Molten Wave – Fury Blast

Molten Wave – Fury Blast
The MW – FB Combo: A brief guide on how to play these specs.

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Introduction to the Abilities

For simplicity the majority of this guide is based on the highest DPS role we know of which  Primal Lord [21] Vulcanist [18] Maelstrom[0].  The concepts within this guide are applicable to almost every build that runs this dual ability combination.   Macros  for this build and a data set from testing have been placed in  Appendix D: Included Resources.  Any damage indicated or referenced in this guide are based of  parses done and are referenced in Appendix D. Included Information.

Since the release of 4.o in Rift there are two abilities that have been driving almost every Primalist spec that enters end game. If you want to be a damage dealer in a raid as a Primalist, you will have to learn how to use the standard rotation of Molten WaveFury Blast. Take a look at some of the souls builds available on the forums right now.

21 Primal Lord 18 Vulcan
Another Ranged Vulcan
Melee Primal – Vulcan
26 Vulcanist
Quak Quak FB Face Melt

This was just doing a quick glance at the top of the  forums under Primalist class guides. Why are these used in almost every build? What makes them so important? Better yet, why can two people play the exact same spec but one is so much more effective than the other? While this is an easy spec to pick up and start to play, to master becomes tricky and some guessing may have to be done if you are not quick on calculations.

The core abilities discussed here

Molten Wave
35 meter range

Blast your target with lava that deals 6561 to 6694 Fire damage per second for 3s. Damage is decreased by -10% for each enemy hit. Molten Wave applies a debuff on each hit that increases the damage taken from your Fire and Earth damage by 10%. Stacks up to 3 times. Vulcanist abilities gain triple effectiveness from this effect. Fury ability. Requires Fury. Moves Focus 100 towards Cunning.

Fury Blast
35 meter range

Deals 6117 to 6241 Fire damage. If used while in Fury, applies a DoT that lasts for 8s. Fury ability. Pushes Focus to Perfect Harmony when used. Can only be used in Fury. Deals increased damage the closer you are to full Fury when cast.

Legendary Scything Strike
35 meter range

Deals 5985 to 6105 Physical damage. Moves Focus 10 points towards Fury. Your next ability within 3 seconds deals 15% more damage. This effect ends when you use any ability. Non Primal Lord abilities have a chance to cause this ability to deal damage automatically.

We also have included one other spell that often makes an appearance with these two. It is called Legendary Scything Strike and is almost always taken for its ability to substantially boost your next abilities damage. At a minimum it will add 85% damage to the next damaging ability cast within three seconds for up to 120% (with points spent correctly). An astute reader may have guessed you would be use this right before Molten Wave or Fury Blast and they would be right. Combined with the other buffs in the soul trees and all the modifiers Fury Blast in particular can put out 50% or more of the total damage of your parse.

In the Rift Meter screenshot show to the left you can see in this particular parse 45% of all damage was Fury Blast followed by Stroke of Brilliance and Molten Wave. Most builds playrd have been worked out by the community to  take advantage of every possible opportunity so will not discuss all the different ways of choosing abilities to create spec. This guide concentrates more on the abilities and how to get the most damage once you have a role built.


The Ability Bar

Like setting up any other spec you must decide where to put your buttons. Primalist often only has one or two buffs. In addition macros actually work very well with the spec letting several key points take care of themselves. Below one of our authors has posted a screenshot of what abilities they use most often.

As you can see we have a Spam Macro, Molten Wave, Scything Strike, Scald and the Beacon Macro (see Appendix D: Included Resources.) The reason these two on either side of strike is to lessen the chance of firing off the wrong ability.  The simplest and most rotation new Primalists should learn is here.

Scald  »»  Scald  »»  Spritualism  »»  Rage of the Beast  »»  Reliquary of Rage  

Spam Macro until 80 Fury  »»  Scything Strike   »»  Molten Wave

Spam Macro until 80 Fury »»  Scything Strike   »»  Fury Blast


Many of your beginner specs actually teach it this way. Use your Spam Macro until you have 80 fury, cast Scything Strike then alternate the two abilities. Each of these abilities will put you back at the center of your bar, or what is known as Perfect Harmony. This is the direct middle of the two and is zero (0) for Cunning and Fury.This typically just keeps going on and on. There are however ways of modifying what buttons you use and when to use them to achieve higher numbers out of this.


