Activities in Rift

Rift offers a variety of activities for almost any player. These  should satisfy, at least for a time, most seasoned mmo players. What are these activities you can do? Well here is a summary of them!

  • Build your ultimate house, cottage, dungeon, castle or anything you can think of by use of Dimensions
  • Collect the best Wardrobe costumes and dress up your character
  • Collecting pieces throughout the world and completing sets of Artifacts to earn special rewards
  • Solve some difficult puzzles placed by DeadSimon
  • Questing and exploring the lands of Telara
  • Travel along and become a hero by completing one of the many Sagas.
  • Grouping with other players to conquer Dungeons which feature multiple bosses
  • Joining larger groups to combat even more dangerous foe in muli-boss Raids
  • Follow Story Lines through solo or duo mini-dungeons called Chronicles.
  • Join a raid doing everlasting quests through Instant Adventure
  • Fight against others in Open World PvP just by hopping to a shard
  • Join the battlegrounds for instanced PvP and see if your team can emerge victorious in Warfronts
  • Killing the least often seen and powerful mobs known as Rare Mobs on 4 different continents
  • Become one with the game and achieve the highest Achievement score you can

Below we go into some of these specific activities.

 Fluff and Non-Combative

  • Dimensions

Dimensions were introduced with the Storm Legion Expansion and give everyone the opportunity to experience player housing, in a way. In rift, the player is free to take an area of Telara, as defined by a Key to the  Dimension. These keys can be collected from various different means throughout Rift.

Once activated a dimension has as much freedom as you can imagine and any items may be used in whatever way you seem fit to transform your dimension.  Items may be found on the auction house, various npcs, the rift store and through all sorts of achievements. Dimensions also come as guild housing, and you may visit other people’s dimensions. 


  • Wardrobe

What girl, or guy, doesn’t like to look awesome? Who thinks they have the best otift. Rift offers a great way to personalize your character. Each time you obtain a piece of equipment in your inventory, it unlocks that appearance or the way the armor looks on you. From that point on you are able to use that appearance whenver you want! There are lots of collections that can be made from lots of sources. Watch out on the forums or player boards for contests!

  • Puzzles

In most of the zones, specifically the zones that you will use for leveling, there is a puzzle that may be something you can run to and solve instantly with no help or it may be a puzzled that is long and complicated. They are very often hidden inside the zone itself. Some of them require a lot of preparation and running around the world. It all leads up to the ultimate puzzle, Callweddi.

  • Artifacts and the collections

If you are looking for something in an MMO to keep you busy between raids, this may be something worth taking a look at. Almost every area has artifacts that can be collected by picking up shinnies on the ground. There are different types of these and all sorts of rewards. Some of the rarest rewards in the game are from Artifacts with close to 1700 complete sets currently in game. You do not have to do them all though, just do the ones you want rewards for if you wish!

You can also try to collect every artifact there is! This is a serious long term collection effort that you will be on and even searching for them yourself most likely will cost you a lot of platinum or credits. Since this game is free to play there is an option that can save you a ton of time by purchasing directly from the publisher. This however is a waste of money if you asked me, having never bought any like this however the option is there if you choose.  The reason is most sets start out very expensive to buy even one. When you do buy it you have only a random chance at any in the set.

We have guides for different types of these artifacts.


The Open World

The world of Telara has lots of opportunities for you to play in the open world. This is an area where you can see anyone and they can see you as well as join your battles. This differs from instanced content where it is you or just you and a group you have joined.


  • Questing and Exploring

The world of Telara is full of characters that fill the world with a story. Many of them need help.. or are just needy! Help the citizens and earn money, experience, armor and sometimes something special! Every open world zone has quests in it that can be completed and an achievement that goes along with finishing certain quests or all the quests in an individual zone.

  • Carnages (A form of questing)

When Storm Legion, Rift’s first expansion came out, the developers decided that there where too many quests that just required you to kill 8, 10 or some other random amount of a monster. After all, how many residents have had it with the local vermin infesting there areas? Instead many monsters where given there own type of optional quest called a carnage. They are accepted automatically once you kill a monster that belongs to a carnage quest and you have not started yet. You may have only 25 total of these at a time.

