Most Wanted and Bounty Artifacts: Total Edition

Most Wanted Bounties: Total Edition

For Original Guides see Mathosian Edition. and Storm Legion Editions or the Bounty Addon

Contents of This Guide 

Part 1:  Information

  1. Overview
  2. How They Spawn
    1. Levels 1-50
    2. Levels 51-60
  3. Saving Time and Tracking
  4. Manual Macros

Part 2: Most Wanted Locations

  1. Ardent Domain
  2. Ashora
  3. Cape Jule
  4. City Core
  5. Dendrome
  6. Droughtlands
  7. Eastern Holdings
  8. Ember Isle
  9. Freemarch
  10. Gloamwood
  11. Iron Pine Peak
  12. Kingdom of Pelladane
  13. Kingsward
  14. Moonshade
  15. Morban
  16. Scarlet Gorge
  17. Scarwood Reach
  18. Seratos
  19. Shimmersand
  20. Silverwood
  21. StilLmoor
  22. Stonefield
  23. Steppes of Infinity
 “New Most Wanted lists are in! Keep your eyes peeled for convicts that escaped from the Flatyard!”

 “New Most Wanted lists are in! Keep your eyes peeled for convicts that escaped from the Flatyard!”

Most Wanted Monsters are monsters that spawn throughout Telara in a system that is much like rare monsters. They have escaped from the Flat Yard, a prison for vile monsters who have been captured. When you slay one of these enemies they drop an artifact you can collect, known as a Bounty Artifact. Once you have collected three epic and two relic artifacts per Most Wanted Monster, the set may be turned in for rewards in Tempest Bay. Artifact sets may also be collected from defeating enemies in PvP and collecting a drop from the player for each calling. Do not that the drop from an enemy in PvP is dependent upon the role they are playing.  There are 153 total bounty sets to collect.

Appendixes: More Information

Other Parts and Postings

Part 1:  Information


1. Overview

Trion added a new set of artifact collections to Rift during its Version 2.7 Hotfix 4, entitled “Bounty Artifacts” that are collected from Most Wanted NPC’s in the world. These are monsters scattered throughout Telara that when killed and give experience will drop a bounty artifact. Take up the job of a bounty hunter and collect the bounties from slaying escaped mobs! Every one of these monsters has a total of five artifacts for you to collect; three epic and two relic.

In addition to monster bounties Trion had also added in content for the Player Versus Player audience in the form of bounties also. Each soul for every class has its own collection of five also  to be collected as well. These are dropped from matching classes during player versus player battles.For example if you kill a player who is playing Marksmen as there primary soul, they have a chance to drop a Marksmen bounty. If you do not like player versus player content but would like to collect these they can be traded, as all bounty artifacts may, on the auction house.

For Most Wanted bounties the requirement that they be able to give experience is an important one to adhere to. For a enemy to give experience the nameplate of the mob must not be gray. It must be: Green, Yellow or Red and everyone in your group must also gain experience for this to drop. The Most Wanted Mob must grant experience to whoever initially claims the mob. It does not have to give experience to everyone who hits it. Therefore, if you claim a mob as a level 19, someone who not in your party who is level 70 may kill it and you still get the drop.


The Most Wanted Mob must grant experience to whoever initially claims the mob.  It does not have to give experience to everyone who hits it. Therefore, if you claim a mob as a level 19, someone who not in your party who is level 70 may kill it after you have claimed it and you still get the drop.


Once all parts to a full artifact bounty set are collected, you may turn them in for rewards. These rewards include a whole variety of animal sounds,  calls, other fluff or fun items as well as heads of these captured monsters that you may display proudly in your dimension. In addition turning in these sets will net you achievements points as there are 600 achievement points to obtain. These vary in collecting 20, 40, 60, 80 or even 100 to collecting all of the player versus player bounties

The Most Wanted Mobs are located throughout the original Telara and Storm Legion Zones. According  to the lore these monsters were locked up and escaped prison, spreading throughout the world.  They appear to have returned to a certain area, namely by level or associated zones. For example both, Stonefield and Gloamwood are the same level range as each other but are controlled by opposite factions. Both of these zones  contain the same most wanted mobs. The original zones have spawn points that a variety of different mobs may spawn in. Storm Legion has specific spawns points that spawn specific mobs but are far harder to find due to different spawn requirements. This guide only covers the original 11 zones in Rift.


