Gyel Fortress (Expert 70)

Gyel Fortress is a level 70 Expert Dungeon released with Starfall Prophecy. It is a remade version of the level 65 expert with almost everything being exactly the same. 2000 hit is required to enter and it can be queued for as a expert.


1. Overview
2. Seathe
3. Houndmaster Kytus
4. Admiral Nezavar
5. Lady Glasya



Getting to the first boss is quite easy, but no mobs have to be killed and no one has to die. Run down the path until it bears right.The tank will continue along the road that goes to the Fortress while the rest of the party veers off and takes the side route and jumps on the ramp. As tank you should lose the mobs going up the ramp about halfway up to the boss. I normally run to the right of a pillar there so the mobs chasing you don’t put there cleave where the rest of te party is jumping up.

Seathe will use an interruptible ability. You an interrupt this but it is not very important. Every so often he will do an ability. When he does this a circle with pieces cut out will spawn on the ground. Some parts are red and some you can see the ground. It rotates in a counterclockwise direction. Follow the non red section. If someone gets a pulsating circle on them have them run away from boss until it drops off them. If they drop around boss re position Seathe as there is plenty of room to move him around

Once Seathe is down three adds at the entrance to the next area will become aggressive and attack anyone near them. Have a group AoE taunt ready to go at his point for when they do aggro

After going through the portal there are two pulls. If you decide to run past these pull the first group then as soon as the next mob (who is solo) is in range pull it. Do not heal or do any actions after this. Run into the bosses chamber and to the left around the circle towards the back. You should drop aggro by then. The rest of the group will follow and move immediately to the right up entering.

Houndmaster, Minister of Death, Harbinger of Parties

Trivia! This fight had the distinction for a long time of being one of the hardest boss encounters in all experts, if not all of five man group content in Rift. From personal experience i have never seen so many groups wipe or get stalled on a boss as I have with this one. However, with proper specs and a little knowledge this is actually a fairly quick and easy fight. It is no problem even to tank and heal at the same time.

Everyone except Tank

Try your hardest to have a ranged spec available. There will be lots of ground damage that you will need to avoid. The tank will end up kiting to avoid abilities which can one shot him and utterly decimate the the entire party if you are within it Because the tank is kiting they may turn in a direction at some point towards you or the tank may o a 180 degree turn right into you if you are following. You will be face down not breathing IE dead, rather quickly. Some groups will kill Infernus Rex when he comes out, but I highly suggest focusing on Kytus until he is dead.
The Tank Kytus will spawn a whole ton of adds upon pulling. You can straight up tank him for at least 40% of the fight After Kytus gets to 60% you want to start looking for an add that will come calledInfernus Rex. I highly suggest putting him in a targeting macro as there will be lots of adds and trying to target him can be difficult.

tar Infernus Rex
tar rex

Once Infernus Rex comes out make sure you keep him targeted, not Kytus. You will most likely be kiting the boss as his cleaves can actually kill you as tank regardless of how good your healer is. When Rex starts to cast, you will also see “Infernus Rex begins to Howl” on your screen, interrupt this. If you do not, your whole group will be feared and expect your to become a bunch of corpses or at least a couple of them. Keep kiting and interrupting until Kytus is dead.


Hardest trash pull in Experts gets its own Section

Run to the elevator, you can ignore the mobs on the way. Hopefully your group thinks of its fellow members and waits until everyone is at the elevator before anyone hops on it. Once someone hops on it the rest of the group only has a few seconds and it will start ascending, so anyone stuck below will need to survive until it gets back Once at the top the group can load up their AoE specs, one of the few places in all current experts you actually use it. No, you cannot skip this trash as the boss will not spawn until you kill all of it down this hallway.

The Group

If your tank does not have a healer and you want to be helpful make sure your spec has a purge. But really, who cares? Thats a tank right? Isn’t it there job? Yours is to pew pew right? I highly suggest not using tab target here. Of the 80 or so times I personally have run this expert i can probably count on one hand the number of times that other groups were all pulled by the tank, and even if it’s not said if you pull the trash someone will be cursing your name. Remember there is one mob many times the tank will not pull and that’s the one when you enter the hallway immediately to your right. This is one of the hard hitters and your tank does not want to pull multiple ones of these at a time, mostly because of its cleave. It is a pain to position him so he does not hit the group. For this reason hug the wall to the left when entering just in case the tank does not pull him.(edited)

The Tank

If you have a healer this isn’t too much of a problem. Most tanks (besides VK) have one pull that will pull the mobs to the tanks position. For this reason, you can pull groups one and two together then save that taunt for the last group. Mobs do cleave so make sure you watch that they are not facing your group and sidestep this.

If you are tanking and healing at the same time this is one of the most challenging experiences you will have in SPE’s. Pull one group at a time until you know your limits and you are sure you can survive. I highly suggest having some of purge on your tank build. Purging any of the mobs that are able to be purged will save you a ton of damage taken. Make sure to try to keep only one of the big guys that cleave on you at a time, as they are the ones that do the real damage. When you first pull use one of your ranged taunt pulls to bring the ranged mobs to you. By the time you get to the second to last trash pack it should be up and you can pull them.

Admiral Nezavar

After the trash pulls the Admiral is not much of a problem. Pull him where he is at and face him away from your group. Watch for a graphics effect to appear around his feet. When it does get out of melee range. Once adds start to come in later in the fight many tanks will pull him out and to the right (to your left if you are running from where you were) to pick up adds easier, but with one decent DPS this should not be much of a problem.

Lady Glasya

After killing the admiral go up the elevator (same mechanics as before) and go to the next level. Here you will see a whole bunch of mobs, but you only need to kill the very first one then you can sit there and do all your impatient emotes until they all fall over (I prefer openfire right when they are about to collapse). The mob that causes this has a pretty nasty cleave, so what I normally do is pull him so he is facing away in the left hand corner. This gives you room to dodge his cleave and your party avoids damage.

Lady Glasya isn’t too hard but there is one important mechanic that must be observed. When she casts void you must get back to the party with the circle under you. You want to have as many people in this circle as you can. What will happen when the cast is finished follows. Basically she takes away 95% of your health pool for a limited amount of time,normally until the next void cast. If you have one other person in the circle with you, she takes away 47.5; 3:31 and so on. So the more people in the circle, the less hp she takes away from you. If you have a purifier or another class healing you that has insane absorbs this may not be a problems, otherwise bad things await you. Besides that tank her in the middle and run back to the group.