Archon – Chloromancer


The purpose of this build is to provide general Archon support while maximizing your outgoing raid heals. Your outgoing damage will be much lower but the point is to keep other raid members alive and viable.

  • Lowest DPS Archon there is but still capable of pulling decent numbers
  • All of Archon’s support
  • Highest healing with full Archon
  • Choice of AoE healing or single target emphasis
  • Heals only, no shields

The Build

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61 Archon 15 Chlor 0 War at Magelo

Each point spent in Archon increases damage done by 1%, pet damage by 3% for a total of 61%


Points Spending

Legendary And Off Soul Points


Fill Entire Tree

[L] Legendary Shared Vigor 
Legendary Flaring Power



+5 Natural Awareness  (+5% Intelligence on cast)
+3 Empowered Veil  (Increase Entropic Veil bonus & radius of Veils)
+3 Nature’s Corrosion  (Ruin & Vial Spores now add a DoT)
+2 Healing Slipstream (Bloom and Flourish -1s cast)
+1 Bloom  (Single target heal and damage)
+1 Phytogenesis (+33% Chance for Spores to be AoE)

To have more healing on a single target replace Phytogenesis with:

+1 Synthesis (Choose a player for enhanced heals)

[L] Radiant Spores

[L] Bloom



No Points Spent

[L]  Legendary Life Leech



(No Alternatives Provided)

Level[No. From Left to Right; M = Mastery]

61 [2M] Bulwark of Souls  (Vial Spores/Ruin refresh Radiant Spores)
62 [3M] Healing Exigency  (Increases ranged by 5m; Higher healing after damage)
63 [2M] Comat Alacrity  (Lava Field t 20 people and instant)
64 [3M] Calculated Annihilation   (Increases damage of spells/Double Withering Vines)
65 [4M] Arcane Manipulation   (Additional damage for 5 Spells)



How to Play

Above I have put a sample of your ten standard rotation buttons that you will use most often (there are others such as cleanses discussed later). The way I view these is as Archons standard rotation and the way they are setup does not accurately align with my bars but it is easier to visualize how it operates. The five on the left, Buffs Macro to Granite Salvo are the ones you will be using most often. These Have short cooldowns normally no longer than 30 seconds. The ones on the right are your big “burn” abilities, such as Lava Field and Flaring Power.


Other Abilities 

Steadfast Return +5 Mana Per Second
Cleansing Flame  AoE Cleanse
Illuminate +dmg by raid over 3s
Point to Point  When used brings up a reactive button anyone in a raid can use to port to your location


-Special Note

The spells  Enrage, Lava Field, Defend the Fallen, and Orchestra of the Planes apply a shared debuff to whoever receives it that prevents them from obtaining any of these spells effects. The cooldown is much less than this debuff which allows you to use it on different people.


Vitality of Stone +Str, +Dex, +Int, +Wis
Lingering Dust +10% Cast Speed
Lifegiving Veil AoE Healing
*Synthesis Increased healing on one ally

*If specced into this

All of your Aura’s, Vitality of Stone, Shared Vigor. Arcane Aegis, Burnin Purpose are relatively short and refreshed or cast with Patron’s Rage or preferably may be precast.


Without Aura’s:

Patrons Rage > Ashen Defense > Crumbling Resist >  Piercing Beam > Illuminate

Aura’s Precast

Ashen Defense > Crumbling Resist > > Piercing Beam  > Illuminate

Buff’s Macro until Spark Shower goes off > Granite Salvo


There is not necessarily a standard rotation. You want to keep each of these buffs refreshed. You have several heal spells which take priority over any debuff. Flaring Power and Lava Field are popped depending on the boss. Searing Vitality if nothing else to do.

It is easy to refresh Radiant Spores by casting Heal. Bloom which will cast on cooldown will launch 5 Vial Spores.

Cool Downs

The two big cool downs for Archon are Lava Field and Flaring Power.

Lava Field is a ground target ability and the included macro will automatically target yourself and cast it so you do not have to choose where to cast it. This ability increases raid DPS by 15%.



Raid Buffs – @30 Seconds

Kalert Will say Stop Spamming, All spells have been cast. When the icon showing is off CD start casting again.

#show Arcane Manipulation
cast Arcane Manipulation
cast Surging Flare
cast Volcanic Bomb
cast Earthen Barrage
cast Spark Shower


Lava Field

Targets self then casts, Targets Previous

#show Lava Field
tar @self
cast @gtae Lava Field


Heal Macro

Cast Spores first. These will refresh it as long as you use macro at least once every 15s

#show Vile Spores
cast Bloom
cast Vile Spores
cast withering vine


Cleanse Macro

Checks if mouse is over a name, then checks member 1…2…3…

#show Purification
cast @mouseoverui Purification
cast @group01 Purification
cast @group02 Purification
cast @group03 Purification
cast @group04 Purification
cast @group05 Purification
cast @group06 Purification
cast @group07 Purification
cast @group08 Purification
cast @group09 Purification
cast @group10 Purification
cast @group11 Purification
cast @group12 Purification
cast @group13 Purification
cast @group14 Purification
cast @group15 Purification
cast @group16 Purification
cast @group17 Purification
cast @group18 Purification
cast @group19 Purification
cast @group20 Purification


Below is a set of KAlerts that were used with this example build. Customize to suit your needs.


Abilities Breakdown

Loc Effect Dur CD Spell
CA -7% Cast, Attack 5m 0 Burning Purpose
CB< +5% Damage 30 15 Volcanic Bomb
CB +5% Phys, Spell Crit 30 15s Earthen Barrage
CB +15% Movement 30 15s Spark Shower
CB -3% Ability Cost 6 10s Surging Flare
CB Non-Archon DPS +12%;  5×69 End 5m 0 Legendary Searing Vitality<
CB +15% Damage 40s 60s Lava Field
CB +Ap, +SP 15 0 Granite Salvo
DM Applies all Aura’s 1m Patron’s Rage
AP 6 Attack +Dmg 30s 30s Arcane Manipulation
C Refresh Aura’s 5m 1m Legendary Patron’s Rage
CC +20% Raid Damage 2m GC Flaring Power
SC 13k Dmg to 8 Mobs Ea NA NA Living Storm
CL Heal, 5 Vial Spores N/A 10s Bloom
Cl Dmg converting to heal 0 0 Vile Spores
Cl Heal over Time 32s 0 Withering Vine
Cl Chance to heal if hit 16 8d Radiant Spores
CB +5% Physical Damage 1Hr 0 Ashen Defense
CB 7% Non-Phys Damage 5m <0 Crumbling Resistance
AH AoE Cleanse Cleansing Flame
DE X Amount DMG per Hit 60s illuminate

Dur: Duration     CD: Cool Down    Loc: Location where the spell is found.

AH: Archon Healing

DE: Archon Debuff

DM:Archon  Damage

CA  Archon Aura

CB:  Archon Combat Buff

CC: Archon Charge Consumer

AP: Ascended Power

Cl: Chloromancer Ability

Wo: Warlock Ability

SC Storm Caller