Chronicles in Rift


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  1. Contents of this Guide
  2. Introduction
  3. The Good and Bad
  4. Chronicles: Mechanics and Systems
  5. Appendix A: Other Resources
This guide is about the events known as Chronicles in Rift.







When Rift first started out as a MMO it had fewer activities that could be completed by an individual or by another player other than open world content.  As far as other content at level cap it was not real filled up. For groups of more players it did have dungeons and raids. As time went on, more systems got added and one was for the player who did not like to group in typical organized content but wanted to experience more of the lore.

Trion created a new activity that came in the form of Chronicles. Chronicles are dungeons designed for one to two players that continue the story line and give something for a more casual user to experience. They are also a form of currency, achievement points and farming for specific items. They have not always been easy, as the Rhen of Fate Chronicle at release proved to be a difficult task for many players.


The Good and Bad

What happens in an MMO when you take a group adventure that is almost epic in story line and turn it into a single player version of itself? Well, both good and bad things end up happening and we follow up here with a small list of possibilities for each.

Positive Aspects of Chronicles may be:

  • It creates content for single player minded individuals
  • More content creates a wider player base therefore more customers
  • It becomes a single or duo player instanced version of a dungeon
  • The dungeon can become very challenging or very easy to different players

Negative aspects may include:

  • The dungeon can become very challenging or very easy to different players
  • The amount of content created for one person in a limited time is limited
  • It allows for less shard bonding among players

If you do not like them and think they should be removed, I’m sorry but they have been in this game too long and this has almost a zero chance of ever occurring.


Chronicle Mechanics and Systems

Queuing For a Chronicle

Image 3.2
Image 3.1

There are two primary ways of entering a Chronicle and you can do this from almost anywhere. The first way is by clicking the Activity Button [Image 3.1] in the menu and then choosing Chronicles [Image 3.2] at the very top of the menu. If you notice to the right of where you select Chronicles in Activities menu, at least on our image which is the default, it says J. This is the hotkey you can use from the default screen to go directly to the Chronicles Menu.¹ 

 At this point you are in the Chronicles Selection Menu. you can choose a Random Chronicle at the top for bonus rewards or you can choose an individual Chronicle that you wish to complete. To the left of each Chronicle ther is an icon that represents the amount of players that are recommended to complete it. There are only two options for this, one or two as each one cannot be completed with more than two people. 

Image 3.3

If you have a friend that you would like to do these with you can form a party before choosing which Chronicle you wish to do. If a Chronicle is grayed out and does not allow you to select it then obviously you cannot do that particular one. If there is a particular one that you want to redo for whatever reason, typically for farming purposes or to achieve an achievement for it, you can keep queuing until you get the one you want.

How Chronicles Work

A chronicle is essentially an instanced dungeon for one or two people. Boone outside the instance can help you or affect anything that happens inside.  There will be trash pulls, or normal non essential enemies that stand between you and your next objective, and possibly story line dialogue typically before a boss encounter. The bosses are typically relatively easy to defeat, especially for a well geared character. Every Chronicle follows a relatively set path with the next objective listed, if you complete the on screen objectives you will go to the end.


Chronicles Available

There are a number of chronicles available

  • Meridian: A Ceremony of Attunement
  • Greenscales Blight: The Fallen Prince
  • Hammerknell: Runes of Corruption
  • River of Souls: Chains of Death
  • A Hero Rises
  • Hive Kaaz’Ghuu: Queens Gambit
  • Infernal Dawn: Laethys
  • Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath
  • Intrepid Greenscales Blight
  • Intrepid: River of Souls
  • Intrepid: Hammerknell
  • Shadow from the Beyond
  • Rhen of Fate



Each Chronicle typically has several achievements that can be completed to add to your overall achievement score. Normally it requires at least clearing the Chronicle as well as defeating a Rare Boss or monster for that dungeon. A rare means that that monster may only spawn once every several or less times each time the instance is run. It may only spawn 1 out of 10 times for a 10 percent spawn rate, or possibly even 1 out of 100 for a 1 percent spawn rate. You will have to keep running the Chronicle or checking to see if the rare is there.


Section Notations

¹ If you have changed the default settings the new key for Chronicles should be displayed to the right of Chronicles in the menu. If it is not and The default hotkey J is not working you can check or update it in the Key Bindings by pressing Escape and going into the System Menu.




Appendix A: More Resources

Chronicles on Trion’s Website