Elementalist – Chloromancer: DPS and Healer


Elementalist’s are offensive mages who specialize in manipulating and controlling the raw energies of the planes combining themselves with the Chloromancer, a healing specialist who draws on the vital energies of plants and nature to find a balance between life and death.

Contents & Overview

Elementalist 58 – Chloromancer 18 – Dominator 0
Alternate 58 Elementalist – 16 Chloromancer – 2 Warlock 


The purpose of this build is provide the group or even raid level healing while dealing as much  damage as  possible. This is done by using the half a second (0.5) cast time of Crystalline Missiles by manipulating the Elementalist’s control of his Cycle buffs. An upgraded eternal weapon is required to be successful in group or higher level situations. There are actually two different  builds, really just variants of each other, covered in this guide.The playstle is almost identical, and any differences will be pointed out.

  • Provides great damage on the enemy
  • Able to replace another healer in most situations
  • More damage while healing makes for easier clears
  • There is no battle rez in case a member dies
  • Man of the other nice utilities are not avialable
  • While able to deal and do damage, niether is quite as effective as a pure role

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build

Click to Expand, See below for a more in depth explanation
58 Elementalist – 18 Pyromancer = 0 Dominator at Magelo
Alternate 58 Elementalist – 16 Chloromancer – 2 Warlock at Magelo and Screenshot

Each point spent in Elementalist  increases damage done by 1%, pet damage by 3% for a total of 61%
Increases pet damage done by 3% per level for a total increase of 183%
Chloromancer gives a bonus of 1.25% healing per level for a total of 22.5% bonus.


Soul Breakdowns

Unlike most end game raiding or high end damage specs, this one sacrifices three points in Elementalist and only goes to level 58. This is done to give Chloromancer some extra boosts to help it heal. It sacrifices Elementalists 61 point ability which is not a great loss. As a trade off we will gain a cleanse which is available in Chlormancer. (L) Legendary Elemental Burst Applies all elemental cycles for ten (10) seconds. Has a chance at casting an echo which automatically casts the spell again. Limit of thee casts from original

(L) Legendary Elemental Forces Cause the next five (5) mage attacks to deal additional damage to the enemy Fill up Elementalist to 61 then remove:

-1 from Stone Armor (3rd row up)
-1 from Icy Gale (4th row up)
-1 from Planar Expansion (6th row up)


Chloromancer +18
We go 18 points into Chloromancer, farther than the normal 15 used for most builds, to gain some additional healing bumps and also for Nature’s Cleansing, a cleanse that is almost required to be a full healer. +5 Natural Awareness
+3 Empowered Veil
+3 Nature’s Corrosion
+2 Healing Slipstream
+1 Bloom
+1 Synthesis
+3 Call of Spring[L] Legendary Bloom
Bloom is a single target heal. The legendary also has it cast Vile Spores at up to 5 nearby enemies allowing for even more heals.


Dominator +0
We have used all our points already but we do pick up a nice Legendary ability. (L) Legendary Nueral Prod
Counts as a primary bolt. Next 3 Non-Dominator abilities within 30 seconds do an additional 30% damage


Alternate Off Souls

If you do not need a cleanse and would just like to have more damage, you could swap out Warlock for Dominator with just a couple small changes in points and no difference in playstyle.

Chloromancer 16 – Warlock 2 Souls 
Chloromancer Warlock
Giving two points to warlock means we need to sacrifice two in our healing soul.

+5 Natural Awareness
+3 Empowered Veil
+3 Nature’s Corrosion
+2 Healing Slipstream
+1 Bloom
+0 Synthesis (-1 Change)
+1 Phytogenesis (+1 Chang )
+1 Call of Spring (-2 Change)

Removing points from Chloromancer allows us to pick up some more damage here

+2 Magical Affinity

[L] Legendary Life Leech  Counts Causes damage to the enemy and heals the mage.Non Warlock, spells spells have a chance to refresh this spells duration.

