Inquisitor – Druid – Runeshaper

 Inquisitor 61 ◊ Druid 10 ◊ Runeshaper 5

A Level 70 Damage Dealing Live Version capable 70 Raiding.


“Inquisitors are offensive clerics who specialize in the ministering of pain. They channel there divine wrath into individuals they deem worth of punishment, turning there enemies’ own wickedness against them.”


 This build requires Runeshaper, an additional soul that is purchased from Rift.
Free to Play can use Inquisitor – Cabalist – Sentinel 

A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide.  Ability links to Magelo.

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Quick Start Play Guide

Soul Build on this page here and on Magelo. Macros are located here 

Soul >> Inquisitor Druid Runeshaper
Key Abilities Aggressive Inquisition, Bolt of Retribution and Bolt of Depravity Eruption of Life Inscribe Fate
Legendary Sanction Heretic  Radical Coalescence   Bolt of Retribution Fervent Strike Inscribe Fate
Mastery 61: Avenging Shield 62: Benevolent Presence 63: Faith’s Freedom
64: Diversify 65: Soul Stream
Alternatives are available for this build, see below
Top – Soul Build Info        How to Play Information  – Bottom
Buffs Spiritual Scrutiny, Armor of Awakening, Spiritual Protection, Shroud of Agony (Not used with because shown mastery prevents it, included if using alternate)
Single DPS » Fervent Strike (Debuff) » Inscribe Fate (Debuff) » Sanction Heretic (DoT) » Scourge (DoT) » Seal of Pain (Dot) – – All have 15 or 20 second cooldown. Recast these as soon as they fall off
» Aggressive Inquisition » Radical Coalescence » Aggressive Inquisition » Nysyr’s Rebuke>
» Bolt of Depravity – – Cast when it procs as it is one of the highest damage spells we have. Only Debuff’s take priority.
» Bolt of RetributionCast if nothing else
AoE DPS We have listed the AoE spells for completeness but they are useless right now
Soul Drain, Circle of Oblivion
Defensive Judicial Privilege – – Adds 5 stacks of a buff that increase movement speed by 10% per stack. When the cleric takes damage one stack is removed and 10% health is restored.
Notes Confound – – An interrupt with a 10s cool down off of the global cooldown
Purge – – This will remove two buffs if possible from the enemy on a 10 second cool down

Detailed Play Guide

Inquisitor is a ranged single target high damage role that has an interrupt and purge both available for use. General Strengths (green text) and weaknesses (red text) are described here.
  • The only relevant ranged damage role available to Cleric
  • Has the ability to be one of the top damage roles 
  • Has an interrupt and a purge
  • Whole for groups changing mastery’s can make this solo
  • This is primarily a raid or dungeon role
  • Having a disconnect can cause loss of crucial debuffs
  • Little to no cleave or Area of Affect damage abilities
  • Many DoT timers to keep track of
  • Many people find this build difficult to play

Build and Component Overview

Click to Expand Image
Inquisitor- Druid – Runeshaper at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 1%

Description A ranged single target damage dealer
Build Build Layout at Magelo
Stat Focus Crit Power – Spell Power – Wisdom
Gear Required Normal cleric damage gear
Reliquary Reliquary of Ingenuity
Synergy Crystal Dominion Crystal
Runes Prophetic Starstrike Weapon Rune, Prophetic Unblurring Rune, Prophetic Shattering Rune
Consumables(BiS Shown) Prophetic Brightsurge Vial, Faetouched PowerstoneProphetic Bottle of Spellstrikes, Gedlo Curry Pot (Solo food is Taranis Dumplings), Tuath’de Insoles, Gedlo Riding Chaps, Sunken Tablet
 Inquisitor – 61 Points Druid –  10 Points
Inquisitor is the central soul and focus of this build. Because the most powerful and useful ability in it is Radical Coalescence and it is located at the end of the tree we will take all 61 points into this soul.  Because of this we receive a full 61% damage increase from the soul bonus and all abilities offered by Inquisitor.

Legendary Abilities Chosen

Sanction Heretic:  “Deals 6918 to 7646 Life damage. Applies Sanction, dealing an additional 7282 Life damage over 15s. If less than 6 seconds remain on Sanction, non Inquisitor damaging abilities will cause it to explode, dealing 6918 life damage.”

Bolt of Retribution Deals 11070 to 12235 Life damage. Also casts bolt of Judgement at your target.

Radical Coalescence “Resets the cooldown on all damaging Inquisitor abilities. Grants Fanaticism and 4 stacks of Life and Death Concord. Allows Inquisitor channeled abilities to be cast while moving and tick twice as often for 10s. Also passively increases the damage of your damage over time abilities and bolts by 50%.”

Druid will increase our damage abilities We choose a 10% gain in wisdom and a 5% weapon damage buff in order to get this.

Legendary Abilities Chosen

Fervent Strike  “Deals 6337 to 7004 damage. Non Druid abilities deal 15% more damage for 60 seconds. Bonus doubled on elemental damage.”

