Marksmen 61 (NB/RNG)

  NMarksman 61 ◊ Nightblade 8 ◊ Ranger 7

Rift Live Version 4.5. A top 3 single target damage Dealer with cleave 

Marksman 61 – Nightblade 8 – Ranger 7

Currently Highest Damage Soul for Rogue
Marksmen is a community approved raid capable class. It is a Level 70 Ranged DPS Build For Groups and Raids
It is currently one of the top souls, if the not top soul,  currently on Live. 


Table of Contents

 Quick Start Play Guide  »»   Detailed Play Guide  »»  The Build and Smart  Choices  »» Macros for Marksman  »» Karuul Alerts »» Marksman Details »» Appendix A: Additional Resources  »» Appendix A: Further Reference  »»  Appendix B:  History and Credits »» Appendix A: Abilities Used 

A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide. All souls found in this guide are part of the original release of Rift and no additional paid souls are required. Ability links in this guide point to Magelo.

Quick Start Play Guide

The soul build is broken down into more components and explanations are given in depth in the Detailed Play Guide. The  build and point distribution is  here on Magelo. Please note that like any guides hosted on the GuidesForRift website or its discord channel; it may contain errors or mistakes. If you wish you may submit feedback at the bottom of this page. 

Point Distribution shown on Magelo Soul Calculator

Macros and Rotation are not the most efficient but are far simpler to learn the soul. Once mastered a few small changes will increase your total damage.

Soul »» Marksmen – 61 Points Nightblade –  8 Points Ranger –  7 Points
Legendary Selection Free Recoil  Calculated Shot Rapid Fire Shot Hellfire Blades Call: Razorbeast
Mastery Selection 61: Aggressive Defense 62: Revitalize 63: Boundless Energy 64: Repetitive Strikes 65: Planar Variation
Alternatives are available for this build, see below
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
(Colors for Clarity)
Free Recoil, Ranged Combat Mastery, Silver Tip Munitions, Static Shock Munitions, Predatory Instincts
Single Target Rotation

Details, macros, cool downs, ability blocks and more are all  shown in depth in the Detailed Play Guide.

This is the basic rotation see Marksman Details for more information or to see without the macros


  • Debuff Macro x3 >>  Burst Macro x 3 >> Standard Builder until 5 Combo Points
    • Make sure to use Debuff Macro 3 times even if at max combo
    • Barbed Shot should go off, if you use the Karuul Alerts here icon will pop up
  • Finishing Shot Macro >> Standard Builder until 5 combo points >> Finishing Shot Macro
  • On cooldown: Planar Variation >> Sentry Battery  >> Finishing Shot Macro

Make sure to maintain your debuffs,


  1. Priority should always be Debuff Macro or any of the casts if not using
  2. Standard Builder until 5 combo points >> Finishing Shot Macro
  3. Cooldown use: Planar Variation >> Sentry Battery  >> Finishing Shot Macro 
AoE or Cleave DPS
  • Calculated Shot to Maintain Targeting Telemetry
    • Lasts 15 seconds with a 12s cool down, Optionally add to your macro.
  • Cooldown Macro x 3
  • Spam AoE Macro
  • [Optional] Crossfire if used properly before AoE Macro

(Click one to copy it to the Clipboard)

  • Deaden  A single target interrupt ability with a 10 second cool down
  • Eradicate Removes two debuffs from enemy on an 8 second cool down
  • On the Double Increases movement and dodge by 5%
  • Legendary On the Double +50% movement for 5 seconds
  • Swift Shot Firing this shot increases the rogues movement speed for 10 seconds
  • Channel abilities such as Sentry Shot or Chain Destruction can be interrupted by pressing a channel to early so be vigilant when using these you do not clip the ability



Marksmen are offensive sharpshooters who are trained to thin the enemy ranks with ruthless efficiency. They combine swift hit and run attacks with devastating volleys, endlessly harassing their opponents, leaving behind a field of dead and crippled foes in her wake.


Detailed Play Guide

Everything you should  know.