Class Masteries
61: Bulwark of Souls 62: Healing Expertese 63: Mental Cynosure 
64: Calculated Annihilation*
65: Arcane Manipulation 

**For Warlock Offsoul: 64 Warlock Only: Arcane Finesse 


Class Abilities

Elementalist Spells

Spell or AbilityDescription and Effects
 Crystalline Missiles  The main source of damage once the global cool down  is reduced
 Elemental Forces* Causes next 5 attacks to deal additional damage
 Rushing Elements Reduces cool down to 1.0 and applies all Cylces to the mage
 Fire Storm Damage; Applies 30% more damage from fire sources
 Elemental Burst  Applies all Cycles doing damage, Can recast itself up to 3 times
 Ignite Decreases cast time and does damage
 Internalize Charge* Causes next 5 spells to deal additional damage
 Intensify Elements* Increases damage by 100%; pet damage by 50% for 15 seconds
 Legendary Neural Prod* Damage increase next 3 non-Dominator spells damage by 30%
 Raging Elements* Increase mages damage 15% and pets by 30% for 30 seconds
Volcanic EruptionChannels damage and triggers Cycle of Fire
Notes*Denotes a spell or ability with no global cooldown

Macros and Alerts

Spam Macro
 Cool Down Cleave
 Cool Down  Burst
#show Lightning Strike
cancelbuff Entropic Veil
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
cast Raging Elements
cast Elemental Forces
cast Ruin
cast Lightning Strike
cast Crystalline Missiles
cast Stormbolt
cast Icy Carapace
cast Ignite
#show Elemental Burst
cast Internalize Charge
cast Elemental Forces
cast Intensify Elements
cast Raging Elements
cast Neural Prod
cast @gtae Fire Storm
cast Elemental Burst
cast Crystalline Missiles
#show Elemental Burst
cast Internalize Charge
cast Elemental Forces
cast Intensify Elements
cast Raging Elements
cast Neural Prod
cast Elemental Burst
cast @gtae Fire Storm
cast Crystalline Missiles
Crystaline Missles 0.5s GCD
 Bloom Macro
 Charge Macro
#show rushing elements
cancelbuff Entropic Veil
cancelbuff Legendary Rushing Elements
cancelbuff Rushing Elements
cast Crystalline Missiles
cast Intensify Elements
cast Internalize Charge
cast Raging Elements
cast Elemental Forces
cast @self Arcane Manipulation
#show Bloom
cast [notactive] Entropic Veil
cast @mouseoverui Bloom
cast Bloom
cast Ruin
cast Crystalline Missiles
cast Withering Vine
#show Burning Shield
cast Ice Shield
cast Burning Shield
Cycle of Fire 
 Prismatic Cycle
 Summon Pet
#show volcanic eruption
cast volcanic eruption
#show Rushing Elements
cast Rushing Elements
cancelbuff Legendary Rushing Elements
#show Fast Summon
cast Fast Summon
cast Summon: Greater Air Elemental 

 How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Conduit of Power Prismatic Armor Synergize Lifegiving Veil
Summon Pet: Air Elemental using Summon Pet Macro and buff with Synergize


Quick Play Information

  1. Prepull: Arcane Manipulation and Internalize Charge
  2. Ignite >Spam until Raidwide Cooldowns > Then go in this priority based on your Cycles
  3. If both Cycle of Fire and Prismatic Armor Buffs are active >Spam .5 GCD Macro
  4. If Neither Buff is currently active
    1. Cool down macro(burst or cleave) until Firestorm goes on Cool Down
    2. If Cool Down macro is on cool down, use Rushing Elements macro
  5. If just Cycle of Fire is missing but Prismatic is active, Press Cycle of Fire Macro twice
  6. Spam Macro

Maintain Dots

  • Refresh Ignite Do not do this with both buff actives, wait until one is off
  • Arcane Manipulation and Internalize Charge should be used on CD, you can time these t activate when your global cool down is up


Detailed Information and Theory

Once you have your role setup, as in your points assigned and macros you can move onto practicing it. If you have played another Elemental build such as Elementalist-Pyromancer that was posted on here also then you already know exactly how to play this, and the rest of this guide is almost the exact same as that one. The only thing you have to really add is the Bloom Macro for healing the party.

Note: Playing this build involves tracking certain debuffs on the target thoroughly. You must be able to see when these fall off and how much time they have in order to play this right. For this reason it is highly suggested that you use Karuul Alerts Addon to track these. If not you must locate which elements are currently active constantly.