2. How they Spawn

Before we get into the locations where these monsters spawn, I want to go over how they spawn, or rather what we know or more precisely guess about how they spawn. When they first released and even up until a recent contest on the Prime shards, these have been known as some of the hardest artifacts to collect in the game. I personally think that unstable artifacts or Planetouched Wilds were harder to collect, but this is subjective.

The problem with Bounty artifacts was that most people had no idea where the monsters that dropped them spawned. Indeed, up until this guide, I had serious trouble finding resources on the internet that showed or even hinted at where most of these were located. In fact, I could not even find one list that had Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach monsters separated. This guide is going to solve most of these problems for you (not all, we are sorry)

Level 1-50

In the first 12 zones, that is the ones up to Ember Isle, spawns and points are actually quite straight forward. There are six groups of Most Wanted Mobs. Each group is assigned to a specific zone or zones (1-3 total). At any one time on a shard, only one of the most wanted from each group may be up on a shard. Once killed there is a short window when none will be up. This is know as the respawn time. Around 30 minutes after the killing another one will spawn, randomly out of the group at a random location this group is assigned to.

Each of the groups we just mention have a total of 8 spawn locations that they can spawn in. This can be in just one zone, such as Scarlet Gorge or across multiple zones. Just because it is a different zone does not mean it is part of a different group. One other things that many other guides and references have got wrong concerns the level 35 group of most wanted. There are two different groups of these. The first is Scarwood Reach only and the second consists of Iron Pine Peak, Moonshade and Droughtlands. These are two entirely separate groups. They should not be combined for tracking purposes. Below we show the groups.


Respawn Time
From personal, observed experience the respawn timer on these is as low as 30 minutes. It is believed that this is the respawn time for all Most Wanted in the original zones.


Zones That Share Spawn Points
Level 19 Freemarch, Silverwood
Level 27 Stonefield, Gloamwood
Level 30 Scarlet Gorge
Level 35 Scarwood Reach
Level 35 Iron Pine Peak, Moonshade, Droughtlands
Level 50 Shimmersand, Stilmoor, Ember Isle


Level 51-60

The Storm legion zones were organized differently than the initial zones. Here there are 15 total most wanted and they may spawn at any of the points in any of the zones. We believe that only one of each may be up at a time and that once one is killed it pops a short time later at any of the spawn points spread throughout all of the zones. This makes them far harder to find, because on average there will only be one in each zone.

If you read the mega thread on these you will see a lot of talk about most wanted popping in only the heaviest populated zones. This we also believe to no longer be part of the requirements for these monsters to pop as many of these zones are almost essentially empty since the Storm Legion zones were two expansions ago. In short, prepare for a long and brutal grind if you do not wish to use the auction house at all.


3. Saving Time and Tracking

      In the original zones there are 8 spawns per group. Checking 8 shards for 8 spots means that there are 64 total locations to check for one group that a possible 8 would be in. As you find one on a shard, unless you are going very slow, you can skip going back to that shard later on. This is because there can be only one up in a zone at any given time and there is a set period of time that must pass before that shard will have one again. An excel file or Google Sheet is handy to keep track of what shards you have already checked or found Wanted Monsters on.

      This is what a sample version would look like. Notice there is a check box and next to it a blank space, as seen in the picture to the right. This shows a portion of it, the zones through Scarlet Gorge. As you can see we have already checked off Stonefield and Gloamwood because they have all been killed and we saved the time so we would know when the Time of Death (ToD) was. This is not as important with less people camping now but it is a good practice when camping highly competitive monsters. With a ToD and a respawn timer you know exactly when or at what time it is eligible to pop.


4. Manual Macros
To facilitate locating a Most Wanted enemy it is helpful to have a macro that will automatically target any close to you.  Here we have two sets of macros: one for Storm Legion to the Right and below this the ones for the original 12 zones.

The Storm Legion, unlike the ones for the original zones, have all been combined into one macro because all of these mobs can spawn in any of the Storm Legion zones. All mobs on a group list can be put into one macro so that you do not have to use multiple ones. Remember to check around the area where the locations for these are listed below as some of these do path around.

