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61 Inquisitor/10 Druid/5 Runeshaper

“Inquisitors are offensive clerics who specialize in the ministering of pain. They channel there divine wrath into individuals they deem worth of punishment, turning there enemies’ own wickedness against them.”


This guide attempts to teach the reader how to play the Inquisitor soul with Druid and Runeshapr aas its off souls.  These two off souls were chosen because of the innate high damage abilities that you gain, starting with percentage boosts in Fervent Strike which lasts an entire minute and Inscribe Fate. This is a clerics only real viable ranged build.

  • The only full ranged dps build for cleric
  • Will put out good damage
  • Has a purge and an interrupt
  • Is dependent on not having disconnects
  • Little to no cleave or area damage at all


The Build

A breakdown of points and description of mastery and legendary choices follow.

See below for a more in depth explanation

Inquisitor Build at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in Inquisitor increases damage done by 1%, for a total of 61% total increase.

Detailed Breakdown

Inquisitor +61 
As is customary with most high damage souls almost all points goes into the main soul being used. This gets you access to Radical Coalescence which resets all spells.   [L] Sanction Heretic If less than six seconds remains Non Inquisitor abilities will cause this to do extra damage.
  [L] Radical Coalescence  Resets damage abilities and greatly increases damage by spells.  [L] Bolt of Retribution


Druid +10
As is customary with most high damage souls almost all points goes into the main soul being used. This gets you access the the hard hitting 61 point ability.   [L] Fervent Strike =-  Adds 15% damage for 1 minute


Rune Shaper +5 
This is one of three souls that offer a straight +15% damage bonus. The other is sentinel but we choose Inscribe Fate because it also does damage, which causes Legendary Sanction Heretic to do more damage.  [L] Fervent Strike +15% damage to all abilities

+5 in Inscribed Knowledge

Class Masteries
61: Avenging Shield (2) 62: Benevolent Presence (2)* 63: Blessing of Penitence (3)
64: Faith’s Freedom (3) 65: Diversify (3)**

*62: Blessing of Penitence for pure range ** 65: Soul Stream for a heal (Solo Play Only)


About Inquisitor

    Inquisitor is an offensive ranged dps soul that uses divine wrath as a source of damage. This build can be the highest offensive cleric soul depending on your gear, primarily your weapon and crit power. This divine wrath is effectively three different parts:
  • Part 1: The first part consists of placing a series of Damage Over Time (DoT) spells on the target. Fervent Strike and Inscribe Fate each give 15% damage bonus along with a DoT;  Sanction Heretic is a legendary that starting at 6 seconds will explode once per second when an ability other than inquisitor is used by the cleric. In this case we will use anther DoT called Seal of Pain from Rune shaper. The last is called Scourge and is just a normal damage over time effect,
  • Part 2: Once you are set up with your DoT’s you want to move to our hard hitting channel abilities. Now there are a bunch of these but the two we will focus most directly on are Aggressive Inquisition and Nysyr’s Rebuke. This is where your burst will come from.
  • Part 3: Apply your DoT’s When they expire and spam Bolt of Retribution followed by Bolt of Judgement. Every time you cast Bolt of Retribution twice it gives you a buff that makes Bolt of Judgement Instant. Using Bolt of Judgment reduces the cast time of your next two Bolt of Retributions, so you can just cycle between these.

Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind the following
  • Fervent Strike and Inscribing Fate are two debuffs which must stay on the target. These are a higher priority than all others.
  • Fervent Strike has a level 62 mastery (Blessing of Penitence) which will allow it to be cast at a ranged distance of up to 20m. The downside is you lose the ability to have all armors on at one time which is a great dps increase. Masteries can be chosen at any time so I only recommend this for bosses where you cannot get within range.
  • The channels have a High burst damage but are capable of being interrupted. Make sure that there are no stuns or interrupts about to happen when you start this chain
  • This build sacrifices the ability to move while you are channel Nysyr’s Rebuke and Aggressive Inquisition -There are a large amount of abilities to be micromanaged The following sections contain two different play styles. The first is a simpler version and therefore will not perform as well, but will be much easier to learn.
  • Inquisitor performs comparably to other high damage specs that cleric has until the first upgrade of the eternal weapon it starts to fall off. By the second upgrade ti is way behind
  • 100% ranged spec, the only ability you have to be even close on is Fervent Strike


These are the macros you will be using. As you can see we have only three macros and they are all relatively simple. This because this build essentially uses 5 DoT’s, 3 channels and a cool down. Go ahead at enter them in before continuing on.


Aggressive Inquisition
#show Aggressive Inquisition
cast Fanaticism
cast Aggressive Inquisition
#show Confound
cast Confound
#show Purge
cast Purge


How To Play

Action bars The next thing to do is to setup our action bars. These can be setup however you desire..Below is a picture with a sample setup that was designed the way the bars are for an important reason.

Part 1: DoT and Mods

Fervent Strike > Inscribe Fate > Sanction Heretic > Scourge > Seal of Pain
    The first thing you want to do is setup the rest of your spells, after all what good is having 30% damage increase if you never use it. These are your dots and damage modifiers. Note the first two are are 15% modifiers that should always be used before anything else.
    This is one of those builds with lots of buttons that people may give up the spec entirely if they forget which goes next. An easy way to keep track is to use Karruul Alerts with numbers and align them up properly (below. And in KA section)

Part 2: Channels

Fanaticism > Aggressive Inquisition Radical Coalescence [Resets all channels and ads a damage buff] Aggressive Inquisition > Nysyrs Rebuke >Bolt of Depravity
    Now that all our debuffs are setup, you are ready to do some damage in a big burst. You have two channels: Aggressive Inquisition(AI) and Nysyr’s Rebuke(NR). Since release of 4.0 Nysr’s Rebuke R has been worthless unless the Radical Coalescence buff is Active. Here is your next chain of spells.
Part 3: Now all together!

    If you did the above all properly Sanction Heretic should be about to fall off. Start putting all those back on in the following order (same as above).. I highly suggest using KaruulAlerts addon to track these.

Fervent Strike > Inscribe Fate > Sanction Heretic > Scourge > Seal of Pain

Appendix A: Further Reading

Inquisitor Discussion and Guide on forums


Appendix B: Guide Reference

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A mastery ability

Appendix C: Guide History

25 April 2018: Initial Publication

30 April: Reformatting; Added Appendix