From Left to Right on Bottom (1. – 6.): 1. Ignite Macro, 2 .Spam Macro  3. .5 Second GCD Macro Cool Down Macro, 4. Burst Macro 5. Cycle of Fire Macro, 6. Prismatic Cycle Buff Macro

Above I have also placed a sample action bar to help you better visualize how this actually works.We have our six macros from the previous section on the bottom action bar, numbered 1-6. The rotation starts off with Ignition then Spam before going into out cool down block.

This build, unlike in the first Elementalist guide, I took a more classic placement on the ability icons. Ignite and the normal spam are one and two. I put 3 as the .5 Global Cool down Macro and the last two are the ones used to reset the cycles. First though lets take a look at how you should open up.

Tank Countdown or Pre-pull

  • Summon Greater Elemental
  • Cast Synergize on Greater Elemental
  • Arcane Manipulation
  • Internalize Charge


  1. Ignite Macro
  2. Spam Macro
  3. Wait on Cool Down Macro until raid cool downs are used (eg Lava Field)
  4. When the buffs Cycle of Fire and Prismatic Armor are both up, spam .5 GCD Macro
  5. See below on how to maintain and obtain these two buffs
  6. Cast Bloom Macro when you need more heals than you have from passive
  7. Refresh Ignite

Your goal is to get Crystalline Missles down to a 0.5 from a 1.5 global cool down. With this low of a recast time you will get three times as many missles off in the same amount of time. In order for this to happen there must be two buffs up on you at the same time. They and the relevant effects follow:

 Cycle of Fire: Instant cast missiles, Reduces the global cool down of missiles to one second, additional fire damage Net Effect

Since both of these reduce the global to one second, they each actually have a .5 second reduction which gets added together when they are both active

   Prismatic Armor – Reduces the global cool down to one second, random chance from armor
The chart below summarizes the actions to take, following that is a more detailed explanation. The following chart has conditions for Cycle of Fire and Prismatic Armor, “No” if you do not have buff, “Yes” if you do.
 Fire Prismatic    If Available… If Not is this? If None Up Do…
 No No  Cool Down Prismatic Macro Countdown or Spam
No Yes  Cycle of Fire Ignite Spam
Yes No  Countdown Spam  N/A
Yes Yes .5 Second GCD Macro (Missles) N/A N/A


 So what you want, is both of those buffs active at the same time before we actually use our .5 Second Macro. There are several ways of getting this, with the easiest being the Cool down Burst/Cool Down Cleave Macros. If this macro was to show on cool down when you activated it all the way through, in other words Fire Storm, the macro and ability shown directly above it, should go to being on cool down. At this point you should be able to hit the first macro for at least 10 seconds.
Cool Down Burst/Cleave Macros:  Firing to the end of the macro should trigger both elements. When using this macro make sure you hit it until all abilities right through the last one fire off which is Fire Storm. In the sample action bar above you can see that I have placed  Fire Storm directly above the cool down macro, that way when I use it I know exactly when the last spell has fired off and then move to our GCD macro.
Cycle of Fire Macro: If you have no Cycle of Fire buff up, you can hit this so that it triggers it. This uses Volcanic Eruption to trigger Cycle of Fire but since it is a channel it must be canceled. Hitting the macro a second time will cancel this.
Prismatic Armor Macro: If you have neither Cycle of Fire or Prismatic Armor up, you can use this macro. It uses Rushing Elements to do this by putting up all cycles at once, however the .5 Second Macro will cancel this.

Cleave and AoE

Cleave and any AoE is very similar to how focusing on a single target is. The one major change is you will swap out Cycle of Fire for Cycle of Air.  While fire reduces our global coolown by 0.5 seconds Air instead chains what you are casting to another target

Cycle of Air

Causes Crystalline Missiles to deal bonus damage and chain to another target. To force your element into Air you can use Stormbolt, which is similar to Volcanic Eruption which was used to obtain cycle of fire.

Cleaning Spam Out

Because we use command called cancelbuff to cancel Rushing Elements you will end up getting a ton of spam in at least your general window. You have several options to avoid seeing this. You can create and use another chat tab that does not show it, you can setup another macro specifically to cancel this spell  and take the one out of your GCD macro, or you can use an add on that was written. Find it on the Rift Forums


Further Reading

A good overview of the spec is available on the Rift Forums by Bamul

A detailed but rather terse and unformatted version at Mages BIS Spreadsheet