K-Alerts Addon – Import Sets

Karuul Alerts is an addon for Rift that takes abilities, spells, timers, dots, hots or pretty much anything in Rift that can  be tracked and creates custom timers or events that can be displayed anywhere on the screen. Most of the guides on this website and for that matter on the internet in general have premade K-ALerts. If nothing else for this reason you should have some familiarity with this addon so you can at least import sets.

In many of these guides you may see a window with a bunch of random text in it. This wil lof course be accompanied by a title declaring it a K – Alert set and it is available to import into your own build. A sample (Archon-Chloro) is shown below so you can follow along.


Importing Alert Sets

Pictured above is where to copy and paste the following information into in Karuul alerts.

  1.  Open the Karuul Alerts addon by typing /kalert into your normal chat window
  2.  Choose the set that you wish to import your alert set into. This “SET” is located right belowe File Help menu bar and is notated with “Set #” where # is the name of the set. You should e awae that Karuul Alerts wil giveou as many alert sets as you have roles.
  3. Click the File Menu then Import Set. Do not choose Import Alert as this is only for importing one specific alert, not a whole group of them.
  4. Copy the Data provided by the guide or course and past it in the Alert Data Box.
  5. Click Import. The data should import and you should see all your new addons in the Set Info screen.
If you are are using the addon Roles you should match the set with your current role. You can see which set you are currently on by going into the roles addon and checking the drop down for role. If you match them automatically roles should automatically load the correct set each time you change roles.