Vulcanist 26 – Primal Lord 13 – Maelstrom 0

A deep and profound connection to the spirit of the wilds gives the Primal lord the ability to commune with beasts, calling them to your aid and destroying foes while unleashing a flurry of rock and lava on them. The combination of Primal Lord and Vulcanist fuels the fires that burn this Molten Wave and Fury Blast specialist.

Contents & Overview

Primal Lord 21 – Vulcanist 18 – Maelstrom 0

This build is a variation of the common Molten Wave/Fury Blast specs that have been so prevalent in Primalist builds since the Starfall Prophecy Expansion. It’s rotation and ideas are exactly the same as the 21 Primalist – 18 Vulcanist Guide. This build uses a Requilary of Rage and the Martial Equipment Crystal as gear options for trinket and bonus.The major defining pros and cons of this role are:

  • Provide a decent damage spec
  • Provide a consistent and known rotation to other specs
  • This build can be easy to play (using simplified rotation)
  • This spec does provide and interrupt
  • This is not the top damage spec of this variation, but is easier to play
  • This is just another variation of the same basic play style
  • Since an update in 4.4 damage had dropped
  • There is very little healing or other group utility functions
  • This build can be very hard to master
  • This is not a solo player build 


Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability


The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
26 Vulcanist – 13 Primal Lord – 0 Maelstrom at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in the souls increases damage done by 2%.

Souls Used

We will use Avatar: Drake for extra damage each hit as well as a bonus ethereal damage from a buff at 26 points. [L] Legendary Molten Wave Relatively high damage but its real use comes from giving +% to fire damage for the other legendary

[L] Legendary Fury Blast High damage spell that applies a DoT and puts focus to perfect harmony

Primal Lord +13 
We take enough to get the full bonus from Scything Strike. We also put one point into gaining a bonus from perfect harmony. [L] Legendary Scything Strike Next attack deals more damage. Non soul abilities more damage.


+30% Damage [L] Legendary Scald Does damage and adds a +15% damage increase per stack. Stacks Twice




61: Exhileration 62: Steadfast Rejuvenation or Totemic Power 63: Vulpine Cunning
64: Elemental Affinity or Ethereal Meditation
65: Spritualism


Macros and Alerts


Spam Macro Fury Blast Macro Interrupt
#show Vorpal Salvo suppressmacrofailures
cast Stroke of Brilliance
cast Vorpal Salvo
cast Rage Spike
cast Scything Strike
#show Fury Blast
cast @self Spiritualism
use Reliquary of Rage
cast Rage of the Beast
cast Fury Blast
#show Lava Lance
cast @focus Lava Lance
cast Lava Lance


Scything Strike Interrupt
#show Scything Strike
cast Scything Strike
cast Primal Avatar: Drake
cast @self Spiritualism
#show Lava Lance
cast @focus Lava Lance
cast Lava Lance
cast @targettarget


Karuul Alerts

How to Import

Above there is a screenshot f the most relevant Karuul Alerts we use. Below is a set of Alerts that can be used or modified as you wish.

KA::AZcVJeNrFlNFumzAUhl+Fu951xjZ2Il8BgbVSuk4lU28iIRec1CrYlXG30W3vPuNkE4tIFlW TpgOSsY+O/88+P0XV20eptkFhjXwSLGQr9tzwXhg/HKI4SIkRpiCkgEKcpCGIAAMuN3cxjO7kxrI Ft/zd+tP1mj/IRtq+lJVW3XorlDCyKn/NgjAqXy/rumMEEUbgjGH/hC5Ymn1YZXfDKPSBgFezn/Z fxO+Zf7/iptWqD/QmWMrNBETODlNiMAcAUEoJzlFCCDkbotaVOwclSr0p+Yt91GaHUj54kghGjIB oRLLfmq1uP04w5UeYbnRjhQru+ecxz6XlZivsb6xxVgxTkmIKQwAXKMoSdAJJWtHueZ6NbHkjO1u 2vlj5xRXbXcps5l74xku5uS8sr566/6We4vBA/bfOC/oxTZFPUiyFa9qamz4o/uaUnB1PjnGeAbB IMoRn6Rwtkn/iGeQA6Qhw+QfZUPnE/dy2Sn+dovALF13wnr8KprQS51tDGts7YHfIcOcGMncaYfT GFioq3tRH+2f4Mw3rMYaUApACHOEEZiQ6W2/LRdNZo9uyGyrt/EvhwamebpvVyNfeznvxPwEcdqM G


How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Font of Wit Infusion


There are two versions of play style listed below. The first is an easy to use one that is very similar to other similar Molten Wave/Fury Blast Specs. The other uses a bit more determination on when to cast certain spells, primarily saving global cool  downs to maximize damage.