    GuidesForRift [GFR] also has been implanting an addon that has been built from the rare tracker addon We have put all the locations that we know of in this so you can just run around and spam a button. 
Storm Legion Most Wanted Targeting Macro

targetexact Augh-ech
targetexact Ia’raki
targetexact Ildtai
targetexact Imaw
targetexact Isyer the Thuderer
targetexact Kitty the Souldrinker
targetexact Lortas
targetexact Ogaro
targetexact Rak’say the Demolisher
targetexact Ruawbur
targetexact Shallows
targetexact Shyuang the Icestorm
targetexact Tor’garo
targetexact Uskghao the Fleshmelder
targetexact Ydogo The Outcast

Vanilla Zones

Level 19 Spawns:
Freemarch   Silverwood

Level 27 Spawns:
Stonefield, Gloamwood

Level 30 Spawns:
Scarlet Gorge

targetexact Beatrice
targetexact Bloody Fang
targetexact Feol
targetexact Gnawer
targetexact Grakuul
targetexact Kelo
targetexact Oolo
targetexact Retorius
targetexact Reziar
targetexact Squidget
targetexact The Claw
targetexact The Ravenous Desolator
targetexact The Seductress
targetexact Tod
targetexact Yenuo
targetexact Bessie
targetexact Deathlight
targetexact Eialos
targetexact Eye Gouger
targetexact Gore Ripper
targetexact Grunk
targetexact Harbinger of Regulos
targetexact Ieasis
targetexact Packmaster Vrexis
targetexact Queen Ia
targetexact Skyslayer
targetexact Stonegaze
targetexact Tewop
targetexact Yedisth
targetexact Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds
targetexact Baroness Maelifica
targetexact Carrion
targetexact Char
targetexact Drone 576
targetexact King Ruioa
targetexact Ojin’ali
targetexact Qialis
targetexact Rifak
targetexact Rot Claw
targetexact Sand Stalker
targetexact Serial Number 532
targetexact Ternios
targetexact The Soul of Darkness
targetexact Uilis
targetexact Windscale


Level 35 Spawns One –
Scarwood Reach

Level 35 Spawns – The Rest
Iron Pine PeakMoonshadeDroughtlands

Level 50 Spawns:
Shimmersand  Stillmoor  Ember Isle

targetexact Akimo
targetexact Belrat the Bloodcloud
targetexact Ganel
targetexact Gha’unta
targetexact Globulous
targetexact Ightild
targetexact Inatai the Unliving
targetexact Model 35L
targetexact Nus
targetexact Rhuardar, Scourge of Scarwood
targetexact Ril’ash the Chained
targetexact Rynnysa
targetexact Tas’toni
targetexact The Walker
targetexact Umcha the Claw
targetexact Amalgam
targetexact Deathweaver
targetexact Ferrite
targetexact Flamewake
targetexact Gedal
targetexact Hulonk
targetexact Isanga
targetexact Mk VIIX A v2.0
targetexact Moldermound
targetexact Render, Hound of Death
targetexact Renih
targetexact Sapiheci
targetexact Soulquake
targetexact The Executioner
targetexact Waveracer
targetexact Mos’osy the All-Seeing
targetexact Ackttan
targetexact En-Emrak
targetexact Isyer the Burning
targetexact Quaetad
targetexact Urnkalit
targetexact Urntny the Soul Cleaver
targetexact Zujane


Part 2: Most Wanted Locations

A ♦ next to a location indicates that I have personally verified this is a good location. All others have been verified by other hunters.


Ardent Domain (5 Locations)

1. Soros Estate ♦
/setwaypoint 5287, 9677

2. Cassana Estate West 
/setwaypoint 5460, 10400

3. Auditorium Carnos ♦
/setwaypoint 5665, 10200

4. Cassana Estate Middle♦
/setwaypoint 5900, 10940

5. Witches Thicket
/setwaypoint  6230 9767

6. Cassana Estate West.
/setwaypoint 6315, 10210


Ashora (7 Locations)

1. Tomb of the Consort
/setwaypoint 1667, 7390

2. Valley of Iron
/setwaypoint 1920, 6820

3. Akelthix
/setwaypoint 2320, 8080

4. Arjuros ♦
/setwaypoint 2910, 6450

5. Vizeya
/setwaypoint 2992, 7721

6. Karthan Stockade♦
/setwaypoint 4590, 6950

7. Kelthenas Basin
/setwaypoint 4920, 6390


Cape Jule (5 Locations)

1. Cliffside Vale  ♦
/setwaypoint 7390 10430

2. Cliffside Vale
/setwaypoint 7783 10583

3. Scoria Pit
/setwaypoint 8250 11300

4. Tulan
/setwaypoint 8410 11900

5. Edgestone Ridge
/setwaypoint 8500 10580


City Core (5 Locations)