Runeshaper – 5 Mastery Selection
Runeshaper is a soul that is chosen for two reasons. First off Inscribe Fate gives a 15% damage increase for 20 seconds. In addition Seal of Pain causes the Sanction Heretic legendary ability to cause additional damage when it has less than 6 seconds remaining.

Inscribe Fate: Deals 14528 to 16057 Fire damage. Grants a stack of Smiting Force, which increases the damage of Rune of Smiting by 100%. For 20 seconds, the target takes 15% more damage from your non-Runeshaper abilities.

Note: This soul is gained from the Ascended Soul Pack in the Rift Store.

C2 61: Avenging Shield
C2 62: Benevolent Presence 
C3 63: Faith’s Freedom
C3 64: Diversify
C3 65: Punishing Strike

Alternate Choices

C4 63 Blessing of Penitence This extends the range of Fervent Strike to 20m
C2 65 Soul Stream A ranged damage ability or heal that can be used on the cleric or another ally

C# is the number of the Mastery from left to right.

BuffsOther Information and Examples
See Karuul Alerts With Buffs for an explantion of the ‘M’

Spiritual Scrutiny
Armor of Awakening
*Shroud of Agony
Spiritual Protection

*Shroud of Agony may not be available with the Mastery ability  Benevolent Presence



Aggressive Inquisition AoE
#show Aggressive Inquisition
use reliquary of Ingenuity
cast Fanaticism
cast Aggressive Inquisition
#show Circle of Oblivion
cast @gtae Circle of Oblivion
cast Circle of Oblivion
cast Soul Drain
Interrupt Self Heal
#show Confound
cast @focus Confound
cast Confound
#show Soul Stream
cast @self Soul Stream


Playing the Inquisitor Role

    This is one of those builds with lots of buttons that people may give up the spec entirely if they forget which goes next. An easy way to keep track is to use Karuul Alerts with numbers and align them up properly as shown here (also shown in the Karuul Alert’s section), Using this and casting them i the same order each time should keep them up. Do not that 3, 4 and 5 on this bar are all 15  second recast times and 2 (Inscribed Fate) is a 20 second  timer. It is probably easier to just recast this with a 5 second time remaining on it.


Action Bars

    The first thing you should do is to set up your action bars. These can be setup however you desire. Below is a picture with a sample setup that was designed the way the bars are for an important reason. All of the Damage over Time (DoT) and debuff abilities are located on the top section, numbers 1-5. This makes it much easier to track there timers and maintain a casting order by putting the alerts directly above each one.


Part 1: DoT’s and Debuffs

    The first thing you want to do is set up the rest of your spells, after all what good is having 30% damage increase if you never use it. These are your DoTs and damage modifiers. Note the first two are 15% damage modifiers that should always be used before anything else. Sanction Heretic (the third) has a legendary which will be procced by Seal of Pain (the fourth). For this reason always make sure you cast them in order.
These 5 spells are priority before casting anything else!

Part 2: Channels

    Now that all our debuffs are setup, you are ready to do some damage in a big burst. You have two channels: Aggressive Inquisition and Nysyr’s Rebuke. Since release of 4.0 Nysr’s Rebuke  has been worthless unless the Radical Coalescence buff is Active. Cast in the order above as soon as all your DoT’s are on the target.
Overall here is the order of the spells cast so far.
    Apply your DoT’s When they expire, which should happen after you finish your channels. spam Bolt of Retribution followed by Bolt of Judgement. Every time you cast Bolt of Retribution it gives you a stack of Life and Death Concord. This buff reduces the time of your next Bolt of Judgement so after two casts it will be Instant. Using Bolt of Judgment grants the buff Echoing Concord which reduces the cast time of Bolt of Retributions by 0.5 seconds so you can just cycle between these.


Karrul Alerts Without Buffs

These alerts show many of the different abilities with timers that we use. The most important to the authors are the 5 damage over time and debuff abilities that we have. The way that we place these directly above the ability icons we use on the bar. It is in this way we keep track in order of which to use and when. Obviously these can be moved where you wish.

