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AoE Acronym. See Area of Effect

Ascended Soul Pack A package in the Rift store that offers the souls of Runeshaper, Warchanter, Maelstrom, Shadeborn and Frostkeeper

Assassin (Rogue) A single target damage soul for rogue that uses poisons to deal damage

Arbiter (Mage) A tanking soul bought from Dream Soul Pack for mage

Archon (Mage) A support soul for the mage calling.

Area of Effect Meaning a group of targets, friendly or enemy depending on the spell or ability used. This is typically used when buffing  or healing allies, debuffing a group of enemies or damaging a group of enemies

Artifact   An Item that is collected in various ways (ie. picked up, looted from a mob, from a minion) that is part of a set. Once the set is completed they may be turned in for a reward in either Tempest Bay or the Defiant/Guardian home town.

Bard (Rogue) A support soul for rogue

Beastmaster (Warrior) A support soul similar to other classes for Warrior.

Berserker (PrimalistA soul that belongs to the Primalist class and specialies ii AoE damage

Best in Slot Best in Slot means that this is the best item in the game available for the slot. For example, as of 4.3 the fully upgraded crafted planar item would the best item you could get for Helmet, therefore it is considered Best in Slot (commonly referred to as BiS).

BiS see Best in Slot

Bladedancer (Rogue) An area of effect damage soul for Rogue

Bounty Artifact   An artifact type released during Storm Legion that is looted from killing a Most Wanted Mobs.

Cabalist (Cleric) A soul of the Cleric class that specializes in death and suffocating damage to focus on AoE damage.

Cairn In the original vanilla and storm legion zones most of the high places in the world had a cairn, or a mound of stones normally used in memorial, that award on your first loot a chance at uncommon, rare or epic loot drops depending on the looters level.

Calling One of the 5 choices made when selecting what type of character to play. These are Cleric, Mage, Primalist, Rogue and Warrior.

Carry To be taken through content  without having to use a players abilities little or at all

Champion (Warrior) A soul that focus on area damage.

Chloromancer (Mage) A healing sold for the mage calling

Cleric  An original class in Rift. Primarily a divine magic user based on faith whose primary stat is Wisdom and secondary is Intelligence. They specialize in two handed hammers as a primary weapon or a one handed mace and shield if tanking.

Convictions (Cleric/Justicar) A buff that allows casting of certain spells, such as Doctrine of Bliss that may or may not consume them. Received by using certain abilities such as Even Justice

Consumable An item used in Rift that gies temporary stats to a character.

Cooldown or  Cool Down The amount of time between when a spell or ability is used and when it is available to be used again.

Crowd Control Controlling one or more members of an enemy group by sleeping, stunning or otherwise incapacitating it until the group is ready to fight it.

Damage Dealer A member of a party, raid or group whose job it is to deal damage to the enemy.

Dervish A melee soul for the Primalist Calling

Dominator (Mage) An enfeebling and controlling class for the mage calling.

DPS 1.) DPS stands for Damage Per Second. It is a measure of how much damage is done per second by a player. Typically an in game meter can be used to measure how much damage is being done over a time period divided by time giving you DPS  2) A damage dealer referred to by its acronym because they typically focus on there damage per second

DPS Check During an encounter, typically with a boss, this indicates the minimum amount of damage that must be done in a set amount of time. Bosses will typically have a DPS Check in order to make sure that a certain level of gear is being used.

Dream Soul Pack  A rift store item that contains Arbiter, Liberator, Oracle and Physcian as soul expansions.

Dungeon   An Instanced zone that contains a sequential order of bosses to kill, typically separate by trash mobs.

Elitist An individual whose attitude or opinions elevate them above the rest of the community. Usually a derisive term but can be a good thing depending on context.

Elementalist (Mage) A single target or cleave damage soul for mage

Expert or Expert Dungeon  A version of a dungeon that is meant for the max level, or was meant for the max level at one time, that is harder than a normal dungeon.

Gank To kill another player, typically in open world pvp, by a surprise attack.