1. Aqueduct
/setwaypoint 7062 8312

2. Citizens Library
/setwaypoint 6933 8795

3 Kings Corridor
/setwaypoint 6730 9075

4 Expedition Camp♦
/setwaypoint 6928 9266

5 Citizens Library ♦
/setwaypoint 7135 9265



The Dendrome (5 Locations)

1. Hive Az’Gzez
/setwaypoint 2422, 41222. Dazeez Wastes
/setwaypoint 3994, 42353. Greenscales Crater (One)
/setwaypoint 4425 41384. Greenscales Crater (Two)
/setwaypoint 4450, 45605. Shok Forest
/setwaypoint 4490, 5110


Droughtlands (3 Locations)

#1. Harlan’s Lament¹
/setwaypoint 7981, 6913

#2. Redoubt
/setwaypoint 8914, 6887

#3. Splimouth Ponds²
/setwaypoint 8333, 7364

 ¹  Enemy is located at the highest point here which takes some twists and turns up ramps  to reach.

²   This entire  area is dominated by elite mobs that are a higher level than the wanted mob.

Level 35 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Eastern Holdings (7 Locations)

1. Avendrus Estate
/setwaypoint 7520, 9100

2. Resevoir♦
/setwaypoint 7540, 8320

3. Resevoir No. 2
/setwaypoint 8040, 8650

4, West Commons
/setwaypoint 8175, 8650

5. Arkella Estate♦
/setwaypoint 8593, 8972

6. Strozza Estate No. 1 ♦
/setwaypoint 8678, 8441

7 Strozza Estate No. 2 ♦
/setwaypoint 8770, 7530


Ember Isle (4 Locations)

#1. Dormant Core
/setwaypoint 12910, 3460

#2. Fractured Plain
/setwaypoint 13396, 3263

#3. Gilded Strand
/setwaypoint 14236, 3060

#4. Temple of Marakris
/setwaypoint 14383, 3964

Level 50 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Freemarch (4 Locations)
Level 19 Most Wanted Spawn Points

#1. Vestige¹
/setwaypoint 5936, 5777

#2. Scarred Mire
/setwaypoint 6614, 5419

#3. Iron Fortress
/setwaypoint 6948, 5402

#4. Smiths Haven²
/setwaypoint 7211, 5264

 ¹  This area is full of elites that may be hard for low level or under geared players so take caution.

²   There are several points where wanted monsters may spawn in this area. They are are just outside the safe area by the well among aggressive monsters.


Gloamwood (4 Locations)

#1. Millrush Pond
/setwaypoint 4520, 2790

#2.Shadefallen Keep¹
/setwaypoint 4596, 2428

#3.Darkening Deeps ²
/setwaypoint 4983 2212

#4 Standing Stones
/setwaypoint 4988, 2705

 ¹  This area has a large area for them to roam that includes both sides of the stairs.

²   This location is actually in a tunnel that goes from the bottom of the canyon to the top. The path to the tunnel is at /setwaypoint 5085  2460


Level 27 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Iron Pine Peak (3 Locations)

Iron Pine Peak

#1. Kestrel’s Cry Ravine
/setwaypoint 3226, 2221

#2. Blood Iron Pools¹
/setwaypoint 3000, 1600

#3. Mage’s Mark
/setwaypoint 3920, 1800

 ¹  Located in a cave at the edge of the zone. The entrance t this cave is 3065 1725


Kingdom of Pelladane (7 Locations)

1. Aurora Maelstrom ♦

/setwaypoint 6930, 5170

2. Glacio Mountain ♦
/setwaypoint 7340, 4330

3. Ferric Harbor ♦
/setwaypoint 7400, 5850

4. Cirkbo Plains ♦
/setwaypoint 7430, 5050

5. Dolcega Valley ♦
/setwaypoint 7920, 4885

6. Thunder Hills ♦
/setwaypoint 8130, 5040

7. Ferric Harbor ♦
/setwaypoint 8025, 6193


Kingsward (8 Locations)

1. The Breach
/setwaypoint 4260, 8530

2. Menagerie ♦
/setwaypoint 4790, 9040

3. The Academy ♦
/setwaypoint 5050, 8085

4. Korolis Valley
/setwaypoint 5790, 7470
5. The Armory
/setwaypoint 6250, 8040

6. Juroata Lakes
/setwaypoint 6442, 8673

7. Arakhosian Hinterlands ♦
/setwaypoint 6690 7770

8. Arakhosian Hinterlands (2) ♦
/setwaypoint 6670, 8010


Moonshade (2 Locations)