Section Overview

The Build and Smart  Choices
Macros for Marksman
Karuul Alerts


The Build and Smart Choices

Marksmen is intended to be a fully ranged Rogue who uses either a bow or gun and shoots  enemies from afar. That is how it was designed to play in Rift as and it has stood true with its original vision by the designers. Marksmen is one of two Rogue souls that focus on ranged damage with these weapons. The other is Ranger which utilizes a pet as a tanking or damage partner. Unlike Ranger the Marksman does not use a pet and has very few defensive abilities but gains additional offensive abilities.

Through the release of Rift one of the two souls; Marksman or Ranger; were viewed as generally favorable to the community for the role it needed to fulfill.. Marksman was typically the group oriented build while ranger was a leveling build. There have been times when they were almost interchangeable though.

Marksmen can be characterized by saying that it has good sustained DPS and is one of the top souls capable of  cleaving with great numbers.  It has some basic general purpose functions such as run speed, purging and interrupts but lacks other features that are desirable such as healing and off tanking.

The Soul Build Pros and Cons of This Build

Click to Expand Image
Marksmen 61 – Nightblade 8 – Ranger 7 at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 2%

Legendary Free Recoil. Eight Points is taken in Nightblade for Hellfire Blades which gives an awesome three target buff to damage and the rest are spent and we acquire the almost essential legendary Call: Razorbeast. Each legendary choice we take is described in the following sections. 

Pros and Cons of a Marksman

  • A fully ranged class that is not dependent on melee
  • Has a 30m ranged purge on a 8 s cool down
  • Has a 30m ranged interrupt on a 10 s cool down
  • Capable of doing good single target and great AoE
  • Used often in Raids for the cleave and Area of Effect damage
  • Marksmen is capable of quite dece t cleave useful for Raid Bosses
  • Very little support for other classes.
  • This soul, by itself, most likely would have problems soloing oen world content

Rapid Fire Shot
20 Points into bottom of Marksman

Rapid Fire Shot is one of the best finisher that a marksmen have but is limited by its long cast time and 12 second recast time to limit its damage. This legendary causes the ability to now cast twice as fast effectively giving the rogue an extra attack every 12 seconds.

 Calculated Shot 
Very top of Marksman, 40 points

Calculate Shot takes a limited number of similar type abilities that the Marksman uses and strengthens them to  make them more effective. The type of a modified abilities are called  channels, or abilities that when cast cause a stream of damage to go into the enemy. Rogues have  several inducing Strafe, Sentry Battery and Chain Destruction making them tick twice as often and increasing there base damage by 20%. Do nte that these are easy to cancel especially if you have them macrod’

Rapid Fire Shot
16 Energy
3s Channel
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Requires Any Weapon

Deals 10324 to 5267 damage every tick for 3 seconds. Ticks faster the more Combo Points are used. Can move while channeling.

1 Point: 1.5 second ticks
2 Points: 1.25 second ticks
3 Points: 1 second ticks
4 Points: .75 second ticks
5 Points: .5 second ticks

Calculated Shot
30 meter range
24 Energy
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Requires Any Weapon

Deals 9664 to 9859 damage. Removes movement buffs awarded by Swift Shot and Hasted Shot. If a movement buff is removed, cooldown is set to 0. Applies Targeting Telemetry to the Rogue for 15 seconds. This effect causes channels to tick twice as often and deal 20% more damage. Awards 1 Combo Point.

◊  Free Recoil  
61 Point Legendary at bottom of tree

Unlike many legendary abilities which focus on one special ability or adds something to a particular function, this one makes slight changes to several different abilities that originally made the Deadeye Ranger a Rogues former moniker. It does this by limiting combo points for Rapid Fire Shot, reducing cast of Deadeye Shot by 1.5 seconds and finally making Empowered Shot even more overpowered by rewarding 2 combo points to you and reducing its cost to cast to 0.

◊  Hellfire Blades   ◊
8 points into bottom of Nightblade

Along with the Ranger Call: Razorbeast ability the Marksman does not shy away from labels and chooses Hellfire Blades like any other bandwagon street fighter.  The amount of damage this doe sis just too amazing to pass up, even after the nerfs in patch 4.4 and 4.5.