Global Cooldown The amount of time that is required to be waited before casting another spell. In Rift this can be 0.5, 1.0 or 1.5 seconds.

Grief To intentionly kill or otherwise molest another player in order to cause them  grief or mental frustration

Harbinger (Mage) A melee damage soul for mage bought with Storm Soul Pack

Hard Cap The amount of a value were returns on raising the stat stop.

Hate Synonymous with Threat This term was common in early days of MMO’s

Healer A member of a party or raid whose job it is to Heal or absorb damage on other members. There are often different types of healers, such as a raid or tank healer.

Healer, Raid A member of a group whose primary purpose is to heal all members of a group. They often specialize in raid wide healing.

Healer, Tank A member of a group whose primary role is to heal the tank

Justicar A soul of the Cleric class that focuses on tanking. Primarily uses a one handed mace and a shield.

Kill Stealing To Kill a mob another player was in the process of attacking

Leet Speak A form of communication that involves substiting numbers for letters. eg. l33t uses is Leet.

Legendary Ability Starting at level 66, characters new abilities are actually upgrades of certain other original abilities. Characters may have up to 5 total, max 3 per soul based on number of points spent.

Liberator (Warrior)A healing soul for the Warrior class obtained from Dream Soul Pack

LFG An abbreviation for Looking for Group commonly used in public channels when a player is looking for a group to run content with.

LFM An abbreviation for Looking for More commonly use by party or raid leaders looking for more players to run content with

Loot Rewards gained from defeating enemies

Marksmen (Rogue) A ranged area or single target damage soul that uses weapons to damage.

Manugo Manugo is a game that is played in Rift where the only goal is to increase the number by a factor of x + 1 each time.

Mastery Ability The abilities from level 61-65 are unlike the previous. Each level you get a choice of 4 abilities to match up to your character. These are unique to each class.

Mage  An original class in Rift. Primarily a magic user whose primary stat is intelligence and secondary is Wisdom. There primary weapon is a two handed staff.

Melee One of two different ways of attacking used by friend or foe. When using melee,the user is using an item such as a sword so they must be right by there enemy. This is often a harder to play spec than its opposite, ranged.

Merc When a Defiant is put on a Guardian team or a Guardian on a Defiant team during a Warfront they are considered a Merc

MMO An acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online, which is a synonym for a Massively Multiplayer Online Game.

Mob An enemy that may harm or attack you. This is normally only a non player character.

Most Wanted  A mob that spawns in one of several different locations. They are not guaranteed to spawn after there previous death, it can be another one of them. They are very similar to rare mobs.

Necromancer (Mage) A pet based classed for Mage

Nightblade (Rogue) A single target damage soul for Rogue.

Newb see Noob

Noob A new or inexperienced person; commonly used as a derisive term

Oracle (Cleric) A support soul for Cleric class bought with Dream Soul Pack

Party A group of up to five people who together can take on much stronger enemies. There is a specific chat channel for the party (/party or /p) that only members of the same party can see.

Paladin (Warrior) A tanking class that focuses on healing to maintain threat.

Paragon (Warrior) A single target damage class.

Physician (Rogue) A healing soul for Rogue class bought with Dream Soul Pack

Preserver  Tanking soul for the Primalist Calling

Primalist An expansion class in Rift. Primarily a class who specializes i animal spirits, a two handed staff and the powers of Fury and Cunning where forces must be balanced. Its primary stat is Dexterity with Strength being a secondary.

Pull The act of initially getting a lone or group of mobs attention and establishing hate as soon as possible on them. One of the most common mistake areas for new tanks.

Puzzle A event that is a puzzle typically based on some real world game or mental exercise that rewards non tier gear or fluff items such as wardrobe mounts and dimension items.

#Pyromancer (Mage) A single or cleave damage soul for mage

Raid 1) A group of 6 or more people together that is larger than a party. There is a specific chat channel that (/raid or /r) that only members of the raid can see.  2) A typically instanced encounter for a larger group of people that just a dungeon that typically are harder and have longer lockouts while normally dropping the best gear.

