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Top Rift Websites

Rift Official Website

Cadrift Cheevo Hunter

Rrift Event Tracker


Official Websites

Rift Official Website

Rift Official Forums

Rift Twitch Accpimt

Rift facebook Page

Raid Progress

Prancing Turtle


Magelo Soul Calculator

Minion Spreadsheet


Curse Website Addons

Riftui Addons Website

Popular/Recommended Addons on Rift Guides


Rift Dimension Addicts

Dimension Touring Company 

Better Homes and Dimensions

Puzzles and Cheeves

Cadrift Cheevo Hunter

Plantouched Wilds Rares

Unstable Squirrel Maps

KF Telara Zone Puzzles Guide

Raids & Dungeons

RGOV Raid Guides (Level 65 All Tiers)

GFR Specific Stuff

20 May 18 King Boss Mod Download

Teleporter Addon – Additional Ports

Official Rift Links  belonging to Trion

Rift Official Website The official website is usually updated with the most recent news and announcements, including the monthly challenges that take pace on prime and sometimes Live.
Official Forums The official forums are always the best lace to find information. Its always best to do your research here first, then other sites. if you sill can’t find what your looking for. then can ask a question. The answers usually exist already though.
Twitch All of the live streams take place on their official Twitch channel, check he links for the schedule and be sure to follow them. Only followers are eligible to entered into giveaways at the end of the stream
Twitter Official Rift news isn’t the only thing relayed on there twitter. Check out some of the community creators that they put the spotlight on from time to time.
Facebook Just like any of their platforms, any news and announcement updates will simultaneously e put up, including their streams on Facebook. Giveaway prizes can only e obtained on twitch though.

Informative Websites

The Ghar Station Run by Clowd this is a great website for guides, news and a whole assortment of knowledge.  
Magelo Items, Souls, Quests, a great database full of information  

Rift Utility Websites 

Rrift Event Tracker Lists Current Zone Events Great for Intel, Monthly, Unstables ect  
Prancing Turtle Raid Parsing and Leaders of Raids. Great for viewing builds  
Magelo Soul Calculator Full Soul Calculatorfor playing with builds  
TopofRift Rates Guilds based on clears  
Minion Spreadsheet A listing of all known Minions and where they can be obtained.  
TelaraDB Item viewer and information. Brand new awesome site!  

 Addons for Rift

Curse Website Addons  
Riftui Addons Website  
Popular/Recommended Addons on Rift Guides  
20 May 18 King Boss Mod Download  
Teleporter Addon – Additional Ports  


Rift Dimension Addicts Dimension Items, Custom Toolsets, Discord
Dimension Touring Company  They tour players dimensions!
Better Homes and Dimensions Checking out Dimensions (No recent updates)

Puzzles, Achievements, Mounts and Misc.

Cadrift Caldweddi Guide   I love this one. Great guides for any achievement @#$ like me
Plantouched Wilds Rares   If you are trying to kill all 160, this is the best guide there is
Unstable Squirrel Maps   Where are those squirrels! I am about to relent and let my guide go public but until then….
KF Telara Zone Puzzles Guide   Old school Puzzles

Apps & Resource Materials

Mage BiS Fragments/Gear/Spec Guides 

Dream Orb BiS Spreadsheet

ACT – Advanced Combat Tracker 

Sudoku Solver for Tok’s