Valentines in Telara

Rift Celebrates 8 Years of Love

(Updated 6 Feb 2019) This is the 8th time we have celebrated. Yes, 8 years.

Were you playing Rift in 2012? Do you remember all the fun we had marrying people on Valentines day in the attempt to set a new world record for most online marriages at once? We hope the team have something new for us this year. Of course we do not expect anything near the level of 2012 but since there is, shall we say, somewhat of a team now, we expect a full line of store items and perhaps something in game.

We will stay updated here as we find out more information! Check back soon for any links, guides or anything else we can share with you!

Updated: The only real event for this year was a forum post that requested users send in a Valentines day story.


Previous Years Items

Amorous Attire – Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or just want to look good doing whatever you do, this fresh and fanciful outfit will have heads turning and jaws dropping. While we can’t guarantee it’ll help you find love, it certainly won’t hurt.

Golden Love Buggy – Telara’s most romantic ride is back and better than ever thank to some new golden gilding and a magical heart! Find love by travelling across Telara with the help of this all-terrain spider mech, or just park yourself in Tarvil Plaza and let love come to you.

Self Love Bug – Not getting quite as much love you’d hoped? Feeling a little lonely? Just like hearts? Then the Self Love Bug is for you! Using this lovely little item will cause hearts to appear around your character, letting all of Telara know that someone loves you – even if it’s just you.

50% off Fabulous Bundle of Dye Buckets – Dress to impress with the help of 74 different wardrobe dyes! After all, who will be able to resist a stylish mage with Sapphire robes or a regal warrior clad in ruby armor? Remember, beauty might only be skin deep, but style tells people who you are.