Raid Rift A rift that is meant to be completed or attempted by a raid of twenty people. Currently drop the BiS essences.

Ranged One of two different ways of attacking used by friend or for. When using ranged the user does not need to be next to you, they can attack distance. The opposite of melee.

Ranger (Rogue) A single or area damage soul that uses pets as a mechanic.

Reaver (Warrior) A tank build that focuses on dual wielding

Riftblade (Warrior) A dual wielding damage for single targets.

Riftstalker (Rogue) A tanking build for Rogue

Role A set of 3 souls that are used together to form what a character is playing. A role may use 76 ability points with a maximum of 61 per soul.  At maximum it can use 5 Legendary Abilities and at max level may chose one of each mastery.

Raid Healer A member of a group whose primary purpose is to heal all members of a group. They often specialize in raid wide healing.

Rogue An original class in Rift. Primarily a two handed weapon user whose primary stat is dexterity and secondary is Strength

Saboteur (Rogue) A ranged area of effect damage soul used with Rogue

Sac Pull (Abbreviation) See Sacrificial Pull

Sacrificial Pull When a member of your party makes a pull normally attempting to get just one of a group and has to die in order for it to succeed

Soft Cap An amount of a specific stat where the amount of benefit begins to slow down but before hard cap 

SPE (Acronym) see Starfall Prophecy Expert

Static Party  A group of players who play consistently together. They often have set times and days that they play

Starfall Prophecy Expert A five man level 70 dungeon that is normally the first group content that is encountered once a character reaches max level.

Stat Weight The relative importance expressed as a number that compares stats of a character such as Crit Power, Wisdom and Spell Power. The higher the stat weight is for a given attribute the more important it is. [Section 5, Subtopic]

Soul A collection of spells, abilities and additions to other ones in the group. Justicar is a soul focused on tanking

Storm Legion The first expansion to Rift. It raised the level cap from 50-60 and brought the continents of Dusken and Brevane. Shortly after the release there was a promotion to receive a copy of the expansion for free then soon after free to play was announced.

Storm Soul Pack  A Rift Store package offering the souls Tempest, Harbinger, Defiler. and Tactician

Stormcaller  (Mage) A ranged based area of effect damage soul for mage

Support A party or raid role that uses abilities that help there group increas there damage, healing or tanking more than affecting enemies directly.

Tactician (Rogue) A support and damage role for rogue.

Tank A member of a group or raid whose responsibility it is to control mobs while using abilities that allow them to take, absorb and mitigate damage in place of his allies. This is one of the more crucial and often least played roles.

Tank Healer A member of a group whose primary role is to heal the tank

Tanking The act of a Tank  when controlling mobs, healing, absorbing or mitigating damage

Taunt A spell or ability that forces an enemy to attack the caster for N amount of time. Typically does not build or only builds very little threat.

Tempest (Warrior) A ranged damage for single targets

Threat The amount of enmity that a particular enemy has on each player. Under normal circumstances the enemy will attack the person with the highest threat. Also known as Hate mostly in other games.

Time of Death  A term used typically to describe when a rare or named monster has been killed. This is often used to determine when a rare will spawn again.  In rift these are typicality Rare Mobs or Bounty Mobs.

Titan A Tanking soul for the Primalist Calling

ToD: See Time of Death

Trinity A common term for the type of battle system that Rift employs that utilizes a tank, healer and damage dealer.

TYFF An abbreviation use by someone to thank another player for putting out a fest for a party or raid to share.

TYFG An abbreviation use by someone to thank others for a group

Void Knight (Warrior) A tank build that is probably the most commonly used among warrior tanks.
Warlock (Mage) A damage over time based damage soul for Mage

Warlord(Warrior) A single target damage soul for warrior

Warfront   A pitted faction versus faction battle where your primary opponent is another player.

WTB Abbreviation for Wanted to Buy

WTS Abbreviation for Wanted to Sell

Appendix 1: Guide History

This guide is updated frequently with new terms. This appendix does not reflect additions.

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