KA::AJ4FKeNqlVe2OmzAQfBVeoFdjsA3yLwJYPamtqlz6LxJywAErnElt505R23evIdxHeiGXpjJ IASbr2dnZdV42nVS1l3aq7HRFfbqg25bvhR5+MrfyvyCqU4Ji4L73X4Fbc7m2NOOWf1x+v11KK+4 LWXbKLGvdPbq/FkIJXe8L4N9UlaEoiGgUIRpG/eW79dNYXm7Mb5rmXxf53L1xVx85AAOJ8fXwhId N2S8m9INQ9s5quRGneI8Ab0QkkPkxIAwE2QySNO2jTKXAV7KVdj9mYZqu3DzyBwEP9OOIEhy/on9 Eu18D0cVJ2rfKlFquhMe4fU37xnJdCzuyX9BjXAJTjDKUhnjGZhhn/sXk9U6Zhm+FLuQYsVi7iEM mGPmUEHBFJtBl8sWJy1tvLozbT6jyRBEW9C1osM+l7Juu3RurhaptM6ofxJSACfXBi2lOq5/r3db KTnnd2vss11MF6Lm/gSY+BCyPMz9M4zQkCF2cxYrrlais5lv/JQcC32uAZ/1PN8AdV+VA8JPQwsr yjJmeoDRBMGIziDI/TnMQB7PLm2AMUTSH3Qo+pEIAPGehM+XoLZTUtRbGyAfh3aofO2nkwPKVj+B YDdcBOAlzBIgfxDjHeXjEfJO0Qlsq73ktzDLZaf7hIDWBmAbIQWF0uCdNPiFy2e2clJM+cdqOiIQ xFoEMQT8LYpLEhProQm0dayXX+2LLpXoakhHop0x0ZW/OeSVL13dpx1thyqHx4NvuPAVLEAN5kPu zEMcsCYPLbd4I3vbTft1yLUZ/oBC4MXONPwb1XcS+/745YSbtzegRLAmRKwWJCAIhDjIS/MuoFOO sNC7iUI6DiVyvXz/x++HhcVV5meC2OXfSTiDfO3CPs2hdkMIFKao+SFEeghSrl6MXxv939P4BSxq BhQ


Karuul Alerts With Buffs

These alerts as place ability icons over the buffs on the action bar with a red M in it as shown below. If you use these you should move these to either the spot where your own are or another spot on your screen.

KA::AKj0ZeNqdVl1v4zYQ/Ct6vD70SlIiJYFP1BcuQK89xOlbAIGWaJmwIrkUncBo+9+7lHWN3Vi JzpADJPJkNbM7s1RebXvdNV7ad1Vvao75A9+38qjM+GsBV/4/SNd3ijME37tvEVz3emN5Jq385fG Pu0dt1VOpq74bHhvTv8C/lqpTpjmWCH+u64FTP+JRRHkQuQ+G66/Bymo3/MPT/LeH/B7uwMdV9tF IYro9/sXGhxZ/F8o8q86urNE7dY33BPAmhCAFjlFYID9LSJimrsqcBLnWrbbHScWw7avdi3xW5EQ /jnjI4jP6F7TdNRJ9uEr7K1CSrXevBniE6qor1B/4W9DY9KWEt317HKxRXWO3E2c/5iGa4YxeW32 d82pr+kPt9RtPNH139D4lP12yHtvNJ9jvE4yLIk9ymuIoiAgOKc4WCzDwHVii3SlTNkZJW256Y7U 91ApMVMpRE0aM8Yici/r6Iwb6VW+UJ7vay+AB2/cSMIP8KAiXmlooUkKRsnZFyupUpFy/RuJCyi2 REA00axj0s/Luuj8PetBW9925IjLOuOCQBiaCnKIQ+zHLWR5czGYnWmUs10+yUcOjOBj58ym6IWH cpwAl0eln1v0zDJ9M741GepE75bbKjJeEeerNf8AOkFywPAW+LEtQhkWI0sV2quRgdSNdM/yTdTA JoN/0Vuvcy1pXENC0l60aqjGh5G2Mr8EELVDu5zgJWFyIwKfLU61k65bpppVGTRmgAeIM5jGziz7 IdW4Oe9cU12fn8bNBfLbSNMqOd5yYN1CBCSryOMNBGqdBSJfrWEuzVrU1co9fd1NIPvL+B85aya4 aCX5RRlldzWhxY/kOhVmQqEgIzXCc5ij2k+VHwlSi3J6eNo0jRASk3DIO4iTsDQT2AIb5ZnqrTnL mdu1eA/gS6xIS57lggvkFi0m2PCEQdF29SFPjabViAvmIbs3HquoP0PJZP8EMJoQoiiJCGSU48+N QxCHHdDnnTm+O5V7q7vurRYTc2RzdcDa7Adx1Q2X0WnmFtOodA13iBEkZzWgasKRIGMvw8mPu0A1 buYdDTk8Vyw1UHJUwit+z0gdKVrArXFS/QW9mhYCLzmEioDCNMAopCpifhf6P6FCTkAEqjhM55QH Wwu2vSq8eX1XmYPU7bx5vkGCsJAyzzPcpHHQBgR2zeD/Blq1h0ba62dopDxi6EcHZd1se/gV4Cnf u

Appendix A: Color Key


Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability
Orange Run Speed Buffs (This guide only)



Appendix B: Additional Resources

Inquisitor Discussion and Guide on forums

Inquisitor at Telarapedia

3.6 Inquisitor guide by Seatin on Youtube


Appendix C: Guide History

  • 15 January 2019: Removed Persaverance as it is not a legendary used
  • 30 July 2018: General Formatting Updates
  • 23 July 2018: General Corrections and some updates
  • 22 July 2018: Initial Publication
  • 20 July 2018: Reworked Guide and placed in new format (Guide In Beta Release)