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Contents of this Guide

  1. Contents of this Guide
  2. Introduction
  3. The Steps
  4. Solving Further Puzzles
  5. Appendix A Henge Locations
  6. Appendix B: Puzzle Locations
  7. Appendix C: Dimension Items Available From Ciedwad
  8. Appendix D: Other Resources
This guide explains the steps required to access Callweddi Village, a village hidden by puzzles and a very long “quest chain” in Plane Touched Wilds. This is not something that everyone can expect to complete.

The contents of this guide detail steps and instructions on completing the chain and puzzles. The appendixes have quick references that can be invaluable during the process.





Callweddi Village is a village located in Planetouched Wilds above the zone puzzle, on the island off the eastern coast of the continent. It is accessible only after completing a very long and arduous set of requirements that includes puzzle solving, collecting very rare drops, spending a lot of platinum and more than likely becoming very frustrated. Be prepared for this to take some time in order to meet all the requirements necessary to access the village and the rewards that come with it. Do not forget that just accessing the village does not mean you are capable of claiming or purchasing rewards as another set of puzzles open up here.

Many people are put off by the cost to do this. The base cost to access Callweddi Village will be 15,000 platinum just for the glue. In order to receive the reward items it will cost even more plat. The Callweddi Outfit for all the pieces will cost 3050 platinum, and another 2000 platinum for the lifter

There are different achievements that you will obtain on the way and are listed below.

The Steps

  1. Find all the Henges located in the Storm Legion zones.
    • You can check the status of your progress by checking the achievement It Goes To Eleven located in Zones->Rift: Storm Legion
    • This is necassary so that you can speak with Nomi
    • You can find a guide located on the Rift Forums
  2. Find and solve the Callweddi Penta-Puzzle
    • You can check this by the achievement Pent Up located in Zones->Rift->Planetouched Wilds.
    • Swim to (/setwaypoint 12229, 6533) in Planetouched Wilds. At the first flat spot where you cannot jump mount and jump diagonally. You can check the video guide also.
    • A video guide of how to solve the puzzle has been uploaded by Cadrift also.
  3. Visit Omi in Tempest Bay Canals (/setwaypoint 12754, 11706)
    • /setwaypoint 12754, 11706
    • She will advise you to visit her Sister Nomi
  4. Visit Nomi by taking one of the henges from the locations found in the achievement It Goes to Eleven. She will tell you to collect three sets of puzzles
  5. Collect the three puzzle sets using the following methods or by purchasing with Tokens in Tok’s Dungeon.
    1. Green (Five Pieces) The first set of five (5) puzzle pieces are the green set and tend to the easiest to get. The first one is received from solving the puzzle that awards the Pent Up Achievement. The other four are Fae Faeries that con green (mentor down).
      • Level 15 Fae in Silverwood, Hedgerow Court
      • Level 38 Fae in Moonshade, Moonshade Swamp
      • Level 50 Fae in Life rifts on Ember Isle
      • Level 60 Fae in Dendrome, near Solstice Tower
    2. Blue (Four Pieces)  These 4 piece puzzles found near puzzles in one of the Puzzles located it the zones level 1-65 (Rift, Storm Legion or Nightmare Tide). Every player will be assigned four random puzzles where the pieces are located near the puzzle.
      1. If you are having trouble obtaining or finding a particular piece you can try another character to see if you get the correct piece.
      2. Puzzle locations are found in Appendix B.
      3. You can visit this website for some screenshot locations
    3. Epic (Six Pieces) These 6 puzzle pieces are a random drop from poison, burning or nightmare artifact loot in Planetouched Wilds.
      • These are often the hardest ones to obtain due to RNG
      • They become harder to find, as the rolls become smaller each time a piece is looted
  6. Visit Nomi and buy Rainbow Glue to attach the pieces together by set
    • Each item will cost 5000 plat and you will need 3 total for a total of 15,000 plat
    • Each set of pieces may be glued together as that set is collected in the next step
  7. Visit Shrines and have them glued together by right clicking the shrine and you will receive a mosaic, which can the be placed in a dimension.
    • Make sure you have all the items in your inventory
    • Cape Jule: in the Cliffside Vale area at (/setwaypoint 7380, 10400)
    • Stonefield: near the Freemarch border at (/setwaypoint 5390, 5420)
    • Gloamwood, on the hill above Gloamwood Pines at (/setwaypoint 5159, 3489)
  8. Place the 3 Mosaics in your Dimension and right click each one to receive a puzzle box
  9. There are three ramps needed to get in Callweddi. Each ramp is formed by completing the Planetouched Wilds Puzzle in a specific way. Solve in this order listed below and run up the ramps each time before starting the next section. If you mess up and need another puzzle box just return to your dimension.
    1. Red Puzzle box  for bottom ramp 
    2. Green Puzzle box for middle ramp
    3. Blue Puzzle Box for top ramp
  10. Buy Call of Callweddi from the NPC Ali for 100 platinum so you do not have to solve the puzzles again.

