Harbinger 61- Chloromancer 9 – Arbiter 6

This Guide is superseded by a newer version here

   61 Harbinger ◊ 9 Chloromancer  ◊ 6 Arbiter

A Level [70] Damage Dealer and self healing live version (V4.5) build capable of soloing most open world play. 

Guide Contents — Overview

  1. Guide Contents – Overview
  2. Overview of the Build
  3. General Build Information
    1. Legendary and Mastery Points
    2. Macros and Karuul Alerts Quick Copy
    3. Rotation Overview
  4. Detailed Play Guide
  5. Macros
  6. Karuul Alerts
  7. App A: Abilities
  8. App B: Guide History

This guide attempts to develop a mages’ ability to play the Harbinger soul with the Chloromancer and Arbiter as off souls.This soul has the capability of doing relatively high damage, in fact the top damage until you get an eternal weapon. It is great for play in open world situations where you may be solo or cannot count on your group for support. You can also activate Living Veil to give yourself raid healing though your damage will be reduced in half. 

Harbingers were introduced into Rift during the Storm Legion Expansion pack and was the first time that mages went into combat at should to should with other combat melee damage dealers. As a mage draws its power from magic, it does not use a typical weapon.   Instead they rely on casting buffs that turn that staffs into fierce weapons such as a deadly scythe. Since the introduction of Harbinger it has stayed towards the top of styles of play and is one of the top recommended builds for leveling.

This guide supersedes an older version on GFR which has been superseded.

From the Calling Description
Harbinger are offensive mages who deal damage from melee range. Utilizing brutal melee attacks the Harbinger is able to weave powerful spells into there combat flow.

Overview of the Build

Screenshot of Soul Build

Build at Magelo for 61 Harbinger 9 Chloromancer 6 Arbiter

Pros and Cons of this build. 

  • This role is self sustaining and can go from fight to fight with little downtime
  • Able to take on almost any open world monster without issues.
  • Simple style of play without many buttons
  • Usable in open world, chronicles, dungeons and raids.
  • Because the souls are not all focused together is not a high spec in any of the categories
  • There is no spell or ability to purge enemies
  • Some players may find the constant monitoring of procs tedious
  • Playing a melee mage may not match the canon of a mage


General Build Information 

Soul »» Harbinger – 61 Points Chloromancer –  9 Points Arbiter – 6 points
Legendary Selection Empyrean Ascension Reaper’s Blade  Vengeful Shock Bloom Galvanic Strike

Mastery Selection


61: [2] Bulwark of Souls 62: [1] Rejuvenating Presence 63: [4] Mental Cynosure 64: [4]Sparking Destruction 65: [3] Arcane Manipulation

[#] is the number of the ability from left to right. Primary selection only, there are situational better choices.


Buffs to Use

The following buffs are for Single Target Damage

For Area of Effect Damage substitute using this instead of Reaper’s Blade,so use the following buffs for AoE.

Single Target Rotation

Refer below for full macros, Karuul Alerts and more.

Opener Normal Rotation
Piercing Beam 30s increased damage Spam Macro
Galvanic Strike 25% more damage for 30s IF  iEldritch Armor Proc: Proc Macro
Rending Slash 13% more damage for 15s  
Empyrean Ascension Macrox1 If at any time there is an Eldritch Armor Proc use Ability Proc macro


Same as the Opener

Use on Empyrean Ascension

Spam Macro
Empyrean Ascension Macrox1
Spam Macro
Tempest Winds
Area pf Effect Damage

After setting proper buffs:

Spam Lucent Slash

Empyrean Ascensionis great to use during add phases

Notes  This build has a lot of utility abilities useful when solo or other special situations
Other Abilities

Detailed Play Guide


Self Buffs


There are two different sets of buffs that essentialliy need to be setup. One is for single target and the other is for Area of Effect damage

.For Single Target Damage ensure the following:

  • Charged Blade Increases damage done by the Mage’s slashing attacks by 30% and all other damaging Mage abilities by 10%. Each slashing ability consumes 5 Charge. Slashing abilities cannot generate Charge while active. Does not trigger a global cooldown.
  • Eldritch Armor Grants the Mage’s slashing attacks a 40% chance to reduce the cast time of their next ability by 2s and mana cost by 40%. Cannot occur more than once every 3s. Lasts 1h. Counts as a Mage Armor.
  • Lightning Blade Summons a blade of electrical energy. Slashing attacks deal an additional 365 Air damage. All other damaging attacks have a 5% chance to deal an additional 365 Air damage. Lasts 1h.
  • Reaper’s Blade Summons a deadly scythe of magical energy. Slashing attacks deal an additional 350 Life damage, heal the Mage by 22, and applies Twisted Soul (Minor). Twisted Soul (Minor) reduces single target healing the target receives by 15% for 6 seconds. All other damaging attacks have a 30% chance to trigger this effect. Increases the Mage’s damage by 20%. Can be used alongside another weapon enchantment. Lasts 1h.

For Area of Effect Damage substitute using this instead of Reaper’s Blade

  • Luminous Blessing Causes melee attacks to deal an additional 421 to 429 Life damage to up to 5 enemies. Lasts 1h. Counts as a Blade buff.

Note: it is best at this time to just recast all the buffs you want.

The Full Rotation

  1. Cool Down Block: This is a block that is only used Empyrean Ascension is on cool down
  2. Opening Sequence: Used before other abilities because they place the proper DoT’s and Debuffs on a target
  3. Normal Rotation: This uses the highest damaging abilities on the shortest cooldowns
Cool Down Block
Empyrean Ascension Macrox1 If at any time there is an Eldritch Armor Proc use Ability Proc macro Empyrean Ascension
Spam Macro Vorpal Slash Damage and adds 8s DoT
Empyrean Ascension Macrox1 Storm Shroud Next 3 abilities will crit
Spam Macro Storm Slash 3 attacls +2-% damage
Tempest Winds Channeled Damage, do NOT Intterupt
  • This is a block that is only used Empyrean Ascension is on cool down. We h ave included this first because it should be used directly after the opener. 
  • If you are fighting an encounter that has periodic pack pulls, you can save this for them as it will burst much higher.
  • The spam macro’s in between are detailed, showing why we use them for the extra damage
  • DO NOT intterupt Tempest Winds. It is only a damage increase under EA

⇒ denotes using this when stated action happens

Opening Sequence
Piercing Beam 30s increases damage Damage Over Time
Galvanic Strike 25% more damage for 30s Damage Over Time
Rending Slash 13% more damage for 15s Various Abilities in a Macro
Run Cool Down Block Now


Normal Rotation

The basic rotation is quite simple. It consists mainly of using certain spells to trigger Eldritch Armor to proc that makes  the next cast isntant. Once this procs you use one of your high damaging abilities. This is made relatively simple by placing all spells in one macro, and the high proc abilities in another.

The Normal Rotation is composed three simple steps and a cool down:

  1. Maintain Piercing Beam and  Galvanic Strike
  2. Use the Proc Macro if  Eldritch Armor procs
  3. Use Normal Spam Macro
  4. Time when to use your cool down block



Macros for The Build

Below are macros that can and are being used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here. If a button follows bellow the macro you can click it to automatically copy it to your clipboard.
Spam Macro Proc Macro
#show Vorpal Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm’s Fury
cast @self arcane manipulation
cast Rending Slash
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Introspection
cast Conditioned Response
cast Glacial Spike
cast Withering Vine
#show Bloom
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast @self Bloom
cast Vile Spores

Empyrean Ascension Interrupt
#show Empyrean Ascension
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Empyrean Ascension
cast Storm Shroud
cast Tempest Winds
#show Distracting Slash
cast Distracting Slash

Gain Charge Area of Effect Damage 
#show Rending Slash
cancelbuff Charged Blade
cast Rending Slash
#show Lucent Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Jolting Wave
cast Lucent Slash


Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on implementing macros.

