Azranel: First Boss in BoS

Azranel:  Bastion of Steel

First Boss in Bastion of Steel

Azranel is the first boss in Bastion of Steel. He is a mechanical construct that looks angelic, but will cut you without a moment’s hesitation.”¹

The fight is essentially two phases.

  • Phase One
    • Boss can be generally tanked anywhere and mechanics be followed as seen below.
  • Phase Two
    • Move towards outer edge of the platform to avoid lasers in the middle and around the edges
    • It is easier here for the tank to intercept electric damage from the pillars
    • Many groups will tank boss by the pillar
    • Melee should move away from the Pillars on Defensive spin and move to the next pillar
Azranel’s Mechanics

Azranel Mechanics break down as follows

  • [Percentage Remaining Started] Ability Used: Description of ability
    • Specific actions to take
  • [100%] Laser Cutter: Applies a stacking debuff to tank
    • Tank Swap mechanic switch at 3-4 stacks, 5+ can defeat tank
  • [100%] Fallen Analysis: When someone dies boss heals for ~4%
    • Do not die!
  • [100%] Comet Shot: Adds stacks on boss at 10 stacks fires spreadable damage
    • Stack on player who has this
    • Stacks reset when Comet Shot goes off
  • [100%] Missile Storm: Targets will drop  ground AoE’s in a sequence
    • Two players targeted who drop a series of ground AoEs
    • Run away from boss in circle back towards the raid but stay in range
    • Make sure all ground AoE’s are dropped
  • [75%] Sticky Bomb: AoE cleansable
    • 3 stacks players get stunned
  • [75%] Pillars Spawn: These shoot lightning rods
    • These will damage the closest player
    • Tank should be in between raid and Pillars to intercept damage
  • [50%] Magnetized: Casts 3 bubbles on raid
    • Spam single target cleanse
  • [45%] Defensive Spin: Melee based AoE From the boss
  • [40%] Overcharging Generator: Puts an AoE around the Arena
    • This is damage that kills player quickly
    • Avoid stepping into outside of Arena
  • [30%] Tractor Beam: Pulls two players to a random pillar
    • Players should just run safely back to the raid
Role Specific Responsibilities
  • Tanks
    • Monitor stacks of Laser Cutter and switch when it is at 3 or 4 stacks
    • As pillars spawn position offtank between pillars and the raid
  • Healers
    • Save and use a Raid Cleanse ability to cleanse Sticky Bomb
    • Utilize your single target cleanses to remove Magnetized (three per cast)
  • Non – Tanks
    • Generally keep stacked together
    • Missile Storm is a high priority ability that will wipe raid
      • Run towards the center on Missile Storm
      • If another player is on your right run towards left
      • Likewise run to the right if a player is on your left
      • If moving through the tanks make sure there is enough time to clear them
      • Stay within range of the healers especially once lasers are in Arena