Damage Modifier Buffs

Damage Modifier Buffs

Harmony of Life, Scald and Precision Bolt

   Once you hit the direct middle of your bar in the middle transition between Fury and Cunning you may get a bonus from Harmony of Life. This requires spending 12 points in Primal Lord to unlock the ability. Once it is unlocked two points are able to be spent on the ability. When you enter Harmony an additional 20% damage buff for the next six seconds will be activated. Because it only takes 3-4 key presses to get back to Harmony again you will have it almost constantly. One of the reasons the beginner rotation is designed like it is comes form the fact that both Molten Wave and Fury Bast will put you exactly where you need to be after casting it with full Fury.

Another very popular choice for this type of build is the zero [0] point ability in Maelstrom called Scald.  When this ability is used  this twice it will put two stacks (maximum allowable is  two) of a 15% damage buff for a total boost of  30% damage. When you use this ability you need to make sure that you cast Scald again before either of them wears off. If they do you will have to use it  twice to regain the buff which will waste a global cool down. This becomes a serious damage loss and opportune times will be discussed later.

The last ability that gives a buff is Precision Bolt. Due to its low modifier of 10% damage enhancement it stays on for 30 seconds however unlike almost every other ability on this build it instead takes one second to cast. You may look at the description and wonder where the buff comes from. This ability is actually the first in the bottom of Vulcanist and has no bonus damage until you put your fifth and sixth points into Precise Aim which takes two points for total of a 10% damage boost.
Precise Aim Rank 2/2  

Precision Bolt increases your Earth and Fire damage by 10%. Lasts for 30s.


Scything Strike

When we showed you Scything Strike did you notice this?

“Non Primal Lord abilities have a chance to cause this ability to deal damage automatically.”

Legendary Scything Strike
Gained using the skill
85% damage boost
Scything Strike
Procs with ability use
120% damage boost

Legendary Scything Strike can auto proc when a non-Primal Lord ability is used. In fact its critical damage modifier is at a higher percentage than the legendary ability gives, although technically the legendary allows it to proc. When it does proc it will come up as a 3 second buff that is just Scything Strike and gives you a 120% damage modifier. Because of these modifications the math is not so easy anymore it turns from a simple Simon says to where you have to think as you play.

  • Legendary Scything Strike (LSS) This is gained from actually pressing and using the ability. Gives a 85% damage increase on next ability used within the next 3 seconds.
  • Scything Strike (SS)   This is a version that can be automatically gained as a chance from using a ability that does not belong to Primal Lord. When it appears you will have a 120% damage increase on the next ability used within 3 seconds.

Note  If using Karuul Alerts make sure that you have a way to distinguish between the two of these as they both show the exact same icon. I personally set one up with a large red L in it  to let me know that it is Legendary. You can  find this alert set on the 21-18 Primal Build here om the Karuul Alerts section or below in Included Information.

Normal means the buff showed up and is not Legendary, even though this does more damage at 120%. Legendary means you pressed the ability and are now manually getting the 85% bonus.

Improving Your Damage

General – Harmony

If you have your Karuul Alerts setup, and you should (if you do not stop reading this guide and go set them up. ), you may notice that your Harmony of Life ability icon comes up. When it does proc it lasts for six seconds which should be plenty of time to get you back to it again. Technically you could do this forever however there are some other things you will use.Remember to attempt to keep this buff up as much as possible because it is a 20% gain in damage It is gained by using either Molten Wave or Fury Burst at a full 100 fury and going down to 0. If you do go below zero you should have a proper spell available to get you back to zero and your buff.

This Harmony of Life buff also goes well with another a Vulcanist ability called Stroke of Brilliance. This ability benefits by 100% increase in damage. when you are at true harmony, so for this particular spell you are at 120% just for making sure you get there. Vorpal Salvo also uses harmony as a key point to return to.


Spamming to 80 is Bad?

