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Bountytracker Addon:

 Adapted and modified by Caddern to track and locate Most Wanted Mobs to allow easier location and tracking of Most Wanted Members throughout all the zones they are located in. It is currently in a Beta release. It has all 8 spawns for each of the 6 groups 1-50. It also has all known Storm Legion spawns, Each spawn points has been verified as real by the author.This is being released now so people can use it without the entire thing having to be perfected. If anyone has any modifications or updates please let us know! We are community based!  Latest Version is 0.24

Date Version  Release Version Notes and Updates
17 Feb 19 0.24 Pelladane Update, Tor’garo Added
5 Feb 19 0.22A A Data file was left out of 0.22, new release all files
5 Feb 19 0.22 All zones now active
2 Feb 19 0.21B Second Public, Mostly Macro targeting fixes,
25 Jan 19 0.21A First public, some data held back to avoid errors and corruption

Date V.Seen  V.Fixed Known Issues and Problems 
25 Jan 19 0.21A 0.21A First public, some data held back to avoid errors and corruption
26 Jan 19 .21A .21A Planetouched Wilds was not added. Will be soon
5 Feb 19 .22A .22A Scarlet Gorge ojin’ali has extra space in it
6 Feb 19 22A 22A Ardent domains coords were off, updated.
25 Jan 19 0.21A 0.21A Fixed City Core, Cape Jule left out for data verification
18 Jan 19 .021A .021A Fixed Carrion in Scarlet Gorge Missing in Macro Bind
4 Feb 19 .021A .021A Fixed Flamewake, level 35 MW missing in one spot in IPP

Bounty Tracker is based off the Rare Tracker Addon. The initial concept was conceived in an google document and was taken from there.

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Addons and Projects Developed

ItemUse: An addon to allow easy use of fluff items earned from various activities in the game. It features a drop down menu that lists items that are usable and not on cooldown. Once selected the item is activated.
EventParser An executable program written in C++ that will either track a log file generated by a comanand in Rift (/log, /combatlog) or by tracking internal memory in Rift to keep track of events that are ongoing Cooldowns A similar style and layout of magelo lo soul calculator where the abilities are in blocks that can be positioned and automatically show cooldowns to establish a rotation. TopDamage  A tool to automatically download data from PrancingTurtle and put into a predetermined Template to show Top Damage