Free Recoil
Self Buff
10 Energy
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Rapid Fire Shot consumes a max of 2 Combo Points. Cast time of Deadeye Shot is reduced by 1.5s. Empowered Shot is instant, grants an additional Combo Point, and costs no Energy. It is no longer on the global cooldown.

Hellfire Blades
Self Buff
Instant – No Global Cooldown
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Weapon ability attacks a deal an additional 5314 Fire damage in a 7m area around the target, affecting up to 3 foes. Lasts 15s. No longer counts as a Weapon Enhancement.

◊  Call: Razorbeast  ◊
First ability in botttom of Ranger

This is one of the most often used legionaries for all  Rogues simply because it is active 2/3  of the time (66.67%)  for a 20% damage buff. in addition to doing 20% more damage. This will make your Marksman channeled abilities hit much higher. The real amazing thing about this is that you do not have to put one point into the Ranger tree.

◊ No Alternate chosen for this build   ◊
Call: Razorbeast
15 Energy
Instant – No Global Cooldown
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Increases non Ranger damage and healing by 20% for 20 seconds.


Macros for Marksman

Some of these macros have the cooldowns inside of it. These macros are shown to you just like the original but with a With Cool Downs” appended to it. This is easier to play and to initially acquire the skills and knowledge to play this build at its fullest. During raid settings we suggest that you do not use these, as you want your cool downs to line up with various other things such as movements or a support class giving massive temporary buffs. The macros without the cooldowns are listed first,  you may also choose to go irectly to the macros with cooldowns.
Builder Macro Deadeye Shot 
#show Calculated Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Calculated Shot
cast Lightning Fury
cast Swift Shot
#show Deadeye Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Deadeye Shot

Single Target Channels AoE or Cleave Damage
#show Sentry Battery
cast Sentry Battery
cast Planar Variation
#show Chain Destruction
cast Lightning Fury
cast Chain Destruction

Burst Cooldown Block Deaden
#show Hellfire Blades
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Bull’s Eye
#show Deaden
cast @focus Deaden
cast Deaden

Builder With Cool Downs Deadeye Shot With Cool Downs
#show Empowered Shot
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Calculated Shot
cast Lightning Fury
cast Swift Shot
cast Empowered Shot
#show Rapid Fire Shot
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Bull’s Eye
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Rapid Fire Shot
cast Empowered Shot
cast Deadeye Shot

Single Target Channel with Cool Downs AoE or Cleave with Cool Downs
#show Sentry Battery
cast @self Energy Manipulation
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Calculated Shot
cast Sentry Battery
cast Planar Variation
#show Chain Destruction
cast Call: Razorbeast
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Bull’s Eye
cast Chain Destruction


Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the same name. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon. We us Karuul Alerts because of the easy with which they can transfer between clients both in an import/export and sharing directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on GFR.

What is provided here is an example used by someone who has actually played this role. It works for them, but may not work for you. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.  The alerts depicted here are broken into two generally different sets. The first and simplest one is shown first and you may notice there is a giant “Red Letter M” located in the middle of each icon. This signifies that this is a buff and that the buff is missing. In other words the letter stands for missing so you should click the buff.
The next part of our Karuul Alerts are the alerts used while actively involved in combat. These areas are shown to the right in numbered boxes to better isolate which abilities are in what area.
  1. Targeting Telemetry: When you cast Calculated Shot the rogue gains a buff called  “Targeting Telemetry”  for 15 seconds. This effect causes channels to tick twice as often and deal 20% more damage. This buff should be kept up 100% of the time you are casting your Channel Macro as 20% and double ticks are a huge loss if you fail to do so.
  2. Cool Down Buffs: The three buffs shown from left to right are 1) Call: Razorbeast  2) Bull’s Eye  3) Hellfire Blades.  The center one, Bullseye has a one minute recast time while the others are 30 seconds.
  3. The bottom Set These are general cool downs for different abilities that you may want to know about, From left to right they are listed here.
    1. Empowered Shot: A high damage builder that awards 2 combo points and is off the global cool down. You may wish to track this to know when you will be getting two points rather than one so you do not waste them.
    2. Barbed Shot: Does Damage Over Time [DoT] and applies a 10%channeling  damage bonus to Marksman abilities and 10% damage increase from other Marksman abilities to the enemy for 10 seconds.
    3. Rapid Fire Shot: This is a high damage finisher that only takes two of your action points and ticks quicker based on how many points you have. Use to track timing of when it is up.
    4. Sentry Battery Tracks the cooldown time of this high damage channel.

