Potency
+1 Aftershock
+3 Cyclicism
+1 Zephyr
+1 Wind at Your back
+3 Shearing winds
+3 Thunderhead
+1 Spirit Wind
+1 Primal Avatar: Wind serpent[L] Seismic Smash
[L] Seismic Smash
[L] Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent


Maelstrom +0
At this time all points have been used in Mystic for support or in Dervish for greater damage output. The best 0 point legendary we can pick up is Scald. (L) Scald
Scald is a go to Legendary for almost every build. At two stacks is gives a 30% bonus to damage.


Class Masteries
61: Primordial Strength 62: Steadfast Rejuvenatio 63: Vulpine Cunning
64: Ethereal Mediation
65: Spiritualism


How to Play

Buffs and Prep

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Primal Savagery


Buff Up Primal Savagery;

Bind Life/Air Lash x2 > Primal Avatar: Wind SerpentScald x 2
Spam Macro
Refresh Bind Life/Air Lash on expiration
Refresh Scald on expiration
Raid Cooldown:
Uplift goes for 40s

Macro’s and Alerts


#show Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
cast Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
cast Seismic Smash
cast Aerial Boon
cast Hurricane Breach
cast Hastening Vigor
cast Tailwind
cast Living Armor
cast @self Spiritualism
cast Air Cutter


Checks first to see if mouse is overa group member, then cleanses in order of raid.

#show Natural Remedies
cast @mouseover Natural Remedies
cast @group01 Natural Remedies
cast @group02 Natural Remedies
cast @group03 Natural Remedies
cast @group04 Natural Remedies
cast @group06 Natural Remedies
cast @group07 Natural Remedies
cast @group08 Natural Remedies
cast @group09 Natural Remedies
cast @group10 Natural Remedies
cast @group11 Natural Remedies
cast @group12 Natural Remedies
cast @group13 Natural Remedies
cast @group14 Natural Remedies
cast @group15 Natural Remedies
cast @group16 Natural Remedies
cast @group17 Natural Remedies
cast @group18 Natural Remedies
cast @group19 Natural Remedies
cast @group20 Natural Remedies


#show Scirocco
cast @focus Scirocco
cast Scirocco

Air Cutter – DPS

#show Air Cutter
cast Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
cast Air Cutter



1. Opening 

  1. Bind Life/Air Lash x 2 (First cast applies Bind Life,  the second cast Air Lash)
  2. Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
  3. Scald x 2 (first cast +15% damage, second cast +20%)
  4. Forced Apathy

2. Maintain Spells During Rotation (DoT/Debuffs)

These spells or abilities should be maintained on the target, ideally before they wear off. Letting Scaldfalloff, for example, you would have to cast it twice to get it back to full strength. This means you lose the damage t is dealing as well as an entire ccol down.

Spell Duration Icon
Bind Life/Air Lash 45 seconds
Scald 15 seconds
Forced Apathy 60 seconds

3. Standard Rotation

  1. Make sure any abilities are maintained as shown in previous section.
  2. Spam your Spam Macro to put buffs on target and damage
  3. Air Cutter x 3