10 June GFR Progess

Guides For Rift: Updates for Week of June 10

(11 June 2019) This week major overhauls are being implemented on the GFR Website. When the site was first introduced there where multiple members working on it and some best practices for web developers were not implemented or followed the way they should have been. While most articles show as written by Caddern, many of the original ones were written, at least partially, by other members of the team. 

What this means is that when develepers design and build a web page that it is responsive to the person viewing it. This means if the user is looking at it on a computer with a large monitor the content can flow all the way from the left to the right and take up as much room as possible. If another user was looking at the same page on a small cell phone, the width of the screen is only a fraction of what the computer was. The old, original web sites would shrink everything from left to right to a percentage of its initial value so tt could all display. Many times  this would cause reading and formatting errors. Once example thathappens is text gets pushed together and overlapped in the middle making both columns unreadable. 

The original team of people who develeoped content for this website however they were utilizing WSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, which in turn used HTML elements such as tables that do not react well, or even at all, to the screen a user is viewing the web page on. These original pages used a minimal amount of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). which are the effective means of changing the layout This led to a website that was not responsive. At the time it was a site for friends of friends and this limited it to a web browser as the only real viewing platform. Fast forward a year later and we have requests for mobile viewing, hosting and a “Don’t burn my eyes bro” requests by users here and on discord. 

For this reason i am going back and have developed templates to allow all platforms to be used. I take full responsibility for this and am doing my best to quickly turn over pages. This has also led me into sorting and cleaning additional pages as well as begin the implementation of a web wide database driven guides search/finding database that can be easily read. 

With templates done and almost all the PHP completed this shouldn’t take me long to finish up, but please bear with me. 

In addition to this i am finishing up the tool to show events, push them to a server and in the future perhaps overlay. Not too hard but this may mean it needs a couple clients to run, but should be very small and run background. it will be limited though because executable s can be driving factors in false malware.Regardless code will be open source so its all there. 

in addition there is cleanup, much needed and begged for, on the discord server. i have wanted to have an automatic pull and push to discord shards, but currently this is out of my scope, as from what i see discord limits the amount that can push. This would have to be a third party solution, which though easy, means more manual steps. i am considering other options but this is getting pushed back.

There is more on the board, such as at least another 100+ topics that have been sitting around 10=95% completed. 

Thank you everyone for support!!


Thank You!

Thank you Holy, Aiotta, Shas, Shid and everyone who has told me how much i suck. Thank you!!