What is provided after this is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::AXvj9eNq9ll1vqzgQhv8Kd3u1XWzAxvKVDfZqpdNtlXDUi7ZCTnATtASyhrTKan/8mo+2SUr 6wTlaORcJGV7Pw7wz+DbJN9rcO9e5Nsu8XDlcqw0FNKHbQu21uWiUWemmu5JQSY/jGOIYeUJ6AYJ EuJBR10ZKu1y7ZvlDQ2PVqN/uvv9xpxZ5kTf7NF9WZX23VmZhZbRJt4NiurCKF1lWUwwJRcCjfth +gF00ubqOxJ+JmLU/QLeL59ptkoN/ugt+t7f893bgmukya9OdF6peH3B1X9tEjwOYFJAF3JPQ5dK P/GgCkOkV07pV7IGCkBIPHQId0rQ8Nvn2Ab+iJBQ9o7Blkz/qe0dstnujVemweqnLOq/KU6B2fdM rm4Ay+7F45vGAARRHJBYYu2RKwfQgm6pn2VR3mCh0KSJnMYeincUcKva7Kh5VmS+deWPyv/QY4kv IbGdrVlal/jTGarg1rTv1vjwh+tBv7hm/vWQ/0yrbf5C97BR+evb4JPvobLvId5/8vKnMxpmvTbX LDhOHQ+8f/W87xcU+hyT0JCERkROcVLeCad0Jpv/0NF5gPRR80UOnXX+9VmVTbRxeqEzXYxY6iWA yDv0YIM4kDHAAJg2yXjJddJIwVX1TQGiB8NSmGGz18XiWPdb/Np7hpwx3horvHh6ce+fbbpOX1a5 2brTavp1m7e2nIUxKSIDr8TjwAYeumIBUDJrpU6eZLnssF1FMyAEWEw7/LuVXu+kyr2u70b3D/t7 pNnVe6O7K22Eg6ZsYBmPOAed+4HkhigH4NOCTMpkuf60etXkoqqd00WEBFxEawkMDXp4dbx8RRev WblnfNWM4xwG2WK4AKESeB2MIvsDyWqxlr9h31UAEsCUKf4SoNaD134U9H6itNvUY0WDAfLVuyq6 lBiYR8TjGjEUMxzKewlS0ml1PvUAFYUBD97Cp5smo+8ArGb9KkqvL0bfRMAcT+67WdePc5GVWH49 02fMdBTDJhOCE8ZiJSODIm8DW9Irpk1UcRmDo4rZo4dQZeKNM2dnv/QMQHEb72LEHYz8SQhDsSyF DD/zUYw8mE15Zb5vrHSv2zfV6sutDf3mOZdjHnuCBTxhGBNosppxau90P+wxAl7bP6scnx60jisz kzXLtMLOpzBjdSQST3A4NT3IipUBRMGXQ60EyVa1kDwUhslDudKj/AFi3Fk4

Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Abilities in Build


Pure Harbinger Abilities
Blade Rush Introspection
Blademark Lightning Blade
Blazing Light Lightning Charge
Charged Blade Lucent Slash
Conditioned Response Luminous Blessing
Disabling Shock Luminous Weapon
Distracting Slash Phantom Blades
Eldritch Armor Phase Step
Empyrean Ascension Piercing Beam
Essence of Wind  
Glaring Fetters  



Appendix B: Guide History

  • 21 December 2018:Draft of Guide Converted to Guide
  • 27 December 2018: Updated some mistakes in grammar and spelling
  • 2 June 2019: Removed unnecessary Macro from quick copy; Removed old Appendixes that were redundant, some formatting and spelling updates
  • 2 June 2019: Karuul Alerts Updated with new information and some corrections