Written by Bonaduce and his Moniker Associates

Import This Alert
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Marksman More Details

Notes on sections: .For a list of abilities; links to their specific websites and overall descriptions of each see Appendix C: Ability ReferenceFor a list of Macros and there beginning siblings see the Guide  MacrosFor a set of Karuul Alerts which will  really  help you track abilities, see the Guide Karuul Alerts.

  • Maintain these for Buffs or Debuffs or Use the Debuff Macro:
    • Barbed Shot: 15 second DoT and +10% damage
    • Calculated Shot: gives Targeting Telemetry  channeled abilities to proc more often
    • Lightning Fury: Reduces Armor [30s Duration]
  • This uses 3 Combat Buffs that are included in a Burst Macro
  • Make sure Calculated Shot does not fall off before a channel


  1. Barbed Shot  >> Lightning Fury >> Calculated Shot >> Empowered Shot  
    • If Macro: Opener x 3 >> Standard Builder until 5 combo points
  2.  Hellfire Blades >> Call: Razorbeast >> Bull’s Eye
    • If Macro: Burst Macro x3
  3. Rapid Fire Shot >> Sentry Battery >> Deadeye Shot >> Planar Variation  
  4. Standard Builder until 5 combo points  >> Rapid Fire Shot

Single Target Rotation 

  • First Priority is always Debuffs as in Step 1
  • Prioritize Step 3 when channels are off cooldown
  • Step 5 is the normal filing rotation



Appendix A: Additional Resources

Online Written Guides

4.5 61 Marksman at Official Rift Forums
Sttarted by  QuexFehftir

GFR Discord Rogue Table of Contents
Maintained by GFR

[4.0] 61 Marksman at Official Rit Forums
Started by Bauum

[4.1] 61 Marksman Deadeye Style (2-button)
Started by FateStayNight

Youtube Videos for Marksman

Appendix B: History and Contributions

  • 24 September 2018: Spelling and Grammar Corrections = General Cleanup
  • 1 – 5 September 2018: Guide Initial Design and Publication
  • 10 October 2018: Rotations completely rewritten; Added Floating Navigation Bar; Cleaned up some headings
  • 17 October 2018: Copy to Clipboard Alert was not functioning properly, added
  • 28 Jan 2019 Macros and Karuul Alerts had been removed, added back

Special thanks to Holyroller@Deepwood f or his insight and contributions








Appendix C: Abilities Used

 Format: Icon | Ability | Description | Use in Macro]

Since the far right column displays which, if any, macro that the ability is contained in you should automatically place these abilities directly on your action bar. 

Barbed Shot Adds a DoT and +15% chance to crit your enemy
Bull’s Eye Increases Critical Hit Rate by 25% for 5 seconds “Cool Down” or Burst
Calculated Shot Makes channels tick twice as often
Call: Razorbeast Increases damage by a set amount for 20 seconds “Cool Down” or Burst
Chain Destruction High cleave damage Cleave [Cool Down]
Deaden Interrupts the enemy Deaden [Interrupt]
Deadeye Shot Deals a 3.5x modifier to damage Deadeye Shot
Empowered Shot High damage and two combo points Deadeye Shot
Eradicate Removes up to two buffs from your enemy Eradicate
Free Recoil Reduces cooldown of finisher and modifies Empowered Shot “Cool Down” or Burst
Hellfire Blades Do area damage to up to  targets within 7 meter Cool Down” or Burst
Lightning Fury Damage attack that reduces armor on up to five targets Cleave [Cool Down]
Rapid Fire Shot Costs 2 points; Channels damage; time baaed on points
Sentry Battery Channels damage over time awarding combo points Channel
Splinter Shot Applies DoT, if already affect spreads DoT as an AoE
Strafe Channels damage to enemy
Swift Shot Standard shot that does less damage but increases speed