Titan – Berserker – Maelstrom

The titan stands strong between their allies and those who would do them harm. using fury and cunning to withstand immense damage and preempt incoming abilities.


Titan 31 – Berserker 4 – Maelstrom 4

See Appendix B for color key


This build focuses on Titan, a Primalist tanking soul is acquired with the Ascended Essentials Pack expansion or the Primalist Calling Pack. This specific tanking build has a Purge.


  • Allows tanking of all content in Rift with 61 point Legendary
  • Lots of self damage mitigation
  • Finding parties for content is never a challenge
  • Had a Purge


  • This build is not optimal for Raid tanking
  • Tanks tend to be remembered above all others, act accordingly
  • Only one ranged ability to pull enemies to you
  • Messing up as a tank can be unforgiving; people will notice and comment
  • Expect others to constantly critique your abilities even if they are wrong

The Build

See below for a more in depth explanation
31 Titan – 4 Berserker – 4 Dervish at Magelo

Soul Bonus: Each point spent in the soul increases damage done by 1%, base health by 3%, armor by 4% and resistances by 5%

Souls Used

Like all tank builds you must go 31 points into the soul in order to be immune from legendary hits, which Raid bosses will use and kill you if you do not hae immunity to. [L] Essence Strike CReduces your damage taken by 3%. All striked by any member of your raid or party restores health

[L] Upheavel Stuns enemies and causes them to do 15% less damage for a short time. Passive immunity from legendary hits

[L] Primal Avatar: Ram Instant heal for full damage or provides a temporary sheild

The primary gain from this soul is +12% endurance but its legendary does give a bonus to damage. [L] Icy Cleave Enemies damaged by Icy cleave take 10% increased damage from non Berserker abilities for 30s


We choose 4 points into this to get a purge. [L] Effervescent Blast Damages target and cause next cast of this ability to deal an additional 35% damage.




61: Indomitable 62: Totemic Power 63: Ursine Tenacity
64: Primal Rage
65: Ancestral Force


Single Target Spam Aoe Spam Interrupt
#show Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Underworld Shards
cast Essence Strike
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Creeping Vines
cast Icy Cleave
#show Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Lance
cast Crystalline Smash
cast Underworld Shards
cast Icy Cleave
cast Creeping Vines
cast Titan’s Fury
#show Overwhelm
cast @focus Overwhelm
cast Overwhelm


Port Intercept Self Heal
#show Lifewalk
cast Rockslide
cast @gtae Lifewalk
#show Life Bond suppressmacrofailures cast @targettarget Life Bond #show Ancestral Force suppressmacrofailures
cast @self Ancestral Force


How to Play

Buffs That Should Always Be On
Titanic Spirit Font of Retaliation

Key Abilities

Know these well and place these separately on your bar

Spell CD Type Description
Overwhelm 10s Interrupt Interrupt
Essence Tap 8s Taunt Forces targeted enemy to attack you for 3s
Primal Roar 20s Taunt Forces up to 10 enemies to attack you for 3s
Epicenter 45s Pull 20m Ranged pull for 5 enemies, reduces there damage by 15%
Life Bond 30s Intercept Intercept 50% of damage ally recieves. Ally has a 2 minute cool down for this
Vitrify 40s Shield Reduces Incoming damage by 40% for 10s
Temper 30s Shield Reduces incoming damage by 20% for 4s


  • This is a tank class so there is no specific rotation
  • There are 3 AoE taunts: Save Epicenter unless you have a ranged mob that is not in melee
  • Try to use Icy Cleave once every 10 seconds so you get 12% crit bonus from Reservoir of Power
  • Essence Strike can heal your party but the members must strike the target to get a heal
  • Remember that Life Bond has a 30 second cool down but can only be used on an individual every two minutes

Appendix A: Additional Resources

Primalist Tanking Overview on Official Rift Forums


Appendix B: Color Key

Abilities are color keyed as follows:

Green A spell or ability that can be executed from action bar
Dark Red An ability in the tree that causes an executable spell to have additional abilities.
Pink  A Buff that should be applied at all times
Blue A macro (see our Macro guide)
Purple A Mastery Ability



Appendix C: Guide History


  1. 30 June 2018: Version 0.1 Publish Date as Beta