#1. Blightweald
/setwaypoint 5660, 1680

#2. Stonekey Court
/setwaypoint 6210, 1397


Morban (6 Locations)
1. Black Strand
/setwaypoint 12544 70052. Forest of Flesh
/setwaypoint 13180 54303. Dead Pass
/setwaypoint 13250 6775

4 Black Strand
/setwaypoint 13290 7230

5 Stormhold
/setwaypoint 14000 7560

6. Stormhold
/setwaypoint 14230 7360


Scarlet Gorge (8 Locations)

#1. Sunrest Canyon¹³
/setwaypoint 4320, 4914

#2. Old Mule Run³
/setwaypoint 4625, 4601

#3. Ironroot Draw³
/setwaypoint 4698, 4196

#4 Frayworn Rock³
/setwaypoint 4425, 4138

#5 Frayworn Rock²³
[Inside a cave, all the way in back]
/setwaypoint 4125, 4275

#6 Darkfire Grove³
/setwaypoint 4766, 3677

#7 Riverfell³
/setwaypoint 3800, 2798

#8 Riverfell³
/setwaypoint 3888,2640

 ¹  Located all the way south just outside  a small cave at the water  level.

²   Located in the back of the first large cavern that is entered directly to the east.

³ Although, via personal location it is most often seen at location 8, there is a mob that spawns under the ground. It cannot be targeted with a macro.  It must aggro you or be clicked upon.

Level 30 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Scarwood Reach (8 Locations)
Level 35 Most Wanted Spawn Points


#1. Granitewood Crossing¹
/setwaypoint 3470, 4770

#2. Lotham’s Strike
/setwaypoint 3892, 4716

#3. Iron Fall
/setwaypoint 3957, 4346

#4. Keenblade Mill
/setwaypoint 3820, 4025

#5.Lords Hall
/setwaypoint 3165, 4177

#6. Keenblade Mill
/setwaypoint 3879, 3679

#7. Howling Plateau
/setwaypoint 3697, 3495

#8. Shatterbone Canyon
/setwaypoint 2781, 3327

¹Rare mat be found anywhere in the water all the way down.


Seratos (4 Locations)

1. Behemoth Graveyard
/setwaypoint 10027, 3349

2. The Eternal Assault  ♦
/setwaypoint 10630, 5347

3. Fetid Plains  ♦
/setwaypoint 11628, 4462

4. The Pus Swamp ♦
/setwaypoint 11630, 6070


Shimmersand (2 Locations)
Level 50 Most Wanted Spawn Points

#1. Flamespawn Crater
/setwaypoint 5442, 7509

#2. Stone Nexus
/setwaypoint 4993, 6019


Silverwood (4 Locations)

#1. Mirror of Ages
/setwaypoint 5827, 2905

#2. Palisade
/setwaypoint 6191, 2527

#3. Hedgerow Court
/setwaypoint 6585, 2513

#4. Overwatch Keep
/setwaypoint 6500, 3027

Level 19 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Steppes of Infinity (4 Locations)

1 Camp Skyburst ♦

/setwaypoint 14775, 8810

2 Fort Antapo ♦

/setwaypoint 15340, 7900

3. Vengeful Sky (#1) ♦

/setwaypoint 16300, 6050

4. Vengeful Sky (#2) ♦

/setwaypoint 16430, 5440


Stillmoor (2 Locations)

#1. The Endless Citadel
/setwaypoint 1120, 2450

#2. Eye of Regulos
/setwaypoint 1850, 2600

Level 50 Most Wanted Spawn Points


Stonefield (4 Locations)
Level 27 Most Wanted Spawn Points

#1. Towering Steppes
/setwaypoint 4675, 4860

#2. Stonefield Prairie
/setwaypoint 5312, 5000

#3. Deepstrike Excavation¹
/setwaypoint 4877, 5333

#4. The Last Valley
/setwaypoint 4000, 5600

 ¹  Monster paths from Deepstrike Mines entrance north to a ramp and goes to the houses before turning back.

