Shaman – Druid – Oracle

 Shaman 61 ◊ Druid 10 ◊ Oracle 5

A Level 70 Damage Dealing Live Version capable 70 Raiding.

Our EZ Guides provide simple, direct and convenient builds for anyone. These are not the best possible setups or rotations.

Contents of this Guide

  1. Overview of the Build
  2. Build and Rotation
    1. Legendary and Mastery Points
    2. Copy Macros and Karuul Alerts
    3. Buffs and Rotation for the build
    4. Notes to keep in mind
  3. Macros
  4. Karuul Alerts
  5. App A: Color Key
  6. App B: Additional Resources
  7. App C: Guide History
This is a Cleric build based on the Shaman soul which uses a large two handed hammer to smash there foes through the use of brute force and faithful prayer.  It chooses the off souls of Druid for Fervent Strike, a 15% boost in damage and Oracle for its Insignia of Blood Legendary which automatically be applied.

  • A high damage parsing role
  • about 75% of actions are melee based
  • One of Clerics highest Area of Effect Dealers
  • A sprint ability
  • An interrupt ability
  • Medium based ramp up for damage


1 Overview of the Build  2.Build and Rotation 3. Macros  4. Karuul Alerts 5. Appendixes

Shaman – Druid – Oracle – Overview

Shaman 61 – Druid 10 – Oracle 5 at Magelo


Pros and Cons of this build. 

  • One of the highest possible damage roles for Cleric
  • The best AoE damage available to Clerics at this time
  • Contains an interrupt needed
  • Very little support for other classes
  • Contains two shields but little healing
  • With enough stats is suitable for soloing open world content.

1 Overview of the Build  2.Build and Rotation 3. Macros  4. Karuul Alerts 5. Appendixes

Build and Rotation

Soul »» Shaman – 61 Points Druid –  10 Points Oracle –  5 Points
Legendary Selection Deep Freeze Icy Blow Furious Assault Fervent Strike Insignia of Blood
Mastery Selection 61: Soul Collector 62: Blessing of Penitence 63: Supplicants Haste 64: Diversify 65: Punishing Strike

Buffs to Use

Furious Assault ◊ Glory of the Chosen Boon of Vitality ◊ Heart of the Frozen Sea ◊

 Vengeance of the Primal North [Single Target]   OR   Vengeance of the Winter Storm[AoE Only]

Single Target Rotation

Refer below for full macros, Karuul Alerts and more.


Standard Rotation


 Keep Refreshed 

  • Fervent Strike: A 60 second debuff
  • Icy Blow A 20 second Damage Over Time; adds damage to percentage based addition to other abilities.
  • Eruption of Life Applies 6 Stacks, refresh when you are at two


  1. Spam Macro


Area of Effect  Rotation

 Keep Refreshed 


  • Icy blow is a 20 second debuff that stacks twice. If you let it fall off you must cast it twice to get its full effectiveness back, which wastes a lot of damage.
  • Eruption of Life causes Life Surge damage, one of the higher portions of damage that comes from this build It stacks 6 times and one stack is removed each time the enemy is attacked by the cleric. The oracle legendary Insignia of Blood we chose will automatically cast itself which counts as does damage. For this reason you should recast Eruption of Life with only two remaining stacks. This has been mistakenly put in many guides as counting five hits, but they tend to forget about the autocast. 
  • This rotation is literally three debuffs and one button.
Other Abilities
  • Windwalk  Increases Dodge by 35%. Increases movement speed by 50%. Lasts 15s
  • Ride the Lightning Charges at the enemy, dealing 4150 to 4587 Air damage to the enemy and all enemies in the path to the enemy. Roots the enemy for 1.5s. Removes all movement impairing effects from the Cleric.