  • Instant Adventure

Do you get bored of not seeing other players while you level up  or just get tired of the same old quests? You can join Instant Adventures. These are neverending quests that are shared one at a time by an entire raid. As long as you can join one, it will automatically level you up or down to the zone you are in. This is one of the quickest ways of leveling, by yourself that is.

  • Rare Mobs 

You will always see certain monsters in certain places. You come to expect that. However every once in a while a rare mob will spawn in an area. They normally have a special name that distinguishes them from the other local inhabitants and often have loot that is rare for wardrobe.

There are also special rewards from achievements after killing each group of rare monsters. These are typically grouped by expansion pack and meta achievements where put out later on that invovles completing multiple zones. You can obtain a pack of squirrels who will guard you up to a diamond icon that you can portray on your portrait so everyone can see your dedication.


Instanced Content

Are you tired of having battles decided by others? Maybe having players who far outgear content triviliaizing your enjoyment has soured your appetite for more play. Well this is where instanced content comes in. An instance of an area, typically a dungeon or battleground, is made for you and your group. Once activated you are free to do whatever it is you like in this.

Do be warned, however, many instanced content areas have limits per day on them. For example, when you participate in a Raid and kill at least one boss. you will be locked to the instance of the Raid you are in. This means you cannot restart the raid with a different group and face the same bosses again that week.


  • Chronicles

A Chronicle is an instanced dungeon meant for only one or two people to complete. They were introduced to Rift in order for more casual players not typicality inclined to join a group, particular a raid.  They continue many of the story lines that are in Rift. Some, such as The Rhen of Fate, have been extremely diffucult for many players to complete


  • Dungeons

Dungeons are instanced five man group content. The term instanced is used to indicate that the group is placed in a separate area, or shard, where they cannot physically interact or obtain the help of other players. Players can start queuing for dungeons in the mid teens of there leveling process for Normal Dungeons. There are different modes to the dungeons, with the current endgame having four expert dungeons that are used for fresh gearing and also during the eternal weapon upgrades.

There are different modes to dungeons:

  1. Normal: These are dungeons that can be joined and played while leveling a character and start in the mid teens. They are designed so they are not too difficult and to help players learn the build they have chosen. Most normal mode dungeons in this game also have a harder version which is discussed next. 
  2. Expert: At each of the level caps, from the original release to each expansion where levels have been increased, the normal modes of the dungeons from leveling content was charged up with more diffucult trash mobs, with more power bosses who may execute new or different mechanics or with completely new  bosses or areas of the dungeon that need to be conquered. This is typically one of the first places that players who group start getting gear once at level cap. 
  3. Master: There have been several expert dungeons that for a second time were tuned up as a challenge for the more experienced and geared characters. These however were few and never really caught on with the general player base.


  • Player Versus Player and Warfronts

Most multiplayer games you have played you probably have had the chance to kick your fellow players butts even if you normally cooperate right? Rift is no different! There is player versus player content for both those who wish to particiapte in open world battles as well as plenty of instanced battlegrounds that can be queued for.

One unique thing about Rift is the ability to jump to any shard (or server) by right clicking your portrait and selecting Teleport to… This gives the ability for any player, even a hard core PVE player to experience open world PvP.

Rift has gone through many iterations of PvP, so even if it is not the best today or if it seems like another class is dominating too much, it does not necessarily last forever.

  • There is one specific shard per cluster  that is focused on Faction versus Faction combat
  • There are a variety of warfront games that can be played and point based system*


  • Raids

So you have gotten through all the dungeons there are and grinded all the currency you possibly can in open world. What is there to do now to progress your character? You should try raids, the 10 or 20 man version of dungeons which encompass an entire player base. It is advised if seeking to do raid content, ecspecially for new players, to join a guild that does this.

Since level 50 raids have been introduced through the lifecycle of an expansion and historically were either a normal raid or a 10 person raid, which was considered a sliver. As of patch 4.0 Trion had stated they only want to do 10 person raids now, however with the acquisition by Gamigo we have no concrete evidence on what will happen. This could mean more of the same or perhaps none at all.

In the meant time at level 70 cap, since expansion version 4.0 we have had

  • Looking for Raid:Tartaric Depths, Queens Foci,
  • Tier One Raids: Tartaric Depths, intrepid Rise of the Phoenix
  • Tier Two Raids: Bastion of Steel