The following people deserve some special thanks

Chloine@DeepwoodAiotta@DeepwoodCatsinda@Faeblight and Holyroller@Deepwood

There are countless people who have made suggestions, wrote parts of or entire guides, yelled at me, supported or just have been there. Many of these people choose to be anonymous so almost everything has been published in my name at there request. This site belongs to them more than it does to me. Thank you.

Thanks for all the contributions from everyone!



Rift Guides was started as a Discord Channel with that name by Caddern of Deepwood in November of 2017. Aiotta took the responsibility of managing the roles associated with discord and contributing ideas and information. Chloine contributed lots of ideas and helped with all aspects.

There was a lot of notice that the guides on the Rift Forums were being neglected for fears that bad things would happen if they were posted. During the latter half of 2017 many long term guide writers felt that if they posted guides to specs that they would get nerfed immediately. Over the course of Rifts lifespan many of the top end specs have been kept, or were attempted to be kept, secret for fear an edge would be lost in guild competition. At the same time third party hosting for Rift began to dry up leaving a gap for many people. It was for this reason that that the original discord channel was started to just share specs.

Eventually it morphed into more all around guides that were easily read and not so hard to decipher. These guides may not be the best available that there are, but they are made with the intention that any feedback will be taken into account and they are updated. We are committed to making roles available to everyone and not just a select few. Feel free to comment or send a message direct if you feel any changes are necessary or if you wish to help out.

What We Post

The guides posted on this website tend to come from what is being asked for first. There are a lot of guides currently in development that cover all aspects. If there is a guide you would like posted more quickly or you would like one developed, do not hesitate to ask. Guides are a product of hundreds of peoples ideas. We try to link to any resources we find out there. This is not a closed website. My goal in starting this was to make information available to anyone who wanted it and for this reason I attempt to post as many links within the guides to other resources.

Can I Contribute?

Absolutely! If you have a guide you would like hosted here let me know. You can contact Caddern#2775 on discord or send a message below. These do not have to be well designed or formatted guides. We will take anything you have and give you credit for it. We can also set you up with a login on this site so you can submit them yourselves.

That’s My Writing, Why is it here?

We do not believe in plagiarism or outright stealing. Anything we use we attempt to give credit to the original authors. If you see something that was posted here that you believe was unfairly taken, please let us know immediately and we will take care of it.

Why are there Advertisements?

Maintaining a website costs money. We do not wish to charge anyone for access to these guides. It is for this reason that we run advertisements on this web page. I don’t like advertisements myself. If you do not wish to see them there are adblockers for the various browsers that you can use and this website will work perfectly with them.

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