1. Overview of the Build  .Build and Rotation 3. Macros  4. Karuul Alerts 5. Appendixes

Macros for The Build

Below are macros that can be used with this setup. As always these are merely a starting point and should be customized for your playing experience. A guide can be found on our website here.
Spam Macro Interrupt Macro²
 #show Deep Freeze
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Deep Freeze
cast Glacial Strike
cast Massive Blow
cast Jolt
cast Punishing Strike
cast Icy Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
use Reliquary of Ingenuity
cast Glacial Shield
cast Rage of the North
cast Rush of Strength
cast Break Free
#show Bitter Wind
cast @focus Bitter Wind
cast Bitter Wind
All cool downs that are used in Shaman are included in this macro. There is no need to manage any such as Deep Freeze.
This first attempts to interrupt any target that is the focus. If there is no focus it moves to the currently targeted enemy. The cleric must be facing his opponent. 

AoE Magic Attack
#show Avalanche Strike
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Avalanche Strike

1. Overview of the Build  .Build and Rotation 3. Macros  4. Karuul Alerts 5. Appendixes

Karuul Alerts

About Karuul Alerts

Karuul Alerts are used for an addon specifically made for Rift with the name Karuul Alerts, also abbreviated as K-Alerts. We highly suggest that you utilize this or a similar addon  such as Gadgets. We use Karuul Alerts because of the ease with which the entire alert can be transferred between clients using import and or the export functions as well as sharing alerts directly within Rift itself. If you need assistance with obtaining this addon or how to import the following text you can see our guide on implementing macros.

What is provided after this is an example used by a player  who has actually played this role and found it to be helpful to them. It works for them, but may not work for you because play styles can vary so widely. Please consider this a starting point for customizing your own preferred layout.

Karuul Alert (Import This)
KA::A6CV0eNrFVNFumzAU/RX2Ac2wwTbIT0CwVmntqjTTNKkScoiTWE0wMm6jdNu/13bSLm3JRPs yGYRBB99z7rn3MqHvRWOujZa3ggI6pe2a74T2W7fYHhAcEBlkIA0JC6NxDklRMBpaKKPuGdKJXBg 65oZ/vvl+fsNnci3NrpK1arqbbqXq2y2/F3A0n3cUJZgijGicuAvYRYvyclpO3A74FYWeweGzf8M +EPtd8M5c8KWsX1N2TJhWnZlJY9liUBCEozQCCczyeDjbmbARNvYW+mypBbfPqla6VXa/rja8kQv RGW6kaqqZF5TglKYEUxi7KxwhG4m80ORiehWsV9NYiDZgWoiHYyNGhuulMAdxU3qMyljBEogKYk0 hZYSGy2u55kvVnG35rlKLaqPuGsNlU9VeCgiR5b535smc6ber1/7A0DPq0zJRl2+dmdIJX4pALQK zEsGl0mZlJYxhUpQAkxRjkmRkeD21UkujFrW+6/hc6ENZRYQS68Jf5r+sTfVt96dPAUAnFQh91zp 3Hd21NfuEJW6VR9CvDpoBGLIyHYO4SIuYIDS87LieibnRvAVeDk4S2yWwT05vt/RX1nm9C/K12to mdv++dIb5FDxBrCF5FhYwjcOyZGmKMnsCHNjg3Ng2ifbdADFNE0DTEfZ3OII21sV7+uG86eSykdy l1VJT877x9BaUIZjnECd5CAHMizwfnHx5OMt1xMydtbcgwhRD8sFB9Zz6qdwcaL9QwP6defD+zDu +CONTfJ+T3s938Tw7e9r3/wxWFCE7XI8NuPry8/pTbz9jz+GEsAfRBFvN7dQ5PV7ZHvbDw7KQ2Ao aRxFKIhbleTFY5Uqtd93GZir2ElIQU4KTj9XQIw7IUaQ

1. Overview of the Build  .Build and Rotation 3. Macros  4. Karuul Alerts 5. Appendixes

Appendixes: Reference and More


Appendix A: Color Key
Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Dark Green or Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability

Appendix B: Additional Resources

GFR: Companion/Replacment for Original Shaman Guide


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Appendix C: Guide History

  • 6 October 2018  Draft of guide completed and moved to review
  • 17 October 2018  Wrong Legendarily Abilities, updated
  • 22 December 2018  Fixed some formatting issues


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