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Rift Battle Pass

A Rewards System for doing content you always have.


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Information contained in this guide is accurate from the PTS as of 9 April 2019.


Reward Prices

On April 11, 2019 an update to Rift introduced the Battle Pass live to the shards. The Battle Pass is a  series of levels that you can level up through while receiving rewards commensurate with what type of customer you are. Depending on whether you are a free to play, a purchaser of  Battle Pass Season Holder [a season is as of yet an undetermined amount of time, we are told there wil be one months notification before it ends] or a Season Pass and Patron member you fall into different rewards categeroies as  outlined in the table below. The levels are gained by completing daily or weekly quests that reward a specific type of experience that is only for the battle system. 


 Description Reward Type Price 
Free to play or a Patron without Battle Pass Purchase Free N/A
Bought the Battle Pack Season 1 Premium $9.99 / £7.49 / €9.99
Battle Pack Season Purchase AND Have Patron Patron $9.99 / £7.49 / €9.99 + Cost of Patron¹

¹Price of patron varies depending on length/sales/ect

As you can see you get the same rewards for being a Free customer as you do if you are a Patron and  not a Premium member. The main factor in getting better rewards is by getting The Battle Pass which is bought by a direct payment, not credits, through the rift store.  If you do not buy this pass you will only get the Free Rewards no matter what Patron status you may or may not have. In other words Patron rewards are dependent upon having Premium.

One question that may vex you is what happens if you buy the Battle Pass and don’t have patron but get it a month later? If you do not have patron status at the start of the season and get patron status later then all the rewards from prior levels are awarded retroactively to you. For this reason many people who do not have patron may opt to wait until the final months is announced before purchasing it to save money.


Example: I buy The Patron Pass on May 2, 2019 and level until level 20. During this time I get two types of rewards: Free and Premium. On June 3 I buy a patron pass. When I purchase this plan i wll get all of the Patron rewards avialable from level 1-20.


Too Long to Read: The purchase of The Battle Pass is the most essential part of this system and is priced reasonably.


Battle Pass Interface

The Battle Pass has a relatively simple interface where you can review your quests and view rewards. It is accessed via the Activities Menu (default is in the lower left hand corner of the screen) then  Battle Pass in that menu. You can see this in the image on the left.

This will bring up the interface (shown to the right). The interface itself is relatively simple and has two tabs at the bottom. The first is Activities which is where all daily and weekly quests are located. These quests are automatically picked up and tracked here so you do not have to worry about them taking up space in your quest log or having to pick them up each day or week. 

The other tab is Rewards and shows the rewards you get for each of the 30 levels. The rewards are split up so that you can view each different level of what you get.



Quests Offered

Each character who has patron status will get 6 daily quests or 4 for free to play as well as 3 weekly quests to progress through. Quests are distributed to characters individually so that each one may have a different set of daily and weekly quests. There are great variety of them that mix old and new content, PVE and PVP. A sample of one days daily quests are listed below.




The rewards given out in the Reward tab of the interface may confuse some people. There are three different options under each day that show how and what reward is given. If you look to the right you will three diffet colored boxes, pink, blue and orange. Each of these colored boxes represents a different rewards based on your Reward Category. The Premium (in orange), or someone who has purchased a Batlle Pass, is always at the very bottom with a button to claim.  The next possibilty going upis the blue color, wich in 8 and 10 represent Patron. You will notice below it it actualy says, patron. The top pink one as Adventure Gift, and this is for the free to play customers. Sometimes you might get confused as in example 9, where there is a picture for Premium. Reemember, just look below the top two and it should be asy. 




FAQ From Developers

The following was taken directly from a post by Zyra in response to questions form the players. 

Hey guys, here’s some answer to some of the questions I got:1) Is a season longer than a month? So you don’t have to pay for the pass monthly?

  • The first season will last at least a couple months.

2) Patron Premium (purchased the pack and have active Patron status). What about people who had patron when they bought the pack but patron ran out when they earned the rewards or the other way around?

  • Patron will be required to claim the rewards. It is also retroactive within the same pass, ie: if you unlocked all the rewards and then purchased a Patron Pass or subscription, you can claim the previously unlocked patron rewards in that pass.

3) Will it be the same random dailies/weeklies for everyone or are the quests individually distributed?

  • Individually distributed.

4) Can players drop quests they don’t like and get new ones via NPC/system?

  • This is something being considered for future releases but will not be an option for Season 1.

5) When can we expect a full battle pass article with ingame screenshots of progress bars, BP UI, a few rewards, example quests?

  • Season 1 is available on PTS now.

6) So, with the loyalty mentioned in the Battle Pass could you add new tiers to Loyalty for those of us with points well beyond Silver which we were told were being backlogged for future tiers?

  • Additional tiers of loyalty could be possible in future updates.


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Written by Caddern@Faeblight

    • 9 April 2019  Initial Proof and Release
    • 9 April, 2019  Guide rewritten to this format and posted under prerelease for review