Titan – Beserker – Preserver

The titan stands strong between their allies and those that would do them harm, using Fury and Cunning to withstand immense damage and preempt incoming attacks.

This guide is still a work in progress.

A Detailed Play Guide is found after the Quick Start Guide. This build requires Titan which is bought in Rift Store.

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Quick Start Play Guide

Soul Build on this page here and on Magelo. Macros are located here

Soul >> Titan Berserker Preserver
Key Abilities Primal Avatar: Ram, Essence Strike Icefall, Underworld Shards Vine Whip; Naturalize
Legendary Primal Avatar: Ram  Essence Strike
Icy Cleave Vine Whip
Mastery 61.2 Indomitable 62.2 Totemic Power 63.1 Ursine Tenacity
64.4 Primal Rage 65.4 Ancestral Force
Soul Specific Information How to Play Information
Buffs Titanic Spirit (Titan)  Font of Retaliation (Titan)
Single DPS Single Target Macro Spam; Make sure Taunts and threat are established and maintained.
AoE DPS Area of Effect Macro Spam; Make sure Taunts and threat are established and maintained.
Defensive Essence Strike; Beacon Macro; Primal Avatar: Ram; Temper; Vitrify

Detailed Play Guide

General Strengths (green text) and weaknesses (red text) are described here.
  • Allows tanking of all content in Rift with 61 point Legendary
  • Lots of self damage mitigation
  • Finding parties for content is never a challenge
  • Tanks tend to be remembered above all others, act accordingly
  • Only one ranged ability to pull enemies to you
  • Messing up as a tank can be unforgiving; people will notice and comment
  • Expect others to constantly critique your abilities even if they are wrong

Build and Component Overview

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Titan – Berserker – Preserver at Magelo
Each Point Increases damage done by 1%

Description High Surviveability and HP tank
Stat Focus  +Endurance, +MaxHP, +Guard, +Dexterity
Gear Required Fragments for Tank; 10% Guard; HP for tier
Reliquary Reliquary of Domination
Synergy Crystal Hero’s Crystal
Runes  Prophetic Aegis Rune, Prophetic Wrathful Rune, , Prophetic Starcrash Weapon-rune
Consumables Prophetic Enduring Vial (Hit Points), or Prophetic Powersurge Vial (Dex and Str) or Prophetic Agility Serum (Guard), Atramentium OilstoneProphetic Bottle of Critical Strikes, Gedlo Curry Pot, Tuath’de Insoles, Gedlo Riding Chaps
 Titan » 31 Points Berserker »  8 Points
Titan is the central soul to this build. In order to tank anything, at this point in the game that is beyond Expert dungeons requires you to have the 31 point ability so you can survive legendary hits from raid bosses. There are at least great abilities in the top of the tree that are covered elsewhere in this guide.

Legendary Abilities Chosen

Primal Avatar: Ram » Instantly heals for 100% of your Health and removes all movement-impairing effects. Any overhealing from this effect is converted into a shield which absorbs 75% of incoming damage on the Titan. For 15 seconds, heal 7% of your Health every second. Grants full Fury. Cooldown reduced by 3 seconds each time you take damage. This may only trigger once every 3 seconds.

Essence Strike » Cannot be used above 80 Fury. Deals 6117 Life damage. Reduces the Primalist’s damage taken by 3% for 20 seconds. Marks the target for 12 seconds. Allies who strike the marked target will be healed and have all incoming healing on them increased by 5%. Moves Focus 20 points towards Fury.

Upheaval » Cannot be used above 60 Cunning. Deals 14630 to 14925 Earth damage to up to 5 enemies in front of the Titan and stuns targets hit for 3 seconds. Moves Focus 40 points towards Cunning. Foes damaged by this ability deal 15% less damage for 12 seconds. This ability also passively protects you from Legendary Hits.

While Berserker is an offensive soul its first 10 points into it give 12% Dexterity and 12% hit point boost which is a huge amount. In addition Berserker will give us some Area of Effect damage spells that will help with clearing trash and less difficult enemies.

