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An overview of crafting at level 70

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Crafting at level 70 has many different benefits and rewards. It offers you the ability to craft some of the most used and best items in the game for certain areas as well as can provide a good source of income. This guide covers the different quests and associated content with crafting at level 70. it is not a guide for leveling the different professions. If you are leveling normally then you should be near or above level 500 in crafting skill once you hit level 70. If you got power leveled then it is possible you are significantly under leveled and you may have some catching up to do.

Crafting is an optional feature in this game and is not required, but if you plan to run a full experience in endgame we highly recommend it.

Like in the last expansion there are two different frequencies of quests: daily and weekly.  The first one gives a choice of different rewards that include notoriety or a large bag of crafting marks. The second and more important one will give you the option of choosing a crafting lure.


The Professions

One of the activities in Rift  that rift offers is crafting. Crafting, in a general sense, allows you to collect items from Telara as you adventure throughout the world and then using your abilities as a crafter to turn those items into items that your chacacter can use. The crafts you are able to learn in Rift are known as professions and they are broken two basic categories: Gathering and Crafting.

Gathering: The character can choose any of these as a a profession that gathers raw materials

  • Butchering: Takes hides from beasts and is able to refine them into materials used in crafting
  • Fishing: Catches fish, makes lures and fishing equipment
  • Foraging: Gathers plants and logs from the wildlife and refines them.
  • Mining: extracts ores from deposits and refines them into bars

Crafting: By crafting an item the character takes materials from vendors and from gathering professions and makes more intricate items

  • Apothecary: Creates Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics, and Vials.
  • Armorsmithing: Creates chain and plate armor, as well as shields.
  • Artificing: Creates jewelry and caster weaponry.
  • Dream Weaver: Creates Dimension and orbs to augment gear.
  • Outfitting: Creates cloth and leather items.
  • Runecrafting: Creates runes, used to augment weapons and gear.
  • Survivalist: Creates Food, and Miscellaneous gear
  • Weaponsmithing: Creates melee and ranged weapons.

As you practice harder, or higher level crafts,  your professions title will increase allowing you to progress further once you train at a trainer. 



There are three types of currencies gained from crafting dailies in crafting in Rift. They are used to purchase recipes from the trainers or directly from the rift store.  

Type Limit
Grandmaster 500
Master Craftsmen 1000
Artisan’s Mark 7433


Each crafting daily in Tempest Bay will allow you to choose one of these. One of the weekly crafting quests in Allitu also allows you to choose a bag of random crafting marks that give a large amound of at least one of these, often more than one. 



The Daily Quests

At 04:00 Shard Time (Pacific Standard Time) each day a Daily Quest becomes available for each craft you have leveled up. At level 65 the dailies were moved from Tempest Bay to Margelie Palace in Draumheim. As of this expansion, the daily quests have been moved back to Tempest Bay, as there is no city on a the comet. They are in the exact same spot as the previous ones. A NPC right outside the crafting hall named Romas Periga givcs all  daily quests [  /setwaypoint 12774 11665  ].  Rewards are listed below

  • 75 – 80 Artisan Marks
  • 32 – 40 Master Craftsman Marks
  • 7 – 10 Grandmaster Craftsman Marks


The Weekly Quests

At 04:00 Shard Time (Pacific Standard Time) each Wednesday two weekly crafting quests become available for completion. They are both given by R23-JK in Allittu on the Celestial Lands continent. The way point for this is  [  /setwaypoint 4030 6360 ]. He should offer two different quests as follows:

  • Planar Crafting – Visionary XXXXX [substitute craft]: This is a once per week, not per craft, quest that rewards a Celestial Crafting Rift Lure, you can choose which element it is
  • Work Order – XXXXX [substitute craft[: This is a once per week, not per craft, quest that rewards your choice of:
    • Bailghol, Felibocan, Saint Taranis, or Thedeor’s Spear decree (Reputation)
    • A Very Large Bag of Crafting Marks
    • 640 Celestial Remnants
    • 100 Tower Fragments

Each of these require you to craft an item from whichever craft you choose that has much higher ingredient materials than a typical daily crafting quests. Do note that while you can complete only one of the Crafting Lure quests each week for level 525, you can complete a level 450 and a level 525 each week. 


Crafting Lure

By completing the weekly you are rewarded with a crafting lure. The crafting lure awarded is entitled with the following nomenclature:

Celestial Crafting Lure: ELEMENT

The element part is one of the six elements in Telara: Air, Earth, Fire, Water Life or Death You can take these lures to any rift tear in Ashenfall or Vostigar Peaks and open up a rift that rewards materials used in crafting and upgrading armor. The items currently used to upgrade armor are the Celestial Matrix or the Celestial Mote. The Celestial Mote is not actually used to upgrade any item rather you can combine 10 of these with a  a Tenebrean Engine and receive a Celestial Matrix.

Crafting Lures and Crifting are covered more in depth here.




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