The Steps

Unlocking Boxes for Wardrobe and Lifter

Once you have become a citizen, you can start working on unlocking the wardrobe set and lifter by solving puzzle boxes. In order to gain access to the the puzzle boxes that unlock this you will have to complete the Ravings of a Madwoman? achievement.

  1. Once you have become a Callweddi Citizen visit and speak with Queen Nissa. She will give you a book called Importunate Pet Moron which essentially starts this achievement and a hidden quest line.
  2. Listen to Moon (located in Callweddi) who will give some hints about how to acquire the rest of the books.
    • The hints she gives refers to the color red. Each puzzle must be solved with a focus on the color red
    • She also gives hints as to which puzzles should be solved
  3. Solve four puzzles with a focus on the color red
    • Ardent Domain for Turpetine Troop Ammo To solve this “Red” the entire lie of the puzzle must be red. Startigg at one red button fill in the entire thing ending on the other redi button  (Thank you Cadrift for your screenshot)
    • Morban for Pier to Tournament Mop To solve this “Red” just click every beam around the entire square of the puzzle on
    • Goboro Reef for More Unimportant Poet To solve this “Red” go the the first part of the puzle where you must click torches to unlock the next part. Instead of selecting he proper colors select red as the color for all of them.
    • Draumheim for Moratorium on Pup Tent To solve this Red click all of the buttons until they are red the click the lever to solve.
  4. Go back to Callweddi and speak with Queen Nissa again. She will give you Meena’s Painting which you can use to solve the Plantetouched Wilds puzzle again using the layout shown on it to receive the book Pentomino Permutator
  5. Congratulations! You can now access all puzzle boxes!

Solving Further Puzzles


You are at the last step to unlock the wardrobe and mount. Each piece of the wardrobe is a reward from solving the puzzle box bought. A guide can be found here with screenshots.


Appendix A: Henge Locations

Appendix A: Henge Locations

City Core (6967, 9084)
Ardent Domain (5689, 9251)
Dendrome (3082, 4365)
Cape Jule (7509, 11478)
Morban (13890, 7781)
Kingdom of Pelladane (7115, 5660)
Eastern Holdings (9520, 8343)
Kingsward (6856, 7765)
Ashora (1732, 7176)
Seratos (11638, 5302)
Steppes of Infinity (16835, 8219)

Appendix B: Puzzle Locations 

Appendix B: Puzzle Locations

Original Rift
Lake of Solace (5996, 6128)
Silverwood (6415, 3155)
Stonefield (4577, 4976)
Gloamwood (4540, 2380)
Scarlet Gorge (3629, 2755)
Scarwood Reach (3125, 4427)
Moonshade Highlands (6459, 1178)
Droughtlands (8340, 6200)
Iron Pine Peaks (3750, 2270)
Shimmersand (6420, 7715)
Stillmoor (1720, 2320)
Ember Isle (12823, 3857)

Storm Legion

City Core (6967, 9084)
Ardent Domain (5689, 9251)
Dendrome (3082, 4365)
Cape Jule (7509, 11478)
Morban (13890, 7781)
Kingdom of Pelladane (7115, 5660)
Eastern Holdings (9520, 8343)
Kingsward (6856, 7765)
Ashora (1732, 7176)
Seratos (11638, 5302)
Steppes of Infinity (16835, 8219)

Nightmare Tide

Goboro Reef (3020, 5981)
Draumheim (5768, 5016)
Tarken Glacier (5962, 2953)

Appendix C: Dimension Items Available From Ciedwad

“Well-Traveled Dimensioneer”

Mussel Covered Rock10058
Key to Dimension: Dream Hive15001012
Thin Rose Coral Tree10058
Reef SeaFem Group7545
Massive Bivalvia10058
Aegnir's Skull600360
Building Block: White Marble Square85
Building Block: Grey Marble Square85
Building Block: Steel Marble Square85
Building Block: Jade Marble Square128
Building Block: Teal Marble Square128
Building Block: Blue Marble Square1610
Building Block: Navy Marble Square1610
Building Block: Violet Marble Square2013
Building Block: Purple Marble Square2013
Building Block: Yellow Marble Square2416
Building Block: Mustard Marble Square2416
Building Block: Orange Marble Square2818
Building Block: Amber Marble Square2818
Building Block: Red Marble Square3221
Building Block: Blood Marble Square3221
Building Block: Pink Marble Square3624
Building Block: Ruby Marble Square3624
Dance Partner(Human Male)900450
Dance Partner(Human female)900450
Dance Partner(Elf Male)900450
Dance Partner(Elf female)900450
Dance Partner(Dwarf Male)900450
Dance Partner(Dwarf female)900450
Dance Partner(Bahmi Male)900450
Dance Partner(Bahmi female)900450

Appendix D: Other Resources

Rift Forums Thread on Callweddi Access

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Route to access Callweddi Penta-Puzzle Video Guide

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