Legendary Abilities Chosen

Icy Cleave » Deals 5610 Water damage split equally among up to 8 enemies. Total damage is increased by 10% for each additional enemy hit. Cunning ability. Pushes Focus 20 points towards Fury when used. Enemies damaged by this ability take 10% increased damage from non Berserker AoEs for 30 seconds

Preserver » 0 Mastery Selection
Preserver is chosen primarily for the legendary Vine Whip which reduces damage taken by 5%.

Legendary Abilities Chosen

Vine Whip »  Deals 15211 to 15518 Life damage. Snares the enemy, reducing their movement speed by 30% for 6s. Reduces damage you take by 5% and increases movement speed by 5% for 20 seconds. Moves Focus 30 points towards Cunning.


C2 61: Indomitable
C2 62: Totemic Power
C1 63: Ursine Tenacity
C4 64: Primal Rage
C4 65: Ancestral Force

Alternate Choices

C4 61    Shepherd’s Care
C1  65   Nature’s Blessing

C# is the number of the Mastery from left to right.

Buffs Other Information and Examples
Titanic Spirit » Enables Block and Guard. Increases threat by 300%. Increases Armor by 100%. non-Titan abilities deal 30% reduced damage and 80% reduced healing. Increases incoming single target healing and absorbs cast by other players by 30%.
Font of Retaliation » Each time you block, your target takes damage and you heal    over 6 seconds. Increases Block and Armor by 5%



Single Target Area Damage
#show Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Underworld Shards
cast Earthquake
cast Vine Whip
cast Essence Strike
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Creeping Vines
cast Icy Cleave
cast Titan’s Fury
#show Crystalline Lance
cast Earthquake
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Underworld Shards
cast Vine Whip
cast Icy Cleave
cast Creeping Vines
cast Titan’s Fury
Teleport Beacon
 #show Lifewalk
cast Rockslide
cast @gtae Lifewalk
#show Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
cast @gtae Summon: Lifewarding Beacon
Intercept Self Heal
 #show Life Bond
cast @targettarget Life Bond
#show Ancestral Force
cast @self Ancestral Force
Focused Interrupt  Stun
#show Overwhelm
cast @focus Overwhelm
#show Upheaval
cast Upheaval
cast Underworld Shards
cast Essence Strike
cast Creeping Vines


Karuul Alerts With Buffs

For help with these alerts see our guide on how to import these.

Playing the Titan Role

Overall a tanks jobs is to make pulls while establishing threat, and maintain the threat of all enemies throughout the encounter. They should be mitigating damage by taking, absorbing and healing the damage that enemies are doing in place of the rest of the group. Each of these abilities can be broke up into several categories.
Ability Description CD Type
Epicenter Pulls 5 Enemies 45s Threat
Primal Roar Taunts 10 Nearby 20s Threat
Essence Tap Single target Taunt 8s Threat
Temper -20% Damage for 4s 30s Mitigate
Vitrify -40% Damage for 10s 60s Mitigate
Vine Whip -5% Damage; +5% movement speed for 20s 10s Mitigate
Essence Strike Causes damage to heal attacker 0s Heal
Titan’s Fury Full Heal/Shield 1m Heal
Life Bond Intercepts a target 30s Control
We recommend reading our more advanced guide on tanking if you do not have experience in this yet as it is a broad topic. Basic steps to tanking are:
  • Make the pull use AoE and threat abilities only if needed.
  • Position enemies so no attacks will hit your party
  • Mitigate damage through high burst attacks
  • Mitigate current and anticipate incoming actions.
  • Keep yourself alive while picking up any additional enemies.

Appendix A: Color Key


Abilities are color keyed as follows:
Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro Guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability
Dark Olive
Legendary Ability
Orange Run Speed Buffs (This guide only)

Appendix B: Additional Resources

3.6 Titan Tank Guide



Appendix C: Guide History

  • 25 July 2018: Initial Publication
  • 20 July 2018: Reworked Guide and placed in new format