What is Crifting

Rift is made up of Rifts. The description is in the keyword. But how does crafting play into this central feature? What happens when you mix Rift with Crafting?

Crifts are born. Crifts are a special rift that is focused on a crafting theme and rewards crafting materials, including special and rare materials, to the players who activate and close the rift. There has to be some enmity with at least one of the enemies that spawn during a rift. In other words, you must attack at least one enemy or heal someone who has attacked an enemy. Establish aggro, or hate, with them and you should get full rewards. This can be done on the first mob that spawns in a Rift then left and you will still get the same rewards. 

Rewards tend to be better when all the stages of a Rift are closed. The higher stages of a Rift are supposed to be harder to close and therefore give out more rewards, though they may not be all that different depending on which type you are doing. 

Types of Crafting Lures
Level Skill Name of Lure
50 300 Rift Lure – <TYPE>
60 375 Rift Lure – Grandmaster <TYPE>
65 450 Crafting Lure <TYPE>
70 525 Celestial Crafting Lure <TYPE>

For level 65 and 70, each of the lures have an element attached to them instead of the craft itself. For example, instead of “Rift Lure Grandmaster Artificer”  it would be Celestial Crafting Lure. This just signifies what kind of rift is opened at level 70. 

At level 65 there were different drops that corresponded to a particular lure. 

 Crifting Groups

If you, like many other times, are watching Cross Events channel you may notice people advertising for a Crifting group, perhaps asking you to link a lure for an invite. This is someone putting together a raid so that each person in the raid can open a lure and every person gets drops from each lure. This will award you with a total of 20 times the loot as you would get from one individual crafting lure. Please be aware that when joining a Crifting Raid you get the contents of one lure then you must use individual reward charges for the remaining lures, so you should go with no less than 19 in order to complete a full run.

When you choose to take loot you should get a pool of the following:

  • 1 cache of crafting ingredients
  • Celestial Matrix or 1-4 Celestial Motes
  • Possible Chondritic Dust
  • Possible dimension item

The most noticeable and highly sought after tend to be the Matrix’s, Motes and Dusts as they are all worth the most and are used in the head and ranged crafted gear.  

The crafting groups typically work in order from the first raid member opening first to the last member opening last, going down the list. When it is your turn accept a summon to the previous rift, tag on enemy so that you get credit and immediately head towards a rift tear. Once there open the rift using your crafting lure and wait until your loot for the Rift is awarded. When this happens you can use a group summon ability to bring the entire raid to you and continue on.

Tip: The fastest and most efficient Crifting groups have someone ready to summon the raid as soon as loot is gained from the previous raid. Instead of waiting until it is your turn to look for a free tear use the time after tagging a mob a few rifts before to your advantage. Tag just the first stage then look on your map for an open tear and if there are none jump shards until you find the most convenient one. 

Dimension Crafting Stations

 Tjese are dropped from level 65 and 70 crafting rifts. 

Appendixes: Other Information

Future Enhancments
  • Level 50 & 60 Special Drops
  • Level 65 Drops
  • Crafting Station Drops
  • Drop tables for each


Guide History 
  • 5 April 2019: Initial Release
  • 20 May 2019: Minor Updates