Simple Rotation 

The Rotation consists of two main parts:

Opener: Apply initial debuffs and damage over time (DoT) spells as well as utilizing various cool downs optimally. This will primarily be Scald

Rotation: Spam until you have 80 Fury, then use Scything Strike as a boss for either Molten Wave and its DoT or if this is up Fury Blast.

Pre-Pull (Optional): 




Ability Effect of the Ability
Scald Does damage, adds a stack granting 15% damage
Scald Does damage, adds a stack granting 15% damage

Refreshed Abilities

  • Scald: Maintain two stacks for the bonus  damage. Try to cast by 4 seconds because once it has been lost it must be cast twice instead of once

Spam Macro until 80 Fury
Scything Strike
Molten Wave Macro
Spam Macro until 80 Fury
Scything Strike
Fury Blast Macro 

Advanced Rotation

This rotations focuses more heavily on which version of Scything Strike is up when you are using your two biggest damage dealers, Molten Wave and Fury Blast. Depending on which version is up there is a different damage multiplier and it adds together the bonuses differently.

Pre-Pull (Optional): 

Spritualism Used (30 second cooldown)

There are two different versions of Scything Strike buff that you can obtain (Note: Following up on another reference I reviewed which showed three different versions, will update soon).

  • Legendary Scything Strike (SS) This is gained from actually pressing and using the ability. Gives a 85% damage increase on next ability used within the next 3 seconds.
  • Scything Strike (LSS)   This is a version that can be automatically gained as a chance from using other abilities. Gives 120% damage increase on next ability used within 3 seconds. If using Karuul Alerts provided above this one will be noted by a red L in it.


Scald 15% Damage Buff
Scald 15% Damage Buff
Molten Wave Adds 3 Stacks of +10% Fire and Earth Damage



  1. Maintain Scald
  2. Maintain Beacon when you can
    • Do Not use instead of Fury Blast, that always takes priority
    • Use only with Scything Strike damage buff
  3. Spam to 40 or 60 Fury or until there is a scything strike buff
  4. Molten Wave
  5. At this point we have Scald and our Molten Wave DoT Up on the target. We need to consider now when to use Fury Blast depending on which type of Scything Strike Buff we get. Consult table below
Fury Scything Use
0 Any Spam Macro
40 Any Spam Macro
60 Any Spam
80 Procced Fury Blast
80 None Since 0 Spam*
100 None Since 0 Spam
100 Legendary Fury Blast
100 Procced Fury Blast

Notes on this:

  • Above we show to use a Spam Macro  if there has not been a Procced Scything Strike Since 0 Fury. The reason we do this is it most likely will come up given statistics (Though probability says its the same chance).
  • Molten Wave gives a debuff which gives +30% damage bonus. This is a short time debuff but you want to make sure it stays up
  • Watch True Harmony buff  20% increased damage for 6 seconds
  • Scything Strike and its Legendary version are consumed by Spritualism and Rage of the Beast.

Ability Reference

AbilityTypeHarmonyDistance Description
BloodlettingDamage15 Fury3mDamage, Next Primal Sunder gets damage boost
ConflagrateDoT20 Cunning 30mDeals damage over 15s, Increases non physical by 5%
Font of the BloodlustBuffN/AN/AHawk's Wrath and Thresher's Maw get a boost when you cast damaging ability of 50% per, max two stacks.
Font of WitBuffN/AN/AIncreases crit chance by 7%
Fury BlastDamageTo Harmony30mDeals more amage the closer to full fury, Adds a DoT if used in fury.
Hawk's WrathDamage1003mDoes more damage the closer you are to 100 fury. Goes to 0 Harmony if at 100
infusionBuffN/AN/ADeals 12% additional damage
Jungle RushUtilityN/AN/ABlink Forward 15m
Lava LanceUtilityN/A30mInterrupt on an 8s CD
Molten WaveDamage100 Cunning35mDamages and adds a stack each tick that adds 10% damage from earth and fire, stacks 3 times.
Precision BoltDamage20 Fury30mDeals Damage
PressurizeDoT10 Fury30mDamage over 15s
Primal Avatar: DrakeCombat BuffN/AN/AAdds damage to next 20 attacks and increases Fire and Earth damage by 40% for 20s
Rage SpikeDamage20 Fury20mDamage and reduces next Vorpal Salvo cast to 0s
ScaldDoT20 Fury30mDoes damage and adds a +15% damage boost, Max 2 stacks.
Scything StrikeDamage10 Fury30mDamage and next ability adds either 85% or 120% on a procced from another abilitiy.
Stroke of BrillianceDamage40 Fury30mDoes damage, 100% when at true harmony
Thresher's MawDamage100 Fury if at 100 Cunning3mDeals damage and moves to true harmony if at 100 cunning, if less no move and far less damage
Vorpal SalvoDamage40 Fury30mDamage, dealing 75% more when in cunning, increases Stroke of Brilliance by 100% when it enters harmony