Dervish – Primalist – Predator

The Primalist stalks there prey before unleashing a flurry of brutal fire and death and then excels in face to face combat. This Primalist Combines Dervish and Predator.

Contents & Overview

Dervish 21 – Predator 18- Maelstrom 0

This is NOT a raiding spec.

The purpose of this build is .

  • Great Burst damage on opening, one of top for primalist
  • Over half are ranged abilities, great for disconnects
  • Good sustained damage easy rotation
  • Great for open world just mowing down random mobs
  • Damage drops substantially after start
  • Blindside requires you to be in melee
  • There are higher damage specs if fight goes longer than 30 seconds


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
21 Dervish – 18 Predator  0 Maelstrom at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in Dervish and Predator increases damage done by 2% respectively.


Our main soul [L] Seismic Smash

[L] Legendary Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent


Blindside and Silent Stalker are our main reasons. [L] Legendary Blindside

[L] Legendary Silent Stalker Nulla sit


Maelstrom is a default because of the crazy legendary power Scald has. [L] Scald


Primalist Mastery
61: Primordial Strength 62:Steadfast Rejuvenation 63: Ursine Tenacity
64: Ethereal Meditation
65: Ancestral Force


Macros and Alerts

Spam Scald Macro
#show Blindside
cast @self Spiritualism
cast Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
cast Locus of Destruction
cast Scent of Blood
cast Apex Predator
cast Silent Stalker
cast Blindside
cast Sudden Strike
cast Seismic Smash
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Air Cutter
cast Lashing Wind
cast [notactive] Zephyr
cast Fading Light
cast Break Free
#show Scald
cast Primal Avatar: Wind Serpent
cast Scald cast Fading Light
cast Break Free

Interrupt Self Heal
#show Scirocco
cast @focus Scirocco
cast Scirocco
#show Ancestral Force
cast @focus Ancestral Force
cast Ancestral Force


Karuul Alerts

How to Import


Below is a set of Alerts that can be used or modified as you wish.

KA::A1xq0eNqNjt9rwkAMx/8jvbvVU8jTdC34osN2b4US206DV1t6mVDd/vddw4a+DEYCSb759Um 7nvgDHfkGNGTQORzqHkxIM0gg7ejeBwVBSkJQsKN3hhdknOZv6xz35IiHgsr27PNLS9XpTIcjF2W YcMO1LpSeVJWX1Wgxug4Gq3iTxbsx02JPSv7+yFJZeZh8piW66gFxwtgfahZFSKX/HJn5XKmVimb R0sR2Fnb1v6AbrJ3nvm0KP14SWmss2IV5IL55xvLkv/4iz7avd/jkF/4bE6NuZQ


How to Play

Buffs Always On
Zephyr Font of Obliteration

Your Damage and Intterupt Buttons

  • Scald x 2 [Maintain this Buff]
  • Spam the build macro
Squall Pulls enemy to you; Increases crit chance by 5%
Shifting Wind For 10secods if Primalist dies they get 50% health
Rockslide Charges the enemy
Ancestral Force Does damage or heals yourself


Appendix A; Color Key


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability

Appendix B: Further References

Appendix C: Guide History

  • 3 Sep 2018: Added References
  • 18 July 2018: Initial Publication