Unstable Artifacts (Hunting elusive artifacts and sneaky squirrels)

Unstable Artifacts Collect for achievements and rewards, collect and sell for money or Both Do you want to collect unstable artifacts, make money or do both? Unstable artifact hunting may just be for you. When I first started collecting unstable artifacts I never expected to make anything. Up until that point artifacts were a pure money sink for

Minions Guide

Minions Guide Left to Right: Minion Sender Overview; Fully leveled Epic Minion; An Eight Hour Adventure     Minions were an addition to Rift that were introduced during the Nightmare Tide Expansion. They allow you to collect “Minions” each who start at level one with minimal stats and little ability

Most Wanted And Bounty Artifacts, Mathosian Ed.

Most Wanted Bounties Mathosian Edition By Caddern  “There has been a prison break in the flat yard.! I’m looking for Bounty Hunters to find Most Wanted.” Contents of Guide Part One: Monsters Escape Jail: An Introduction 1. Overview 2. How to Identify 3. Locating Wanted  Part Two: Targeting to Terminate: Macros

Callweddi Village Access And Rewards

Introduction Callweddi is a village located in Planetouched Wilds above the puzzle on the island off the eastern coast. It is accessible only after completing a very long and arduous set of requirements involving puzzle solving, collecting very rare drops, spending a lot of platinum and more than likely becoming


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