Marksmen 51 – Nightblade 23 – Assassin 2

  Marksmen 51  ◊ Nightblade 23 ◊ Assassin 2

A v4.5 Level 70 Damage Dealing Live Version soul build  capable of Raiding. 

Contents of this Guide

  1. Overview of the Build
  2. Build and Rotation
    1. The Build Points
    2. Legendary and Mastery Points
    3. Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts
    4. Buffs and Rotation for the build
    5. Notes to keep in mind
  3. Macros
  4. Karuul Alerts
  5. Deeper Understanding
  6. Appendix A: Additional Resources
  7. App B: Guide History

Note: Guide is being reviewed before being considered a complete publication.

This is a build that sacrifices the Marksmen 61 point ability Free Recoil in order to go deeper into Nightblade and pick up Dusk Strike which boosts Rapid Fire Shot damage to some very high ticks. In addition 3 points are placed into Heat Retention to boost the finisher even further.

This build was originally posted on the Rift Forums as 51MM Bofors and has since picked up quite a large following. It still has the interrupt and purge that Marksmen previously gave but does fall short of the potential AoE damage that 61 Marksmen gives.

Marksmen – Nightblade – Assassin Overview

51 Marksmen 23 Nightblade 2 Assassin at Magelo




  • Provides a simple high damage role to play
  • Extremely high finishing ability damage
  • Has an interrupt and purge ability for utility
  • Sacrifices AoE damage


Build and Rotation

Soul »» Marksmen – 51  Points Nightblade –  23 Points Assassin – 2 Points
Legendary Selection Rapid Fire Shot ♦ Calculated Shot Dusk Strike ♦ Hellfire Blades Virulent Poison
Mastery Selection 61: Aggressive Defense 62: Revitalize 63: Boundless Strikes 64: Energy Manipulation 65: Planar Conservation
Spam Macro
Buffs to Use Electrified Munitions Ranged Combat Mastery Silver Tip Munitions ◊ Virulent Poison  

Simplified Rotation

Refer below for full macros, Karuul Alerts and more.

  • Barbed Shot
  • Spam Macro until 5 Stacks of Emptiness
  • Finisher Macro
    • Rapid Fire Shot is a channel
    • Depending on play style you may remove this so it does not automatically cancel
Other Abilities On the Double  Eradicate  Deaden  Retreat 



Macros for The Build

This build does not really need macros as the rotation is simple and does not benefit. There is some included here if you feel the need for them. Below are macros that can be used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here.
Spam interrupt
#show Dusk Strike
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Calculated Shot
cast Dusk Strike
cast Empowered Shot
cast Lightning Fury
cast Swift Shot
#show deaden
cast Deaden
cast @focus Deaden

#show Rapid Fire Shot
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Hellfire Blades
cast Rapid Fire Shot



Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on importing Karuul Alerts.

What is provided after this is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::AyISUeNqdkk9PwyAYxr9Kb+rBWRilXThB/yRePMx6W9Kwlm1kbF2AmTTqd5diNqs2upi3B0o fyu953rfkei2s3K+DUiixE1Z3BJCSHBTvhPbLwlU5IqOQpgmcogiFlLFZDkno9L06dDWXK0sybvn d4ul+wZdSSdtVsm73ZqHb9VGYTWvBpGkMiWJE8BQSlPQPcEXS/KHM5/0K+JqGDqQ8bfs37C8qXvP dwYEJY8a4Pz9SnBdxRCPseBMMEnwxbSNWUgldKbnfVu2q2kkjdPdBDsNv5C/G8npr3r446G/wzMW oA8b1UjTBowtk4GFifeZ+pz85VFEEozxKAY4zkMWYRReb2bXactVnD70DDGfOAfpn9uyo1JUJ8k4 E1ym7GXYAnrDPEtcCmswQg3GWwjRHGF1MvRG8GTDHiWMG48yh/+kvzGV7rDdBuwoyrrdjc9NT/xT RgoVpGtEYohkDbpAuhn9uZVNt93K9sbcHXtuKexcIT136yV+zc+7A6Oy8A6TkIW4


Deeper Understanding

  • The goal is to get 5 stacks of emptiness and then use Rapid Fire Shot
  • Use Calculated shot to maintain Telemetry
  • Use barbed shot so that Rapid Fire Shot benefits from it
  • Empowered shot is used to avoid energy starvation
  • Empowered shot and Barbed Shot may be moved around to help on energy
  • Rogues should keep energy above 50 to maintain Eternal Procs.

Maintain Buffs: Barbed Shot and Calculated Shot

  • Barbed Shot
  • Spam Macro until 5 Stacks of Emptiness
  • Finisher Macro
    • Rapid Fire Shot is a channel
    • Depending on play style you may remove this so it does not automatically cancel


Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Additional Resources


Officiail Forms Post: BOFORS rogue top st dps by Shas

Appendix B: Guide History

  • 16 February 2019 – Initial Guide Release
  • 16 February 2019 – Multiple Updates all around (Thanks HR!)

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