Appendixes: More Information and Resources


Appendix A: Most Wanted Mobs
LevelMost WantedFamily
19Bloody FangWolf
19The ClawCrab
19The Ravenous DesolatorDeer
19The SeductressFaerie
27DeathlightCorpse Candle
27Eye GougerCockatrice
30Fluffy, Destroyer of WorldsWerewolf
27Gore RipperBloodstrutter
27GrunkMountain Troll
27Harbinger of RegulosBunny
27Packmaster VrexisKobold
27Queen IaAnt
27TewopForest Troll
30Baroness MaelificaVampire
30CharFire Elemental
30Drone 576Vespid
30King RuioaTroglodyte
30RifakTrue Titan
30Rot ClawVhar
30Sand StalkerGnar
30Serial Number 532Golem
30The Soul of DarknessUmbral
30WindscaleFlying Serpent
35AkimoWill 'o Wisp
35Belrat the BloodcloudMistwalker
35GanelDiamond Golem
35GlobulousWater Elemental
35Inatai the UnlivingLorn
35Model 35LArcane Construct
35Rhuardar, Scourge of ScarwoodDrake
35Ril'ash the ChainedGhost
35The WalkerFleshy Undead
35Umcha the ClawHunting Cat
35AmalgamFlesh Golem
35FerriteIron Golem
35HulonkHill Giant
35Mk VIIX A v2.0Lodebrink
35Render, Hound of DeathBarghest
35SapiheciAir Elemental
35SoulquakeEarth Elemental
35The ExecutionerSkeleton
50Isyer the BurningDevil
50Mos'osy the All-SeeingCyclops
50Urntny the Soul CleaverDemon
50ZujaneDragon Whelp
60Augh-echDragon Turtle
60Isyer the ThudererTrampler
60Kitty the SouldrinkerCat
60Rak'say the DemolisherArchitect
60ShallowsDeep One
60Shyuang the IcestormDragon
60Uskghao the FleshmelderShaper
60Ydogo The OutcastOgre
AllVoid KnightWarrior


Appendix B: Achievements
Are You Insane?!
Collect 100 Bounties... you crazy person...
So Much Death...
Collect 80 Bounties
30The Inescapable
The Most Dangerous Game
Collect the Bounties on all Callings.
Cleric Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Clerics.
20The Cleric Slayer
Look at All These Parts
Collect 40 Bounties
20Seasoned Bounty Hunter
Lots of Time and Things to Kill
Collect 60 Bounties
20The Fugitive Finder
Mage Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Mages.
20The Mage Slayer
Rogue Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Rogues.
20The Rogue Slayer
Warrior Slayer
Collect all the Bounties on Warriors.
20The Warrior Slayer
Collect the Bounty on Archons.
Collect the Bounty on Assassins.
Collect the Bounty on Bards.
Collect the Bounty on Beastmasters.
Collect the Bounty on Bladedancers.
Collect the Bounty on Cabalists.
Collect the Bounty on Champions.
Collect the Bounty on Chloromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Defilers.
Collect the Bounty on Dominators.
Collect the Bounty on Druids.
Character > Bounties
Collect the Bounty on Harbingers.
I'll Take Pleasure in Guttin' You... Boy...
Collect 20 Bounties
10Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Inquisitors.
Collect the Bounty on Justicars.
Collect the Bounty on Marksmen.
My Little Bounties
Collect 10 Bounties
10Novice Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Necromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Nightblades.
Collect the Bounty on Paladins.
Collect the Bounty on Paragons.
Collect the Bounty on Purifiers.
Collect the Bounty on Pyromancers.
Collect the Bounty on Rangers.
Collect the Bounty on Reavers.
Collect the Bounty on Riftblades.
Collect the Bounty on Riftstalkers.
Collect the Bounty on Saboteurs.
Collect the Bounty on Sentinels.
Collect the Bounty on Shamans.
Character > BountiesInitiate Bounty Hunter
Collect the Bounty on Stormcallers.
Collect the Bounty on Tacticians.
Collect the Bounty on Tempests.
Void Knight
Collect the Bounty on Void Knights.
Collect the Bounty on Wardens.
Collect the Bounty on Warlocks.
Collect the Bounty on Warlords.


Appendix C: Additional Resources

Notes and Alternate Resources

Name of Source Material Author
Google Sheets Most Wanted Totec@Greybriar
Bounty Achievements at Magelo Magelo
Rift Forum Bounty Thread Community
Rift Most Wanted Google Sheet Dyrabyra@Zaviel

Sheets Spreed sheet Screenshot (PDF) Document

View a Live Tracker on Google Docs


Appendix D: Guide History
  1. 2-5 February 2019 Initial draft based up existing guides