The beginners guide told you to use the Spam Macro until you hit 80 fury and then to use Scything Strike, did it not? Well it was technically not correct. Once you have the basics mastered you can start fine tuning and learn the nuances of it. We just talked about going below 0 fury and why you should be prepared with several different abilities to put you back at zero. Because of the differences between legendary, its proc and the bonuses you get at 100 fury there are times when you may not need to go all the way to 100 fury in order to get the best possible damage.

In order to understand how damage is calculated take a look at the table below.

Base Dmg. Full Fury Legendary SS Proc of SS 
Modifier 100% 200% 280% 320%
Molten Wave 45 90 126 141
Fury Blast (in K) 65 130 165 207


As you can see its relatively simple and straightforward to see how it calculates damage. So why does Fury Blast do so much more damage than any other ability? Remember one of the bonuses gained by using this ability is a damage over time (DoT) effect that is applied to the enemy with Fury Blast and lasts for 8 seconds doing 4 additional ticks of damage. These ticks can hit for almost as much as Fury Blast itself. This leads to the obvious conclusion that this debuff should be maintained as often as possible and your focus should always be on getting back to it. It will take approximately 8 to 10 seconds for you to cycle all the way through the rotation and back to it, possibly significantly longer if extenuating circumstances arise.

This means you might need to clip something out of the rotation to keep this damage flowing. If you look at the difference between  Full Fury, Legendary Scything Strike and the proc from Scything Strike there is a 120% difference. To go from Harmony to 100 fury with Scything Strike Buff active takes a minimum of six seconds.  If one tick of Fury Blast gives us 420k damage then we are losing 840k of damage from the DoT, but gaining 96k from Molten Wave for a net loss of 744k, or 248k damage per second. That is a lot.

I have seen whole lists of multipliers and additions attempting to show you what you should do. Knowing that you must keep this buff up I believe is more important and you should be tracking it. Try to cut your Molten Wave down to two casts. Cast once and hope you get a Scything Strike the let it go or use that. If you go higher or are short on time you can always Clip Fury Blast too, ecpecially if you have a 120% Scything Strike activate.

Timing Abilities

Another factor to consider when trying to maximize DPS is the timing of certain abilities so they line up properly.

In the build we are modeling off of for this guide the only damage over time (DoT) ability we have is Scald. One of the most important things you can do is never to let it fall off but let it run down as long as you can. If you use it too early you are wasting time that you culd be using to cast a different damage ability. If you let it go to  far and it drops off the you must cast it twice.


Appendix A: Color Key


Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Dark Green or Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability


Appendix B: Additional Resources

Specs @GFR

Primal Lord 21 – Vulcanist – 18 – Maelstrom  0
(Highest damage spec currently know for Primalist)

Vulcanist 26 – Primal Lord 19 – Maelstrom – 0
(This is a ranged, there are melee versions too)


Additional  Coverage of This Topic

Google Doc on the Spec

Rift Forum Post #1


Appendix C: Guide History

  • 30 July 2018 Official Release at GFR
  • 24 July 2018 Released Under working tile for Discord community to review
  • 25 July 2018 In Game testing and math work
  • 22 July 2018 Conception and Draft Started


Appendix D: Included Information

Macros that may be referenced here in this guide.

Spam Macro Fury Blast Macro
#show Stroke of Brilliance suppressmacrofailures
cast Rage of the Beast
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Vorpal Salvo
cast Rage Spike
cast Scything Strike
#show Fury Blast
cast @self Spiritualism
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Rage of the Beast
cast Fury Blast


Excel Export of Data Set Testing

Stroke of Brilliance
Molten Wave Fury Blast
Scyth Strike
Regular 48 45 65 65 45
Full Fury 115 90 130 128 91
L. Scything 138 126 185 182 130
Scything Strike
154 141 207 206 147
Fury @ 80 96 90 130 135 90
L. Scything @ 80
138 128 185 185 130
Scything Strike @ 80
172 154 207 207 145
Fury @ 40 96 90 128 127 90
LS @ 40 138 126 182 185 129
SS @ 40 154 141 217 207 163

Some of this data may have had different bonuses apply at different times.